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Get paid to Tell What You Think
by Alicia Washington

One of my best and favorite survey companies out there today is from a company called Tellwut.  It is a Canadian based company that allows you to complete and create short polls for points that you can redeem for gift cards, prizes, and other merchandise. It is approved by the Survey Police and has the BBB seal of approval. Not very many companies can say that. Tellwut literally stands for Tell what you think and you get rewarding for doing just that. They will also reward you for referring your friends, for joining their voter panel, and more. 

Another reason that I like this panel is because you will never get disqualified for their surveys, unlike other companies. Every time you complete a survey or poll, you will earn points.  This is a big relief for those who spend time participating in surveys and even filling them out only to find that you did not qualify and your valuable time was wasted because you didn't earn any money. You also don't have to wait for them to send you a survey, you simply log on to the site every day to earn your points. 

The surveys only take a minute or less to complete and the points add up very quickly!  You can redeem your points for rewards like these listed below.

4,000 Points = $10 Amazon Gift Card
6,000 Points = $15 Amazon Gift Card
8,200 Points = $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
10,000 Points = $25 Walmart Gift Card
so many other rewards to choose from

As long as you live in the United States and Canada and are at least 18 years of age, you can sign up with Tellwut and start getting rewards for telling them what you think.  Sign up here!

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Survey Site for Families

Panelpolls is the “Cool Opinion” site for Families (Moms, Dads, Kids, Teens and Young Adults).  Panelpolls members earn points worth cash for every activity they participate in.

Below are some project examples

• Fun surveys on interesting topics (i.e. sports, fashion, toys, restaurants, entertainment, parenting, trends, social media, etc.). Every survey worth money.
• Check-out new TV shows, movies, online games, websites, and more. (bonus payments can be $5.00-$10.00!)
• Online communities and projects (bonus payments can be $10.00-every month!)
• Mobile Apps & Games Beta Tester Program (bonus payments can be $10.00—every month!)
• Online Focus Groups & Games Testing Projects (bonus payments can be $35.00-$55.00!)
• If you live in NYC & LA you may optionally receive invites to participate in in-person focus groups. (bonus payments can be $55.00-$75.00 or more!)

Sound like fun?

Sign-up for Panelpolls today

Click on the link above (or copy and paste into your internet browser) to see if you are eligible.

This online consumer opinion Panel is owned and operated by Touchstone Research, Inc. 500 E. Main St. Suite 322 Branford, CT 06405
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List of Sites that Pay the same day!
By Alicia Washington

Would you like to get paid the same day for the tasks that you do online?  I decided to write this post because I had many requests asking if there were any companies where you can get paid shortly after you sign up with them.  These simple tasks can be done in addition to any other jobs that you do online.  It is perfect for stay at home moms, those looking to work part time, students, those who work outside the home, or anyone who has access to a computer and would like to earn extra money from home.  

Keep in mind that in order for you to get paid, most companies have a minimum payment threshold that you have to meet.  This could be a small as $10 or go as high as $50.  There are some exceptions to this rule and Yahoo Contributor as well as many of the upfront writing companies may be also.  You will have to check with each company to know for sure.  You may also consider obtaining a Paypal account to get your money even faster.  Here are a list of some companies that pay the same day!

Qmee - Get paid to search the Internet
Perk - Get paid to watch movie trailers, videos, search and more
Bank Roll Bucks - Get paid cash to visit websites, watch videos and more!  Pays several times a day.  
Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Earn cash by taking short polls
InstaGC - Get paid to listen to music, watch videos, etc.  
Jingit - Get paid to watch ads and more here!  Pays instantly!  
Swagbucks - Get paid to watch videos and more
Blog Mutt - Write articles
My Likes - Get paid to share
Forum Coin - Get paid to post 
AdperTweets - Earn money to tweet ads 
Wingsplay - Get paid to share videos on FB and more 
Post Loop - Get paid to post on forums 
Cash 4 Books - sell your books
Ibotta - smartphone app that give you cash back 
Toluna Opinions - survey panel
Paid Viewpoint - short surveys
YouEye - website tester
Usertesting - Get paid $10 for 20 minutes to be a website tester 
Slicethepie - review music
Poll Buzzer - answer questions
Amazon Mturk - complete short tasks
Textbroker - write articles
Whatusersdo - review websites 
Mindswarms - Pays $50 per webcam response
Fiverr - several gigs you can offer to complete for others 
Cardcash - sell your gift cards
Pinbooster - pin items on Pinterest  - write short articles
Textbookx - Sell your used books   
Tellwut - Survey panel 
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
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Work at Home Job Vs. Work at Home Business

by Alicia Washington 

You want to earn extra money from home but you don't know where to start or what you can do.  You definitely want to avoid any and all work at home scams of which there happen to be many of those out there on the Internet.  The majority of those come up first in the search engine rankings long before you find any legitimate companies you can apply to.  It seems unfair but don't give up because there are several ways for you to earn money from home but first I must explain the difference between a work at home job and a work at home business.

Is there really a difference between the two you may ask?  The answer is yes.  A work at home job is simply that.  A job or duty that you would perform outside of the work place in your own home office right from your computer.  Working at home gives you the freedom to work in your own environment and allow you to have more time to spend with your family.  Some companies even offer their employees who work from home a flexible schedule so that you can perform at a time that is convenient for you.  This is not a general rule because every company and employer has their own set of guidelines and standards but it is not unrealistic to expect or look for these options in a work from home job.  You may even be asked to complete a background check depending upon the nature of the job where small fees may may be incurred. Most employers will cover this cost but if the company that you are applying to does not, they may either deduct it from your pay or ask you to pay that fee.  It shouldn't cost more than $30.

If you work for a company where you assemble crafts and jewelry from home, you may need to purchase a kit and the price range for those may vary.  For this kind of work at home job, you normally get paid after you have sent in your product and it has been accepted.  Some companies pay by the piece or projects but as I stated earlier, every company is different.  Other than these exceptions, there should not be any other fees associated with working from home, if any at all.  Just a side note:  I have yet to find a legitimate company that will pay people to do this from home.   

A work at home business on the other hand, is a totally different thing altogether.  More than likely you are probably going to have to make a small investment to get started.  If you decide to start a work at home business like Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, selling candles, jewelry, books, etc you will need to purchase a kit, brochures, products, or samples to show to your potential customers.  Your payment will most likely come from sales and commissions.  You can earn a percentage of the merchandise that you sell or whatever terms each individual company has agreed upon.  Potential earnings may not be guaranteed or known until after you have been in the business for sometime.  It can vary from month to month.  If you have a good network or clientele base, your earnings could reach maximum potential.  With a work at home business, you can work around your schedule or your clients schedule.  There is a possibility that there will be some travel involved for you to meet with your clients by having parties, trunk or jewelry shows, demonstrations, or other creative ways to get your product noticed and on display. You could even decide to sell your products through Etsy, Ebay, Zazzle, Amazon, or even on your own blog or website.  Some companies will charge you a fee for selling your products through them and others won't.  If you sell it through your own website, you can keep 100% of the profits if it is not company based.  That is just one of the advantages of having your own blog or website. It can prove to be a win win situation especially if you have a steady flow of traffic to your site.   

These are just some of the things to consider between having a work at home job and a work at home business.  More often than not you can probably expect to invest a little bit of money when it comes to starting a work at home business but if you are successful, you will get it all back and then some. 
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Elance Review - Working for Elance

It's being called the "Freelance Revolution" and what is that exactly?  Well, if you are a regular visitor to this site, you're probably part of this.  If this is the first time, you're visiting, then you're probably thinking of jumping on this bandwagon yourself. It's all about working at home!

I am a part of this revolution.  And precisely because as a stay at home mom, I wanted to transition to being a work at home mum.  I wanted something that would enable me to use my talents and abilities.  I wanted to do something that would enable me to contribute to the income of our home, you know, not having to run to hubby for every little monetary need.  And you know what, I found it.  In the form of Elance, one of the biggest freelancing sites in the world.  I've been working at home as a transcriber via Elance for a little under two years now and have never looked back.

Elance was founded in 1999 and is an online marketplace.  It has over two million registered freelancers and over half a million clients.  On March 9, 2014, Elance announced that freelancers had earned over $1 billion.  We are talking about big business!

With the advent of the Internet, came the opportunity to make money online and the chance to work at home.  Well, many scams have come up promising you that you can make money overnight.  Don't fall for the scams.  Elance provides a chance to do work - legitimate work at that - and get paid for it.  Let's take a look at why I love this site.  Hopefully at the end of it, you'll be itching to sign up and start working too.

1.  A Wide Marketplace of Jobs

Elance provides the opportunity to meet up with different clietns.  With over 500,000 clients, there are numerous jobs being posted every hour.  Whether you're into graphic design, video editing, article writing, transcription, software developing etc, there are clients who are looking for contractors who can offer such services.

2.  Excellent Customer Service

Elance have excellent support staff as far as I'm concerned.  Every time, I have had an issue, they have responded professionally and fast to my queries.  Don't misunderstand though, I haven't had serious issues but the few time I have needed help, I have been sufficiently helped.

3.  Escrow System

Elance has an escrow system in place.  If I may put this in a simpler way, it simply means insurance.  Once you have been awarded a contract by a client for a fixed rate job, Elance recommends that the client releases escrow.  Here's an example:  If you'be been awarded a contract to do logo design which you are charging $50, the clients is expected to release the $50 to Elance.  This means that you, as the freelancer will be able to work comfortably knowing that once you have completed the project the client will have to release the money.  It is therefore recommended not to start working on a project until the client has funded escrow.  Really, it's for your own good.  There are also hourly jobs, for which there is the Work View feature.  This means that the clients is able to see that you are working on their project as a screen shot is taken periodically.  Getting scammed on Elance really is not easy.

4.  Connects

This is the Elance "currency" or shall I call it legal tender?  A freelancer is given 40 connect each month.  That means that to send your proposals or to bid for jobs, you need connects.  Most jobs will cost you one connect.  However, you can get more than 40 connects if you upgrade from the free membership to the individual membership.  I like the fact that there is a limit to the number of connect freelancers get.  That ensures that freelancers are more careful about the jobs they send proposals too.

5.  Skill Tests

It is highly recommended that you take tests before you start sending proposals for jobs that you might be interested in.  If you do well on them, you'll be miles ahead of your competition.  No need to sweat it out though.  If you fail at any test, you can always re-do it later.  The tests are timed but as the tests are open book, it means that you can Google up the answers.  To start off, I recommend you take the English test, which ranger from the English UK and US basic English spelling tests, vocabulary tests etc especially if you're into article writing.


There are some pretty awful reviews on Elance on the net and I can't quiet get it.  As I stated earlier, I've been working for this site for a little under two years and I've absolutely enjoyed it.  For one, I have never been scammed.  I have been paid for every single job that I have done.

There needs to be a bit of wisdom applied though.  Check out client reviews before you send your proposal.  Make sure the client has a verified payment system and that they give good feedback to the contractors they hire:  at least most of the time.

I personally have no qualms with Elance.  I've enjoyed the opportunities therein that have allowed me to work at home.  I've had continuous work but then I'm pretty aggressive when it comes to bidding for jobs.  I have no regrets.  And my final three words for you:  Try it out.  
Please sign up for Elance to get access to several work at home jobs, tasks and assignments.

Get Paid to Visit Amusements 
by Alicia Washington

Do you love visiting theme parks, carnivals, bowling, and other activities?  If so, you can actually get paid to do this.  There is a legitimate mystery shopping company called Amusement Advantage that will pay you to visit amusements all across the US and Canada.  Sound too good to be true?  Maybe, but this is the real deal.  Let me explain what this involves and how you can get started doing this.  

What is Amusement Advantage?

Amusement Advantage is a company that has been around since 1996 helping the amusement industry get a critical look into their operations and guest service through their mystery shopping assignments.  

How does it work?

As a mystery shopper for their company, you will select from the assignments they have available online, visit their facility, and report your evaluations online after your visit.

Why would they pay me to do this?

The answer is very simple.  Not only is it more cost effective for the companies but it enables them to analyze these reports to make improvements, reach specific goals, and evaluate their customer service performance.

What kind of amusement shops do they have?

Amusement Advantage has a variety of shops listed below.

Amusement Parks
Theme Parks
Water Parks
Family Entertainment Centers
Science Centers
Roller Skating
Go Karts
Mini Golf
Dinner Shows
Ski Resorts
and others

What will I need to complete a shop?

You will need high speed Internet access in the home, an email address, digital camera or camera phone, and possibly a scanner so that you will be able to take images of the receipts.  

Are there any requirements?

You will be required to submit an evaluation online after you have completed your shop providing specific details explaining reactions to the service you received, conditions you witnessed, interactions with employees, and any other information that would be important to record for the shop.  Writing and good communication skills would be a plus working as a mystery shopper for this company.  You will also be required to print out the Independent Contractor agreement to work as a mystery shopper.

Can others accompany me?

Yes.  Most mystery shopping assignments from Amusement Advantage recommends that you bring at least 1 other guest with you so that you will not stand out.  Children are welcomed and encouraged to accompany you also.  

Will I have to spend any money?

Depending upon the assignment you select, you will have to buy the tickets at the facility and any meals or drinks that may be included in your instructions for the shop.  You will be reimbursed for the tickets, meals, etc. and even receive a cash bonus for completing your online evaluations (including uploading photos, etc.) in a timely fashion.  

How will I get paid?

They pay via Pay Quicker, Paypal, or by check.  You pick which option you prefer, although if your earnings are less than $25, your money will be sent via Pay Quicker or Paypal due to printing costs.

Can I use coupons?

Yes, as long as it is not prohibited in the instructions for your assignment as long as they take place at the facility.  

How do I sign up?

Go to their official website at Amusement Advantage and apply to be a shopper online.  It may take 15-30 minutes for you to do this, so just be sure that you allot enough time to complete this step. 
  You can access their website.   

Summer is fast approaching, so you will probably visit some amusements very soon and Amusement Advantage gives you the opportunity to have fun and get reimbursed for your expenses in exchange for your time and efforts.  If you plan to travel, you can pick some amusement shops near or around your location.  You can read more about Amusement Advantage on their official website today.
Get paid $3 for Your Opinions at Pinecone Research
By Alicia Washington

Would you like to get free products and earn $3 for every survey you complete from home?  Pinecone Research is actually looking for panelists to complete surveys for them online.  In the past, you could only sign up for Pinecone Research if you were sent an invitation.  This is exciting news for those who never got the opportunity to sign up for Pinecone Research but would like to do so.  

For those who have never heard of Pinecone Research before, I will explain what it is and how it works and why I recommend this company.  

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is a legitimate research company that has been around for several years that will actually pay you to complete 15-20 minute surveys from home.  They will also send you free products that you can try out in your home as well.  This company is based out of Covington, KY and is currently recruiting panelists to become a member and get paid for your opinions.

Are there any fees?

You will never have to pay any fees ever.  They pay you!

How much will I make?

It depends upon how many surveys you complete for them.  They will actively send you surveys on a regular basis, so you will need to check your email frequently so that you will not miss one.

What are their methods of pay?

You can opt to receive your earnings in the form of a check or through your Paypal account.  

What are their requirements?

You will need an email address that is valid so you can receive your surveys and a paypal address if you choose to receive your money through Paypal.

What kind of surveys will I complete?

They vary.  Some that I have completed for Pinecone Research before have been on makeup products, skin care, beauty, foods, kitchen appliances, and many other things.  

Can men join Pinecone Research also?

Absolutely.  It is open to both men and women.

Why I recommend Pinecone Research?

If you are looking for a legitimate survey company that will pay you cash every time you complete a survey and not points or rewards, Pinecone Research is one of the best survey companies online today.  They have been around for a very long time and it is one of the very first companies that I every made money with. Here are some additional reasons why I recommend Pinecone Research.
- Registration form takes minute or less to complete
- Interviews average 15-20 minutes 
- Receive $3.00 for each product survey plus entry in      Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes!  

Where do I sign up for Pinecone Research?

You can sign up for Pinecone Research by clicking here.  If you go to their official website there is not a place for you to join, so you will have to click on the banner or link contained within this post.
Check out Pinecone Research today and get paid cash for your time!

Get Paid to Cash to Visit Websites and more!
by Alicia Washington

If you are looking for a way to earn some extra money just by giving your opinions and for surfing the Internet, Survey Savvy will pay you $1 just for signing up and confirming your email address. They also have a brand new site called Survey Savvy Connect that will pay you cash to do what you already do, surf the Internet.  Survey Savvy Connect is a behavioral panel that will enable you to receive additional paid research opportunities based upon your searches and queries or habits online.  You will have to sign up before 3/31/2013 in order to receive your $1 just for signing up.  

I highly recommend Survey Savvy because I have been doing surveys with this company for years and have gotten paid several times.  This is a legitimate market research company that has the BBB (Better Business Bureau) seal of approval.  Not every company can say this.  

Some reasons why I like Survey Savvy

  • Easy to get started
  • Pays by check
  • Surveys are generally under 30 minutes
  • You can earn from $1 up to $20 per completed survey
  • Earn money just for surfing the net!
  • Cash out after you have earned only a $1

Click here to sign up for Survey Savvy here and get paid cash for your opinion.
You can also sign up for Survey Savvy Connect by clicking here and earn money for surfing the net!


by Alicia Washington
Ibotta is a new app that is gaining popularity all over the Internet today.  This app will enable you to earn money simply by shopping at your favorites stores.  You can download this app for free on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other Android devices and start earning money today.  Some of the stores include:  Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, RiteAid, Safeway, Publix, Stop & Shop, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Ralphs, H-E-B, Meijer, Vons, Duane Reade, Smith's, Fry's, Pick 'N Save, Dominicks, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Dillons, ShopRite, Giant Eagle, QFC, Harris Teeter, Randalls, Food 4 Less, Hy-Vee, CityMarket, WinCo Foods, 7-Eleven, and the United States Armed Forces Commissary.  More stores are added daily.  If you prefer, you can watch this video here on how to use ibotta for extra money. 

Here is how it works

  1. First you need to download the Ibotta app from their official website to your mobile device.  
  2. Next, you will view all the available offers for you to earn money from shopping at your favorite stores around your area.  You can next choose which offers you would like to purchase and how much you will earn back in cash for each offer.  Here is an example:  If you buy a container of The International Delight Iced Coffee from Walmart you will earn $1 in cash back for this purchase from Ibotta.  

Note:  Make sure that you buy the correct product including size and brand so that you will get credit for your purchase.  You must buy exactly what is stated.  Another way to do this is to scan your item in the store with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other android device to make sure that you have selected the right product.

After you have finished shopping and you arrive back at your home, take out your receipt and hit redeem to get your cash.  On your Ibotta app, choose the store that you made your purchases from and upload your receipt by scanning it with your mobile device.  If your receipt is too long to fit in one image, please choose the add section button on your Ibotta app and snap another image of your receipt.

You will next submit your receipt and confirm your purchases by clicking continue on the Ibotta app.  All you have to do from this point is to scan the barcode of each purchase you have made and submit it to Ibotta.  You are finished!  You will receive a confirmation email from Ibotta explaining how much you have earned for your purchases that can be withdrawn into your Paypal account.  As long as you have earned at least $5 from Ibotta, you can transfer those funds into your Paypal account and withdraw them in less than 24 hours. You can earn up to $20 every time you go shopping with this Ibotta app.  Click here to download your free app and start earning money from Ibotta today!

7 Reasons you should Sell Avon at Home
by Alicia Washington

Would you like to earn money selling products that people love in your spare time?  Would you like to stay at home and start your own business but have no idea where to start?  Avon may be just the solution for you.  I will give you 7 reasons why you should start selling Avon today.  It may be easier than you think.

Easy to Sell

Avon is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and has been in business for over 100 years.  You probably even use or know someone that uses Avon products in their home.  Some of their best selling products include Skin So Soft, Moisture Therapy, anti-aging products, and other makeup and cosmetic favorites.  Many who buy their products really use them because they have quality prices that everyone can afford.  Once you have identified yourself as an Avon Independent Sales Rep you will have loyal customers because the brand that you represent is so well known and trusted by many households today.

Low Start up Cost

When you think about starting your own business, no doubt you may factor in that there will be some cost involved.  You may have advertising, building ,storage, mileage, and other expenses related to your business.  Some of those expenses could get pretty pricey.  But you could join Avon online for only $10.  Imagine starting your own business for just $10!  Almost anyone could afford to do this. The $10 includes everything to help you get started.  It comes with a kit, brochures, training materials, samples, a tote bag, and an order book.

Unlimited Earnings

The potential to earn money at Avon is unlimited.  You earn a percentage of the commission for each order that you place.  If you reach the Senior Executive Leader level you can earn a 6 figure salary.  Of course this all depends on how much you sell.  As with anything the more you sell the more you earn.

Flexible Schedule

Because it is your own business you can work when you want at your own pace and according to your individual needs.  You can work full time or part time.  You set your own hours which gives you the flexibility to work around your children's schedule if you are a stay at home mom.

No Requirements

Unlike other direct selling companies, Avon does not require you to attend meetings, have parties, there are no quotas so the size of your order does not matter, and you do not have to recruit other reps.  This eliminates unnecessary pressure and helps you to sell with confidence.

Move up in the Company

As I mentioned earlier you have the option to move up in the company.  There are different levels that you can reach like President Club Member, Executive Unit Leader, and Senior's Executive Leader.  There is the potential for growth with Avon.

Work at Home

You can sell Avon online without ever having to leave your home.  Avon gives you the opportunity of giving you your online store!  Your customers can buy the products that they love from your store and have the option to get them shipped to their home or you could chose to deliver them.

These are just a few reasons why you should sell Avon at home and how you can get started doing this.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Avon Independent Sales Rep and starting your own business.  Click here.


Get Paid to Sell Jewelry at Home
by Alicia Washington

Do you love fashion and jewelry?  Would you like to work from home and earn decent income?  You can start your own business today as a Stella & Dot Stylist.  This company has fabulous jewelry, bags, wallets, scarves, and so much more that are worn by your favorite celebrities.  Some of which include:  Sofia Vergara, Katherine Hiegl, Minka Kelly, Selena Gomez, Jennie Garth, Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, and many ohers.

If you are looking for a legit home based business that will allow you to stay at home and work your own schedule either part time or full time, Stella & Dot may be just what you are looking for.  Here are a few things you need to know about becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist and more about this Fortune 500 Company.

What is Stella & Dot?

Stella & Dot is a social selling company that has boutique style jewelry which has been featured on the Today Show, the New York Times, as well as In Style and Lucky Magazine.  Not only does this company sell jewelry but they other items including tech cases for your smart phone and so much more.  This jewelry and other items are sold at in-home trunk shows at very reasonable prices.  Over half the line sells for less than $50.

What do I need to get started?

In order to be a Stella & Dot stylist and launch your very own business, you will need to get a starter kit which includes samples, business supplies, training tools, and your very own website for instant online selling.  Starter kits for Stella & Dot Stylist are only $199 which includes $450 of free products if you sign up in January.

How much will I earn?

You will earn a minimum of 25% commission up to 30% on your sales.  This would also include your sales online and offline.  An average Stella & Dot Stylist earns around $150 to $300 per trunk show.  You can use this extra money to pay bills, take a vacation, or even make a career out of it.

How many hours will I have to work?

You can work part time or full time.  It is up to you.  You can work 5, 10 hours a week or even more if you want to.  Keep in mind that the more you work or put into it the more you will make or get out of it.

Are there any fees or quotas to keep?

There are no monthly membership fees that you have to pay. There is an annual flat fee of $59 for a Stylist.  To be an active Stylist, you will need to have $250 in sales within a 90 day period, which is less than one order every 30 days.  

What is a Trunk Show?

It is a casual, fun way to entertain at home where the hostess and stylist come together with friends, family, and girlfriends to display the latest products from Stella & Dot and answer any questions they may have.  Trunk Shows are optional, if you decide that you want the Online and On the Go starter kit.

Can I do this from home?

Absolutely.  If you choose the Online and On the Go Starter Kit option, your business will be run from your home office.  You will set up your website to sell Stella & Dot products to customers online.

How do I get Paid?

You get paid with a your very own Stella & Dot debit card. Payments are sent out every week! 

Are there any perks or rewards?

In addition to your commission, you will get free jewelry and discounted accessories, glam getaways, and unlimited earnings on team sales.  

What does it take to be a Stylist?

You do have to be professional sales person.  You simply need to be positive, friendly, and most importantly be willing or have the desire to meet new people and help them look their best.  No experience needed.  Just let your own personality shine through.

How do I sign up?

Please click here to sign up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist or learn more information about being a stylist.  You can also watch this video below from the founder and CEO of Stella & Dot who has been featured on Oprah about becoming a Stella & Dot stylist. 

Get gifts and rewards to scan barcodes at Home
By Alicia Washington

Did you know that you can actually earn merchandise, electronics, gifts, and prizes just for doing things you already do?  Shopping!  Nielsen Consumer Panel will reward you just for scanning barcodes on the products that you purchase.  Every household can participate in this program and earn rewards for your groceries, beauty products, office supplies, and so much more!  Here is how it works.

What is Neilsen Consumer Panel?

Neilsen is probably best known for their TV rating system to measure audience viewing habits.  They are also involved in consumer shopping habits known as market research.  Their Neilsen Consumer Panel is another extension of the company that will use this data to analyze what consumers purchase.  They are a BBB accredited business that needs people from all demographic and geographic areas across the United States to make an impact in the marketplace.  

How does it work?

You go to their official website here and sign up to become a member of their panel.  You will fill out all your information online and be contacted by Nielsen Consumer Panel and sent a welcome packet.  You will next receive your scanner in a box delivered to your house with no shipping costs to you.  Now you are ready to scan your barcodes each week from the products that you buy when you go shopping.  

Will it be hard to set up?

No.  The instructions are provided in the packet and it is very simple and will only takes minutes to plug up and be ready for use.  

Can I take my scanner with me?

Yes.  If you are shopping for groceries and would like to take your scanner along, you can do so.  Make sure that it is fully charged and ready to go.  You could also opt to scan your groceries when you get home.  Either way, you can decide which method is best for you.

Is there any cost?

No.  You will never be charged a fee for anything.

What's in it for me?

First of all, this is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and influence major companies. You will also earn rewards in the form of name brand merchandise, electronics, jewelry, household items, toys, and so much more!  

Are there any rules or restrictions?

Only one household per panel can sign up.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up here to become a member of Neilsen Consumer Panel and start earning your rewards today!

My Thoughts

I have done this before myself and earned many prizes and other rewards.  It is simple and easy to do and only takes a few minutes to scan your barcodes.   

13 Legit Survey Sites for Kids and Teens That Pay!
by Alicia Washington

Can your school aged children or teenagers really earn money at home completing and filling out out surveys online?  Yes.  If your child already spends time on the computer they can earn money for their opinions and answers online.  Most surveys only take around 5 minutes to complete but from time to time, they have more lengthy surveys.  You will be made aware of this when you are invited to complete the survey online.  The longer surveys will consist of watching a kid's television show online or even a clip on an upcoming movie.

This is a legit way for your child or teenager to earn extra money at home and they may really enjoy it because the surveys are tailored to young ones and ask for their opinion about their favorite products, toys, shows they watch, and so much more!  You can even assist your child as they fill out their survey at home. They can use the extra money that they earn to put in their savings, to spend, or even use to purchase a gift for someone else.  Here are some things you need to know before you get started.

How does it work?

You simply go to a website of a survey company that I have listed below and sign up online.  Your child will need their parent's permission before they sign up and sometimes before they complete a survey online.  After they have successfully signed up online, they will be invited to participate in a survey as they become available.  You will give your honest opinion in the form of an answer to a question, multiple choice or in a typed statement.   

What are the requirements?

You will need to meet the age requirements of each survey company and have a valid email address.  You may need a paypal account depending upon which company that you sign up for to get paid.

What kind of surveys will I be invited to?

They vary from survey to survey but the majority of them will be geared towards the latest toy, your favorite stores, an upcoming movie or television show, what games you like to play, activities you engage in, and so forth.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid either by check or through your paypal account.

Will it cost me anything?

Never.  You get paid you don't pay anything.

List of Survey Companies for Kids and Teens that Pay

Panelpolls - Surveys for kids between the ages of 6-14

Mindfield Online - Surveys for those who are at least 15 

Global Test Market - Surveys for kids 14 and up

My Thoughts - Surveys for kids 13 and up

My Soap Box - Survey site for those who are at least 13  

Teen eyes - Survey for kids between the ages of 13-18

Paid Viewpoint - Surveys for kids ages 13 and up

Kids Opinions - Surveys for kids between the ages of 6-14

Kidz Eyes - Surveys for kids between the ages of 6-12

Springboard America - Surveys for those who are at least 14

Reward TV - Answer TV trivia questions.  Must be at least 13 

Valued Opinions - Survey site for those who are at least 13 

VIP Voice - Win cash and prizes for giving your opinions 13 and up

Why just take surveys when you can join the Village? Click Here

Need some potty training tips?  Please click here

Guest Post by
Theresa Schuessler

Basic Couponing 101 Part 1 Should I Coupon Or Not !

Should I coupon or not ?

Well if you knew me very well I would never try doing any thing like this. Then times got really tuff when I lost my job. I heard some one talking about it so I did my research and gave it a try.My first Free item I got with a coupon was Kraft BQ Sauce. I was hooked. So it is a big yes. So week after week I would get Free items.So I was like ok I told my husband for the first time in 34 years of married will you put me on a really budget. The look on his face was priceless. So if you would like to save 50% or more on your grocery bill then yes you should coupon.

What is a coupon ?

It is a way of saving and getting a item for the lost price possible.Matching a coupon to a sales ad,Your goal is to try and shop for coupon sale items only.

I know you are asking your self can I really save money ?

It is 100% yes let me show you a example of what I am talking about here is a store ad deal ok this is a Homeland deal and the coupon doubles.
Kraft BBQ Sauce $1.27
Use $1.00/2 Kraft BQQ Sauce SS 5/6 exp 6/6
Final Price: $1.54 or $.77 each
so see after you start learning the art of how to stock pile I will have that in a lesson down the road. You kind of start focusing on a few items a week. This was the first item I got for free so you really have to watch your ads and match your coupons to the store deals I post.

What about clipping coupons for products I don't buy ?

Boy did I learn the hard way on this one. I always make sure a little of everything in my coupon binder.You have to think out side the box for me I was thinking about donations to my church and people in need out side of my family. And trust we before I started to coupon I was very all about the brand name. Now that is not the case a lot of the brand we have changed. Like toothpaste,soaps,hair spray,deodorant. So if you could get these item for very little or free. would you change you way of shopping?
Earn Easy Cash at Quick Rewards


Founded in 2002, is a rewards program like no other: 

What Makes Us Different:
- No minimum required to cash out and PayPal payments are processed daily
- Cash out at any time, as often as you'd like
- Fast, personal customer service
- Optional "Big Buddy" program matches you up with a veteran member to help you start earning fast!

How to Earn:
- Shopping (competitive cashback rates; shop today and get paid cashback via PayPal within a week)
- Completing surveys (daily surveys and additional targeted surveys)
- Reading emails
- Performing searches
- Visiting websites
- Printing coupons
- Watching videos
- Playing games
- Trying new products
- Signing up for newsletters
- Entering contests

Cash out For:
- Cash back via PayPal (with no minimum required to cash out and be paid within 48 hours)
- Electronic gift cards, including Amazon and eBay
- 50 physical gift cards to choose from (mailed weekly) including:
  - Disney
  - CVS
  - Target
  - Walmart
  - Kohl's   - ToysRUs
  - Sears
  - Home Depot
  - Regal Theater Group / United Artists
  - and more!

Sign up to join Quick Rewards here.  You will need to be a resident of the US, UK or Canada to join Quick Rewards

Write Articles for Workersonboard

You can now write your own articles on this forum and share your knowledge on:

Work at home Jobs
Work at home Business
Affiliate Marketing
Work at home Scams
PTC Sites
Work at home Earnings
and more

This is how you get started

1.  Make sure that you are a registered member of           Workersonboard Talk or Workersonboard Worldwide.
2.  Click on the Article tab above this page.
3.  Click on the Add an article tab to get started.
4.  Write your title, short summary and text.
5.  Submit your article by clicking add an article.
(If you are already a member, simply click on the article tab)

Perks of Writing on Workersonboard Talk and Workersonboard Worldwide

1.  Permanent link.
2.  You can add one link to your website, blog, affiliate program, referral program, etc.
3.  You will get more exposure.

Please do not post the following

Work at home scams
Get rich quick schemes
MLM programs
Pyramid schemes

*Please do not post content copied from anywhere else online*
*Only original articles*

All articles will be reviewed before it is approved and published live.

6 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

by Alicia Washington

Working from home has become more of a necessity as well as a convenience for many today.  More companies than ever before are getting on the ban wagon to offer remote jobs for their employees.  You may even find many of these jobs in your local newspaper or on various job sites like:, Career Builder, Indeed, and more.  

In addition to the legitimate work at home jobs you can find online, there are also a growing number of sites that will pay you to do simple tasks from your computer and earn extra money.  It is referred to as crowd sourcing.  These sites will pay you to do data entry, write short articles, to research, tag and sort videos, websites, etc.

There are other sites that will pay you for your used books, to listen to music, for your opinion, and the list goes on and on. There is even a site that will pay you just to unlock your smartphone.  It is called Fronto.  This new app will actually pay you to do what you already do.  Every time you unlock your phone, you will get paid.  You can cash out when you have $10 in your Paypal account.  It can't get much easier than this.  Here are even more ways for you to make easy money online.

My Likes

Get paid to be a social, video, or web publisher and earn money on one of the largest advertising platforms today.  Advertisers will pay you to share links with your followers, to make sponsored videos, and even to place widgets on your blog or website.  You can even earn $100 extra cash daily just for earning the most money on MyLikes.


Get paid to listen to music right from your computer.  You pick the genres of music that you like to listen to and they will play songs that you can write a short review on for cash.  It only takes a couple of minutes to complete a review.  You can withdraw your money after you have earned $10!  This is a fun and easy way to earn money online.

Cash 4 Books

Get paid to get rid of your used books and send them to cash 4 books for payment.  All you need to do is locate the isbn number of each book you plan to sell and input it online to see how much your book or books are worth.  Print your free shipping label, put them in a box, and get your check!


This is an easy way to get cash back for the items you purchase at the grocery store.  This smartphone app will credit your cash into your account within 24 hours.  You can download this app for free today here.

Opinion Outpost

This company will pay you for every answer that you give.  It is so simple and easy. Payment is directly deposited into your Paypal account.  Join the Opinion Outpost Research Panel and start taking surveys to earn cash!


This Amazon Company is a free service that will help you to publish and sell your books, music, films, and more to sell worldwide.  You will earn 70% royalties using this company on every book, song, or film that you sell.  Lifetime earnings.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

You can earn cash answering very short polls in your spare time. You can also use your points to win even more money on Instant Cash Sweepstakes.  If you are invited to be a pro member, you will earn even more money participating in additional surveys.  Only need $2 in your account to cash out via Paypal.  

Get Paid to Test Products at Home
by Alicia Washington

Have you ever heard of people getting free products to try, test, and keep at home?  Did you know that you can get paid to do this also?  There are a few companies that need products testers to review and give their opinions on products before they come out on the market and are available to consumers and sold in stores nationwide.  

You will not get rich being a product tester but you can get freebies and earn a little cash at the same time.  Some companies pay anywhere from $3 up to $50 and sometimes more for your opinions.  If you like the idea of getting free products and samples to try out, you may want to sign up for some of the product testing and market research groups that I have included in this list.  

Another good thing about being a product tester is that many of these companies still pay by check.  Which means that you will not be required to obtain a Paypal account, unless they state otherwise.  Here a few sites that will pay you to test products in your home.

Consumer Worldwide
Survey Savvy  
Toluna Panel
Opinion Outpost
Pinecone Research
Nieto Consumer Panel (diapers, wipes, feminine products)
Parent Tested Parent Approved (freebies and prizes)
Good Housekeeping (freebies and prizes)

Get paid cash for your books!
 by Alicia Washington

Are you looking for an easy way to earn extra money from home?  Cash 4 Books is a website that will pay you for your used books or audio books online.  You will pay absolutely no shipping and get your money within just 2 weeks!  It is a very simple way to earn money for those books that are taking up space.  It is also a good motivation if you need to declutter but have put it off.  Now you can turn those books into cash.  Here are some more details about Cash 4 Books and how it works.  

What is Cash 4 Books

Cash 4 Books is an online used book buying service that is based out of Beaverton, Orgeon that has been in operation since 2004.  This website will pay you cash for your used books.  It has been featured on The Early Show, Dr. Phil, as well as Woman's Day magazine.  

How does it work?

You simply go to their official website at and put in the ISBN number of your book and get ready to sell your used books right from your computer.

What is an ISBN number?

It is 10 or 13 digit number that has been assigned to almost all books that can be found on the back cover or inside front cover.  Most 13 digit ISBN numbers start with 978.  The ISBN number can be found right above the barcode.  

How will I know how much my books are worth?

As soon as you type in your ISBN you will know exactly how much your books are worth upfront.  If you have more than 1 book with the same ISBN, you will change the quantity of books you want to sell and include them in your shipment.  

What about shipping?

As stated earlier, you will not have to pay any shipping costs.  All you have to do is print off your shipping label after you have entered in your ISBN number and put all the books you plan to sell in a box to be sent out to your package handler.

What kind of books can I sell?

Cash 4 Books accepts used college textbooks, hardcover, paperback, fiction, non-fiction, and even audio books.

Can I use my iPhone?

Yes.  You can either choose to do it online or download an app and scan your barcodes from your used books that you want to sell right from your iPhone.  It is easy and simple.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid either by check or through your Paypal account after Cash 4 Books has received, processed, and marked your books.  Payment will be sent out three business days from the processed status.

How do I get started?

Go to Cash 4 Books official website here to start selling your used books and get paid cash!

Are there more sites like this?

Yes.  Please go to the "Get Paid Online" page of this website by clicking here.

Are you a stay at home mom looking for work?  Do you work outside the home but would love to stay home if you could but are skeptical about finding legit work from home?  This page is designed to help you find legit resources to help you in your job search.  There are legit opportunities here that you can do without having any experience necessarily.  There are many possibilities for you to choose from that I have found on the Internet for you.  Here are a few ways that you can earn money legitimately from your home.

  • Start your own blog - Yes you can really do this.  You don't have to have any expertise in computers or web design to start your own blog today.  There are many free blogs for you to choose from.  Some of the more popular ones are at and of course wordpress.  Start sharing your knowledge online and gain a following and earn some extra money in the process.  If you are seriously considering doing this, please click here to read some of my tips on how to do this today!

  • Write Online - There are several legit writing and blogging companies that are looking for people to submit content online on a regular basis.  You do not have to be a professional writer to get started in this career.  If you can type, you can write.  Many companies will even allow you to write on any subject or topic that you want to from relationships to entertainment to movie reviews or housekeeping, on raising a family and many others subjects that are of interest to you.  You can either get paid upfront for your articles or earn residual pay for your content which means that you will earn money for the lifetime of your articles.  For a list and review of some legit writing companies and how much they pay browse around this site and check out the write online section.

  • Work from home Jobs - There really are legitimate jobs that you can do from your home office.  You could be a virtual assistant, do some clerical work online, or even talk to customers on the telephone, just to name a few.  There are several companies that are currently hiring for customer service reps, appointment setters, in sales, transcription, as a Internet researcher, etc.  You will definitely need to check the weekly job section of this website for the latest work at home jobs that are posted and updated every single week.

  • Sales - If you like to sell products you could try selling some well-known products to others and earn commissions online.  Many people are familiar with the companies:  Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy Candles, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Shaklee, Wildtree, Watkins, and more.  You could even sell your own products if you are crafty.  You could sell them on your own blog or website or on Etsy, Zazzle, Cafepress, Ebay, Amazon, and other places online.

Work at home jobs for stay at home moms
by Alicia Washington

If you are a stay at home mom with small children you may be wondering if there are any jobs that you can do from home without having to be on the phone.  The answer is yes.  When you are looking for work at home, some companies require that you have a quiet home environment to be able to successfully conduct your task or assignment.  But that is almost impossible when you have small children or a newborn baby.  They only way to get around this would be to work when they are asleep or have someone else watch them.  If you are currently facing this dilema, I have some work from home jobs that you can do that do not have these requirements.  You can even work when you want or at your own pace or schedule.

Keyforcash know called Virtualbee - This is a legit data entry company that will allow you to work when you want anytime of the day or night.  There are no schedules to keep and the work is flexible.  You can pick which assignments you want to work each day.  The pay is not around $5 to $6 per hour but it is a way for you to earn extra money from home in your spare time and still be able to tend to your children because you can log off whenever you need to and come back to your work when you are ready.  They pay every week as long as you have $30 in your account.  There is a small typing test required but if you have trouble with this I have a video that has tips to help you pass the test.

Textbroker - This company pays every week also.  You get paid to write articles online for this company.  You do not have to have any experience doing this although you will be required to take a test beforehand to check your grammar and spelling.  You pick from a pool of articles that need to be written on.  You can only pick out one article at a time and you will have 24 hours to complete it after you accept your assignment.  If you cannot complete it within that period of time, it will go back into their database.  But you can work as much or as little as you want.  They pay every Friday through your Paypal account as long as you have earned $10.  

Fiverr - There are other companies that are similar to Fiverr where you sign up to complete online gigs or tasks for someone in exchange for $5.  They do take a percentage of your earnings so you will end up earning $4 per gig.  You could offer to design a logo for someone, sing them a song, make a video, or offer to do a variety of things.  If you get enough clients you could even start your own business doing gigs for others and sell your services on your own blog or website.

Leapforce - Become a search engine evaluator.  No doubt you have experience searching the Internet already and that is what this work at home job is all about.  They need individuals to work from home part time searching the Internet and giving their feedback online.  There is a test that is involved before you are accepted.  They have a flexible schedule where you can also work when you want but you will be required to work at least 20 to 30 hours per week.  This is a legit work from home opportunity and the pay around
$14 per hour!

UserTesting - This website will pay you to test websites online.  You can work from home on a flexible schedule doing this for this company and other similar companies online.  You will answer 4 questions and get paid $10 through your paypal account for each website that you test.

Amazon Mturk - You can get paid to do several short tasks online.  They do not pay a lot of money but you can pick from which tasks you would like to complete and work and get paid daily!  This is a flexible work from home job.  They pay through your paypal account.  Sign up here.

Clickworker - This company will pay you to complete tasks online.  You can work from anywhere for this company.  The pay is around $9 per hour and they offer bonuses as well.  Payment is made every week through your paypal account or by direct deposit.  You can sign up here to start earning money from home today.  Here is a recent video that explains more about Clickworker and how it works.

An Easy Part-Time Job for Stay at Home Moms
by Alicia Washington

Do you have school aged children?  Would you like to work around 20 hours per week and make your own schedule?  Are you looking for an easy job with little to no stress?  If the answer is yes, I have an idea job for you as a part-time merchandiser for Hallmark.  Hallmark has several available positions as a retail merchandiser in cities and towns all across the US.  Here is what you need to know about this job and how to apply online.

What is a retail merchandiser?

A retail merchandiser is a person that is responsible for maintaining the shelves in the store for a particular company, that being Hallmark.  It is up to the retail merchandiser to make the display shelves look presentable, neat, up-to-date, and fully stocked.  

What does the job involve?

It will involve you traveling to a local department store or grocery store to stock and organize the greeting cards for Hallmark.  You may have to meet with the employees of the store to gather your merchandise which will be located in the back of the store.  You will have to get the boxes, unpack them and stock them on the shelves.  You will also be responsible for stocking the party ware, bags, and other items that will be displayed along with the cards.  This will involve some lifting and bending to get the boxes to the display shelf as well as some reaching to place the cards on the shelf but it is not too strenuous.  At times you may be required to take away discontinued cards but your main job will be to refill the cards and make the display shelves inviting to help the customer have an enjoyable shopping experience when looking for that special card.

What hours will I work?

This is a part time job so you will work no more than 20 hours per week unless it is during their busy or peak season and they need you to work more.  You can expect to work somewhere between 3 to 20 hours per week depending upon your schedule and availability.  

What stores will I be working at?

It will vary but you can expect to work and stock greeting cards in any store that would carry their product. Some of the stores may include:  Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, Barnes & Noble, The Dollar Store, or any store that has a section that displays Hallmark Greeting Cards.

Are there any requirements?

You will need to be at least 18 years of age
Have reliable transportation
Have a high school diploma or GED
Be willing to work a flexible schedule including some weekends
Operate a hand-held technology device to scan cards
Have Internet access with email access

How much does this job pay?

You can expect to earn somewhere around $8 to $10 an hour.

Will this job work around my schedule?

Yes.  That is why I decided to do a review on the merchandiser jobs for Hallmark because you can work a couple of days a week for a few short hours on whatever days you pick and be home when your kids get out of school.  You can make up your own schedule to adjust to your individual needs and circumstances which makes this an idea job for stay at home moms. 

How to Apply online?

Go to their official website here to apply for the retail merchandiser jobs.  If you are interested, there are other merchandiser jobs available for you to apply for online as well as videos for you to watch detailing the duties of the job.

5 Tips to Craft the Perfect Study Space at Home

The following tips were created by with the help of private tutors all around the country: 

1. Don't make yourself at home.
Test preparation extends beyond pure mastery of the information you're being tested on. In the case of the SAT and ACT, you must prepare yourself physically for hours of continuous sitting - and you won't be sitting in a La-Z-Boy or sprawled out on a plush mattress. The age old adage "train as you fight" is applicable to standardized testing - for maximum success, try to replicate the testing environment as much as possible while studying at home. Many typical at-home distractions including music, snacks, and electronics are not permitted during examinations so you should eliminate them from your personal study space.
Quick tips:
Don't study in a reclined position or while laying down.

Only allow yourself the amount of bathroom breaks or study breaks allotted for the actual test.

If you can't study in pure silence, set your station to Classical.

2. Treat yourself.
Sometimes you need some extra incentive to help you get excited for an upcoming study session. Whether it be a professional planner, a fancy notebook, a cool pen, or a decorative calendar, even the smallest upgrade can help revamp your attitude while studying. Additionally, a notable 2011 Chicago study suggests that post-exam incentives are effective in improving test performance. Rewards that immediately followed the test were the most effective in improving performance, so time is of the essence. Apply the learnings from this report to your study sessions - with the promise of your favorite treat or a trip to the mall with a friend looming, you'll be eager to reach that light at the end of tunnel.

3. Go old school
Your smartphone is like a digital Swiss Army knife when it comes to study resources. Chances are your phone contains a thesaurus, dictionary, calculator, translator, measurement converter and more- all of which fit in the palm of your hand. While this is a space efficient solution, it may not be the most conducive to studying due to the abundance of non-academic functions your phone performs. Go back to the basics and dig out your parent's old books and resources.

Quick tips:
If you prefer the digital version for your study tools, turn your phone to airplane mode so you can't receive email and text alerts.

4. Get a timer.
Hold yourself accountable for your time spent studying. Establishing a series of smaller goals will help you stay on track and feel accomplished at the end of every session. Set a realistic timeframe for each assignment (eg: finish 15 problems in the next 2 hours), believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish this goal, and go for it. When you finish your task you'll feel great! If you don't finish, reexamine your designated timeframe or think about what you can do better next time.

5. Appeal to the senses.
Humans are equipped with five senses for a reason - use them to your advantage! Psychologists have long studied the effect that certain colors and scents can have on mood. Altering what you see and smell are two low-maintenance environmental factors you can easily customize within your study space. Each person has different preferences and responses to stimuli so identify what motivates you to study and be productive.

Quick tips:
Cool colors (blue, green, purple) are calming and may be helpful for people who are naturally more alert of anxious by nature.

Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) are more stimulating and may be better suited for people who need a little extra energy boost.

Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Peppermint are recommended for boosting mood and productivity.

Great American Opportunities is hiring right now!
by Alicia Washington

Are you looking for a legit data entry job that you can do from home?  Great American Opportunities is hiring right now!  This is a great company to work for!  They have a waiting list but if you apply right now, you may get hired or hear something right away!  I will explain more about this company and how you can apply online right now.

What is Great American Opportunities?

It is one of the fastest and oldest direct selling fundraising companies in America.  Their corporate office is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  They are behind many of the fundraising projects and brochures that your kids bring home to raise money for their school.  They have a variety of products to sell from chocolate bars to cookie dough, gifts, jewelry, and so much more.

What does this job involve?

You will be typing in their magazine subscriptions from the comfort of your home.  It is easy and there are no particular skills that you need to have other than being able to type.  This would be a great job for a stay at home mom or anyone that is looking to do data entry work from home.  

How much do they pay?

They do not pay by the hour but they pay by piece work.  Depending upon how fast you type will determine how much you earn.  If you can type relatively fast, you can expect to earn around $10 per hour on average.  They pay every week by direct deposit to your checking account.

How to apply?

If you go to their official website, they only have sales positions available that you can apply for online.  The only way to do this is to contact them directly via email at and tell them you are interested working from home in their data entry keyer position and hopefully you will hear something soon.

A Quick Note

This is a seasonal work from home data entry position but it is a great company to work for.  Please apply right away so you can get in to work for them.  You can also watch a video about Great American Opportunities here for more information.  You can visit their official website by clicking here.

An easy job for Stay at Home Moms
by Alicia Washiington 

Would you like to listen to calls from your computer and get paid to sort and tag them?
This is a non-phone job for stay at home moms that has a flexible working schedule.  You can work whenever you want and get paid per task or review.  They are currently hiring call reviewers as independent contractors to work from home for a company called Humanatic.

What is required?

You just need to have a computer with sound to be able to hear the calls so that you can review or sort them.

What about the kids?

No need to worry.  Your home office does not have to be quiet because you are simply listening to the calls from your computer.  You will not have to take any calls or be required to talk on the telephone.  Just make sure the kids are not too loud, so that you can hear each call to complete your task or assignment.

How much do they pay?

They pay from 1 up to 4 cents per call depending upon what kind of review it is.  They pay every week either through your paypal account or by check in the mail.   

How to sign up?

You simply go to their official website here to apply online filling out your name, email address, and recent employment history and you should be contacted shortly about your status.

A Quick note

If they tell you to check back at the end of the month, please do this and you will eventually get a response but they are currently accepting applicants right now on their official website. 

Intelichek Hiring!!!
Earn $50 to $100 per day calling business from Home

Would you like to work from home? Do you want to work when you want to? Are you looking to work 20-30-40 hours a week on your own schedule? Well this opportunity might be for you. All you need is:
- computer
- high speed internet connection
- willingness to work for what you get paid
InteliChek is a market research company specializing in helping our clients understand their competition. We do this by calling businesses across the US and gathering information that our clients would like to know. Some of the things we have been asked to gather for our clients are the cost of oil changes, the price of specific products and parts and even the price of specific windows and lumber.

If you want to learn more, go through this site to learn more about us and what we do and if you like what you read – apply. We are always looking for great people that want to work on their own terms, their own schedule and the amount they want to earn. It is not easy work, but it gives you the flexibility to work from home and earn money.

What is an InteliChek shopper?

Our shoppers help us gather information that our clients need and want across the country. We are looking for well spoken people that speak English and even Spanish for some of our special assignments.
What does a InteliChek shopper do?
You will be asked to call businesses and ask for very specific items like a set of tires that fit a 2005 Dodge minivan. We give all the specifics and even tell you what size tires you are looking for and the tire manufacturer we would like a quote on. You enter the price for the set of tires in the system and any specifics like if mounting and balancing is included in the price. That’s it!
After you gather a number of prices we request we pay for the amount of prices you gather.

InteliChek Shopper

Shoppers are people that call businesses for quotes on services and products and parts. The more professional you are, the faster you are, the more money you make per hour, per day, per week. Once again, it is not easy work, you have to make the phone calls, you have to gather the prices and we pay you for the tasks you complete.
Cheating is not tolerated
Our shoppers think we have a really good thing going and we do not want to jeopardize what we have and we not tolerate any false prices or information. We have certain fail safes in place and we catch anyone falsifying any information we will conduct an investigation and if it proves out to be the case you cheated we will prosecute you to fullest extent of the law for everyone that works with us. Cheating will not be tolerated!

What are the requirements?

You will need a computer, high speed internet, unlimited phone calling plan and be fluent in English. We also require that you are 18+ years old and have a mailing address. You must be authorized to work in the United States and have a bank account in your name for your payment.  If you do not have unlimited phone service check out Magic Jack phone service.  It is affordable only $20 per year!  Save Big with the Magic Jack. Free Local and Long-Distance Calls! 100% Risk Free with a Free 30-Day Trial! Click Here

How much can you make?

Shoppers are paid by the task and prices they gather. These tasks range from $.30 to $1.90 and are based on the complexity of the request. It is not uncommon for our shoppers to make $50-$100 per day and we have seen much more. It really depends on the amount of time you are willing to put into this opportunity and the more professional and efficient you are with every phone call, the more you make.

How much do I have to work?

We are looking for people to spend a minimum of 20 hours a week. From our past experience we find that it takes us as much time to train an individual the works 5 hours a week as it does to train an individual that works 40 hours a week. That is why we are looking for people that want to work a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Do you train me?

Yes, we not only train you on how to do this most efficiently, but also on particular client jobs and requests. Currently there are no formal tests or quizzes because we have found that our shoppers combined with their own common senses can handle all our clients’ needs. If future assignments require much more in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs there might be more formal training and testing in order to work on certain client programs.

How much work can I get in a week?

You can have as much work as you want. Our system enables you to pull as many tasks out of the system you can accurately complete. As long as we have work, you can work as much as you would like.

What type of schedule do I have to keep?

Well that is up to you. If you can only work for us from 8am to noon, that is fine, and that would allow you to hit your 20 hours per week. If you wanted to work weekends or at evenings that is fine as well. This opportunity allows you to keep your schedule.
We know things come up from time to time and all we ask is that you input your availability in the system. So, if you know you are taking a vacation or have a hectic first week back at school week for your kids, just let us know.

Why do we have to let you know that I am going to be on vacation?

Well like many businesses, we promise our clients certain due dates. If you are great shopper and we count on you to return a certain amount of tasks per week, we can compensate for your absence if we know it upfront for any looming deadline we might have. We consider it common courtesy so we can plan our deliverable appropriately. We have an easy to use availability calendar that is specific to you and your immediate producer.

What is a Producer?

A producer is a person that at one-time was a shopper and has now been promoted to handling certain jobs for clients. A producer makes sure you have as many tasks as you want as well as over sees your accuracy and timeliness per task. Your producer is your friend but is also responsible for delivering a great product to our clients on time.

Can I become a Producer?

Yes you can. It is not a quick or easy route to becoming a producer, but all of our producers were great shoppers at one time. It takes dedication and performance to be recognized to be considered to become a producer.
Can I make this my full-time job?
As long as we have client jobs and you have the dedication to work the amount you need weekly and monthly, yes it can be a full-time job? Many of our shoppers rely on our work for their sole source of income and we are proud that we can offer that.

Do you take taxes out of my pay?

No, since you work whenever you want and not regular hours, we consider you a contract employee. You will receive all of your payments without taxes taken out. At the end of the year if you earn over $600 in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099 from us. You are responsible to for your own taxes for everything you earn on our 1099.

When can I start?

You can start as soon as you satisfactorily do a few things for us. We first need you to fill out a few forms within our site and after an acceptable telephone interview you will begin.

Does everyone that applies get an opportunity?

No, depending on your submission and telephone interview we will determine whether you are right for us and this opportunity.

Shopper comments:
“I really like this opportunity because I can work when I want…”
“I have been doing this for over three years and it has been a great way to earn money at home still raise kids and family.”

My Thoughts

This is a great work at home opportunity for stay at home moms or anyone looking to earn extra money online because this job allows you to have background noise when you will be making calls at home for Intelichek.  If you are interested in working for this company, please apply online today by clicking here

21 Sites That will Pay You Upfront to Write Online
By Alicia Washington

Would you love to get paid upfront to write or blog on any subject or topic that you want to?  Are you looking for a way to earn steady income online?  Do you have access to a computer?  If so, there are many companies that will actually pay you to write and submit short articles to them right from your computer.  If you happen to be in between jobs, laid off from work, disabled, a stay at home mom or dad, a student, elderly, looking for extra income to help pay some bills or whatever your current status is, you can get paid for your content.  You can even start earning money right now today.  I will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started writing articles for legit work from home companies.

What do I need?

The only thing that you need is a computer with Internet access.  You can use a laptop as well or any other mobile device that will allow you to connect to the Internet.  You will also need an email address and possibly a Paypal account to receive your payments.

What are the requirements?

Many companies will allow you to sign up and start earning money right away for your content.  You are not required to be a professional writer or have published any content before.  There may be certain age requirements depending upon which company or companies you decide to write for but in general, you will need to be of legal age.

How much will it cost me?

Absolutely nothing!  They pay you.  You will never have to pay anything to anyone ever.  If a company ever asks you to pay BEWARE!

How much can I expect to earn?

It varies upon how much you write.  The more you write the more you will make.  If a particular article is very popular, you may even receive bonuses or additional pay for your content.  If you write for Quality Gal and they pay you $15 per article and you write 20 articles in a week, that equals out to be $300.  It depends upon the rates of each company and how much you are willing to write.

What can I write about?

For the most part, you can write on any subject or topic that you want to.  It could be about your review of the latest movies that will be featured at the box office, places you love to travel, your favorite television shows, celebrities you love or love to hate, how to find deals when you go shopping, the impact of social media, the latest buzz, or anything that you interests you.  

What kind of hours will I have to work?

This is freelance work, so you have to option to choose when you want and for how long.  You are your own boss.  Make sure that you read the requirements of each company that you sign up for because some may specify that you will need to submit a couple of articles per week but the majority will not have any restrictions on how much you write.

Can I use someone else's content?

No.  This is plagiarism.  This is forbidden and could even jeopardize your working relationship with the company.  

How long will the articles need to be?

Generally, no more than 500 words each.  If you are required to write an article for 750 words or 1,000 o more, you will get paid more money for those.

What companies will pay me upfront to write articles online?

Constant Content
Info Barrel
London Brokers
Quality Girl
Live Strong
Internet Brands
Demand Studios
Love to Know
Consumer Search
Writers Access
Break Studios
Words of Worth
Content Divas

How to Get Paid Every Single Month from Home
By Alicia Washington

If you are a stay at home mom and you need reliable steady income that you can count on every single month, you may want to seriously consider starting your own blog or website.  Especially if you have very small children who are not yet in school.  Why?  It may be hard for you to commit to a work at home job if the schedule is not very flexible.  You may also need a job that you can do from home that does not require you to be on the phone because of the fact that many companies require you to have a quiet work environment.  With a baby or toddlers in the home, that can be near to impossible.  But that doesn't mean that you will not be able to earn extra money online.  Starting your own blog or website just may be the perfect solution to your dilema.

You may initially feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or even perplexed about starting your own blog or website thinking that it is just not for you.  But anybody can start their own blog or website because everyone is an expert in something.  You may be an excellent cook, or a fabulous home decorator, a bargain shopper, have great parenting tips for moms and dads, you may know a whole lot about the Internet, or know how to build things, you may even be a movie enthusiast who could recommend the latest movies to watch and why you like it.  The sky is the limit!  All it takes is just a little thought and planning and you could well be on your way to earning passive income at home every single month.  

After you have a clear vision for your blog, get started on it right away.  Start adding content (preferably on a regular basis), photos, videos, tutorials, resources, and other valuable information that you think your readers will benefit from.  The easiest way to do this is to think about what you would want to see or appreciate from a blog or website and incorporate those ideas into your own.  As time goes on, you will no doubt continue to make more and more improvements and tailor it accordingly.  Feedback from your readers will also play into how you make adjustments for your blog or website so you want to make sure that you allow for your readers to be able to give you comments that will enhance their online experience.  This is an invaluable resource for you.

Starting your own blog will not cost you anything unless you decide to pay for hosting or buy your own domain.  At Host Gator, you can get Web Hosting for only 1 Penny!  You can get a free blog from blogger or wordpress and start today.  If you get a free blog from blogger it will only cost you $10 to buy your domain name for a year from Go Daddy. Hosting Plans - $1.99 per month for 3 months!  

Next you will want to promote your blog or website so that you will get traffic and put ads on them to earn money.  If you get enough traffic, you could eventually use this as your main source of income.  Many are doing this and you can too!  It will take some time but if you are persistent and stick with it, your hard work will pay off.  You may even earn more money than you ever imagined.  Please watch this video tutorial, if you would like to know how to put ads on your blog or website to make money online.

I started this website a little over a year ago after reading a blog where someone stated that they made more money from their blog than from writing articles online, which I was doing at the time and it inspired me to give it a try.  Even though I had many hesitations and reservations, I am glad that I did.  You can too.  If I can do it anybody can.  Please make sure that you check the pages "Build a Blog or Website or Monetize your blog or website" for even more information on this subject.
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8 Reasons to Write Articles for Textbroker
by Alicia Washington

If you are currently looking for a work at home job and you want something that is legit, you may want to give Textbroker a try. Textbroker is one of the first companies that I worked for writing articles from home.  I have even posted some of earnings on the payment proof page.  Here are some of the reasons why I like this company and why I think you will like writing articles for Textbroker also.

Great for beginners

If you have never written anything before online, Textbroker is a great place to start.  Why?  Because they make it very simple for you to get started there.  They tell you exactly how many words they want you to include in each article, you will also be informed where you can go online to research information for the article, if you need to, and may times they will even give you the Title of the article.  All you have to do is fill in the content.  This makes it very easy for someone just getting started writing online.

You can work from anywhere

It can be very challenging and difficult for those who are looking to work from home but live outside the United States to find work. Textbroker is one of the few companies that allows people who live almost anywhere to work from home.  They have sites for those who live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, those who speak Dutch and Spanish, and many other places.  For a link to the Textbroker sites outside the United States, please click on the links beneath my video on YouTube.

Write on any subject

There are plenty of topics for you to write articles on at Textbroker.  Many of the subjects may be ones that you are familiar with yourself.  Some of the topics include but not limited to:  weddings, traveling, shopping, health, family, finance, the economy, entertainment, and so much more.  

Flexible Schedule

For those who work outside the home or have other obligations or responsibilities, Textbroker allows you to work when you want to.
You can choose to work part time or full time, on the weekends, early in the mornings or whenever it is convenient for you.  There is no schedule to to keep or commitments to make.  You get to decide when and how long you want to work.

Non-Phone Job

For those who want to work from home but are not very fond of the idea of talking to customers over the telephone writing articles for Textbroker is a great alternative.  Because you are not required to be on the phone this eliminates the pressure of having to have a quiet work environment.  So if you have small children at home or pets, you can still work from home for Textbroker.

Pays Every Week

Most people would like to receive their earnings every week for the work they performed as opposed to bi-monthly or once a month.
You can get paid every week as long as you have accrued $10 in your account.  You will have to request your money by 11:59 p.m on Thursday to get paid.  If you wait until Friday morning, you will not receive your earnings until the following week.  Payment is through your Paypal account.

Steady Income

You can earn a steady income writing articles for Textbroker.  It is even possible for you to earn $400 a month or more.  The more you write the more you will earn.  If you set a goal to write a certain amount of articles per week at your own pace or schedule, you can meet your desired income level.  This strategy will help you to meet or even exceed your earning potential.

Earn More Money writing for Textbroker

It is really possible for you to earn even more money writing for Textbroker.  How?  By writing consistent quality articles you can increase your level to earn even more money per word.  There is also another way that you can earn more through Direct Orders that I explain in my latest video that you can watch here.  

Textbroker is a legitimate work at home company that is reliable and has steady work for you to do from home.  Sign up to work for Textbroker today in your own country.  
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