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Magazine Companies

I have come across even more jobs for writers online that hire people to work from home. Theses writing jobs pay quite a bit more money and most do not require that you be a professional writer or have a degree in Journalism. Many of the companies listed here pay at least $0.20 per word!

This is an incredible opportunity for those who want to earn income and work from home. I was actually surprised to find out just how many companies there are out there that will pay you to even write fictional stories about kids. If you happen to be a parent of small children, then this career opportunity may just be for you. I will provide all the details below for each company so you can get started writing today. 

Please refer to the "Writing Tips" section of this website for information on Kill Fees, Queries,Rights, SASE, and other terms for your submissions. 

Children's Writers

Monthly newsletter publishing material relevant and related to children. They pay $300 for features and articles and $200 for columns.

Wholesome magazine that is tailored to young children ages 8-12 to help them grow in their relationship with God. They pay .14 per word for stories and articles.


They look for articles that are related to quilting, projects, etc. that are related to this theme. They pay $150-$250 per article. They also pay $175-$375 per project.

Rolling Stone

Most people may be familiar with this magazine. It centers around pop music and its culture. They also publish current events. They pay $1 per word.

If you have any messaging and collaboration knowledge then you may be interested in submitted articles to them. They pay up to $100 per article.

Writer digest

Deals with advice and real-life experiences. They pay .30-.50 per word on acceptance.


Science fiction and fact magazine. No editorial guidelines requirements for writers. They do not want to inhibit your creativity. They pay 6 cents a word for Fact articles, 6-8 cents a word for short stories. For stories that have at least 7,500-10,000 words the pay is $450-$600. For longer material the pay is 5-6 cents a word. They also pay for artwork. For cover art the pay is $1,200 and $125 for black and white interior.

Weird Tales

This is another science fiction/fantasy magazine publication. They allow writers to submit their material online through an online portal. The pay for fiction and poetry. The pay for fiction is 5 cents a word. For 1 minute videos is $25. For poems $20.

A magazine publication that is designed for cat lovers and owners. They pay $50 for stories and non-fiction and $25 for short fillers.

Underwired magazine

A premier magazine for women that deals with topics that are of interest to women. They pay $100.

Small farm today

They do articles on small farms and the how-to's of farming. They also publish articles on fiction, poetry, humor, and political issues. They pay $3.5 per word. For republished or reprints the pay is 2 cents a word. $15 for cartoons and they also pay for photos and line graphs, charts.


Magazine on cinema and Hollywood films. Both old and new. They pay for articles, book, movie, and other reviews. They pay is $10-100.

Early American Life

Deals with the history, antiques, architecture, decorating, travel, and more of American culture and society. They pay $500 for a first feature for a new writer.

indie music

They deal with the music industry and will pay freelance writers for the opinions, reviews, and more of music artists on their website. They pay is $10-$300 for assigned articles. For unsolicited articles the pay is up to $200. For online reviews the pay is $2-$15.


Bead and Button, your complete beading resource, is a magazine devoted to techniques, projects, and designs of beaded jewelry and accessories. Our readership includes bead and button makers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts who find satisfaction in making beautiful pieces. Our beading designers are skilled artisans (not necessarily skilled writers) who are willing to share what they know. Pays $300-$400 for articles up to 1,200 words. Pays up to $300 for projects. 

We publish informative articles on the care of birds; photo essays on historical and current events dealing with birds; how-to articles; and human-interest stories. Sidebars to accompany articles are a plus. We do not publish fiction, or stories in which a bird speaks as if it were human. We rarely run stories concerning native wild birds. We use a species article in each issue, but these are assigned to experts in the species or to experienced writers who are familiar with our species profile requirements. The ideal manuscript is an 800 to 2,000 word article accompanied by high-quality color slides, digital images or professional illustrations. Our usual rate of payment is $100 to $200 for short features (1,000 words or less) and $300 to $400 for longer features (1,500 to 2,500 words), including accompanying high-quality photographs.


We offer natural solutions for stress, sleep, allergies, and more. Living a green, stylish life is easy with our sustainable ideas. Healthy, delicious recipes are a click away (including desserts). Customized fitness (for body and mind) can be achieved with yoga, Pilates, strength training and cardio routines. Beauty -- from healthy skin care to at-home spa techniques complete the radiant new you. Pays $1 to $1.25/word. Pays on acceptance. Articles 1,500 to 3,000 words. Departments up to 1,500 words. Buys all rights. Query first by contacting them regarding an article in Whole Living/Body+Soul magazine,by e-mail

Dramatics Magazine

We buy four to eight articles for each issue, ranging in length from 800 to 4,000 words. Articles are accepted on any area of the performing arts, including film, video, and dance. We print seven one-act and full-length plays a year. We occasionally reprint plays, but prefer that they be unpublished. Plays should be performable in high schools, which places some restrictions on language and subject matter; however, we tend not to publish children’s theater pieces, teen angst dramas, and overtly didactic “message” plays. We buy one-time, non-exclusive publication rights to plays. Honorariums of $25 to $400 are paid for accepted work. 

The Big Issue

The Big Issue Australia is an independent organization that develops and operates social enterprises and creative, sustainable solutions to homelessness; providing opportunities for homeless and marginalized people to positively change their lives. We are an agent for social change, using entrepreneurial practices and sound business strategy to promote social inclusion and alleviate poverty in Australia. Our innovative programs and services focus on helping people who are socially disadvantaged, and may otherwise slip through the cracks, to build confidence and the capacity to help themselves. Pays 20 cents/word. This editor interview from four years ago gives you a good idea of what they seek since they do not have specific guidelines at the site.


This is a Magazine that needs writers to submit first person, narrative non-fiction accounts on adventure travel. They pay $400 per essay or article up to $1300.

Mountain Homes

Magazines that publish a variety of articles on different topics about southern living as well as stories on general subjects. The pay starts at $250 up to $400.

Boys Life

A general magazine to entertain boys ages 6-18. Write for a boy aged 12. Major articles run 500-1500 words and pay $400 up to $1500. Department headings submitted run 600 words paying $100 up to $400.

Virginia Wildlife

Feature articles on the outdoors and wildlife. Features run 1,000 to 1,200 words and pay $500. For 300 to 500 word pieces, the pay is $200. For 100 to 300 words, the pay is $50.

Also pay for articles on outdoor activities and outdoor living. They pay $25 up to $350.

Discovery Girls

Feature articles for girls ages 8-12 dealing with real-life situations. Feature articles run 800-1000 words. Quizzes run from 500-750 words. Payment is $75 up to $400 on quizzes, articles, etc. Contact for submission.

Consumer Search

Is a part of the company and is hiring freelance writers to write articles for them and do research. The pay is never less than $350.

Flight Journal

Centers articles around aviation. Articles range in length from 2,500-3,000 words. Pay is $600 for full length article and builds from there.


Is a magazine that needs writers who live in the country or long for the country. Pay is $250 for a full-page story or article. Poems are $50. To write an article on "Gods Country" which is a 8-10 page featurette of text and photo that pays $2000.


They need writers to write on a variety of subjects. Articles submitted that have 500-800 words are paid $100. Article that have 1,400-2,000 words are paid $250, and those that have 2,000 words or more pay $450. Pay for pictures/photos are $75 and $50 thereafter.

Armour Creole

Hiring freelance writers to write on health, beauty, fashion, etc. Articles range in length from 500-800 words. Pay is $75 per article. Send resume, cover letter, and 2 clips to Make sure that you put Freelance Writer in the subject and what topic you would like to write on.

Montana Outdoors

A bi-monthly magazine that need writers to write articles on Montana's conservation issues, research, and Montana's outdoors. The pay $0.25 to $0.30 per word. The prefer queries by email to or by mail or fax.


Need writers to submit brief articles on current events to sites and blogs. The pay is $30 per article. Contact for submissions and inquiries.

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