Looking for legitimate work at home jobs? You have come to the right place.  Whether you are retired, a stay at home mom or a stay a home dad, can't leave your home, or work outside the home but looking for more opportunities to earn extra income from your computer, your search is over.  Working from home has never been easier today because the internet has become a major part of our everyday lives.  It has changed the way we communicate, how we shop, and has even affected the way we search for jobs.  Most families today have a computer or access to one and can use it to access these work from home jobs.  

No longer do you have to be a web designer or computer technician to work from home. Anyone can work from home.  For most work at home jobs, you do not even have to have any experience to get started.  For example:  

You can get paid for your opinion 
To answer questions
To write articles or poetry
To rate and review websites
To tweet
For your photos
For your original videos
To post on forums
To blog
To research the internet
To type
For your crafts and artwork
To complete surveys
To participate in online mock juries
To do reviews on a product or service
To design websites
To edit papers
To tutor students online
To talk to customers on the phone
To moderate forums
and more...

The possibilities are endless.  The dynamics of the way you earn money from home has made it even more realistic for you to get paid for your time.  
To get started working from home you may need to acquire a paypal account.  It is free to sign up.  Many companies choose to pay you through paypal because it eliminates having to send you a paper check through the mail, which could get lost or stolen.  Although, there are still some who pay still prefer to issue you a check for your work.  You will have to check with each company to see their individual payment methods.  You will also need an email address for correspondence between you and the company or companies that you work for.  Email can also be used to alert of any news that is related to your job or task.   A dedicate work space or area.  A telephone, especially if your job entails you to talk on the phone.  Office supplies and most importantly a computer preferably with high speed internet access or at least access to one.  You are now ready to get started.  If you find more than one that you are interested in doing, please don't limit yourself to just one job.  If the schedule is flexible and you can work at your own spare time at your own pace, by all means feel free to apply for more than one.  This is a free list of work at home jobs.  If you have any questions about any of the jobs that are posted here, please contact the company with your specific question.  They normally have a frequently asked question (F.A.Q.) page that you can read over.  You can also contact me and I will try to assist you in any way I can.  I have provided some details about each individual work at home job or task.  Make sure that you click on the links for even more information about each job.

Please browse around this website for even more work at home opportunities.  Here are a list of some legitimate work at home jobs that I found.  Make sure you also check the weekly job section or sign up for my free newsletter for the latest work at home jobs.  Enjoy!


This is a legitimate company that will pay you to write articles on a variety of content online.  You will need to complete an evaluation test beforehand.  After which you will be rated on a scale of 1 - 5.  With 5 being the highest. At level 5 the pay is .05 cents per word and Level 3 is .01 cents per word.  They pay you every Friday as long as you have at least $10 in your account and they pay through your Paypal account.  You can write as much as you want.


If you have a blog or website, you can get paid through payperpost to post a sponsored ad.  Advertisers will pay you a certain amount based on your blog details for you to post ads which will vary depending upon the type of ads. You can sign up for free and offers will come to you.  You can even set your own prices.  They pay via Paypal.  You can visit their website for a video explaining how it works.

Sponsored Tweets

If you have a twitter account you can get paid to tweet out messages to your followers online.  Advertisers will offer you rates for each messages that you send out.  You can set your own prices here for how much you want to get paid to tweet out messages.  It is really fun.

Get paid to listen to recorded calls from your computer and sort them into categories.  Non phone work at home job.  No experience needed.  Work as much or as little as you want.  Weekly pay via Paypal.    

Post Loop

Get paid to post on forums online.  You have probably already joined and participated in forums discussing topics that you are familiar with or would like to learn more about. Post Loop is a company that will pay you to post on several different forums for cash.  You sign up using your email address. Sign up to subscribe for free before you make 10 posts.  You will receive a score for your posts so you want to make sure that they are of good quality containing at least 2 to 3 sentences or more if you choose to.  After that you will be invited to get paid to participate in forums.  You can make $8 per hour doing this work from home job. Payment is via Paypal.  


This is a legitimate work from home data entry company. You will have to take an evaluation test before you can work for this company.  Just make sure that you follow the directions for each test you take.  There are 3 parts.  The test will only take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete.  This company will pay you by check every week in the mail. You can work when you want here.  No schedule to follow.  Just sign in when you are ready to work and log off when you want to stop.

Paid Viewpoint

Get paid to complete surveys online for cash.  This is not your typical survey company because you each survey only takes a minute or two to complete and your account immediately reflects how much you have earned.  Payment is via Paypal.

Get paid to test websites online.  You will visit assigned websites and speak through your microphone on your computer to reveal any problems or issues that you may incur on each website.  You will also provide useful information about the website that you visited.  You will get paid $10 per each test that you complete through your Paypal account.  You can earn up to $200 per month doing this in your spare time from home.

Yahoo Contributor

Get paid upfront for your content online.  You can write on any subject or topic that is of interest to you.  They also have topics for you to write on if you have trouble coming up with a story.  You do not need to be a professional writer.  You get paid upfront for your articles after you submit them online.  You also earn residual pay and bonuses for your content especially if they get a lot of page views. Payment is via Paypal.

Share Magnet

Get paid to share links to social media networking sites with this fairly new company.  It is easy to get started.  You simply sign up using your email address and create your account.  Next you will pick up to 10 things that you are interested in and automatically have offers from advertisers to share to social networks for cash.  Payment for this company is also through your Paypal account.

A legitimate transcription company that you can work for at home that does not require you to have any previous transcription experience.  You complete an audio test online that you will have to transcribe.  You can take the test several times, if you need to.  Scribie pays you $10 per audio hour to transcribe short files.  You also receive bonuses for completing over 3 hours of work each month. You pick the files you want to transcribe they don't assign them to you.  Payment for this job is also via Paypal.

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