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There are a lot of money-making apps that are available on either Google Play or the App store that claim to pay you to do random things.  Some of them are legit and others are not.  If you are looking for a app that really does pay and will not waste your time, make sure that you give Qriket a try.  Qriket is my favorite app to date because it only takes a few minutes out of your day and you will win real cash when you use this app.

You can join for free and start earning extra cash today!  There are never any fees or nothing for you to purchase.  It is one of the best money-making apps on the Internet to date.  I have made some decent cash with this app so far.  I will explain how the Qriket app works and how you can start using it also.

How does Qriket work?

The Qriket app will pay you cash just to spin the wheel.  Sounds too good but I have used this app for about 3 weeks now and have earned over $50 so far.  Here is how the Qriket app works.

  1. Download the app on Google Play or iTunes.
  2. Sign up with the referral code 155066.
  3. Tap the spin the wheel tab to win cash.

Is the Qriket app legit?

Yes it really is.  There are several reviews that you can read from others who are using the app on Google Play and iTunes and Qriket has over 13,000 likes on their Facebook page alone.  It is completely free to download and never costs you one penny.

How does Qriket pay their members?

Qriket will pay you through your PayPal account.  Make sure that you have a PayPal account so that you can receive your payment.


How much can you win?

You can win from $.05 up to $2 and more instantly per spin.  Qriket currently allows you to spin the wheel 7 times a day.  Each time you spin, you have an opportunity to earn cash.

Why do I recommend the Qriket app?

It is my number 1 easiest way to make money for 2016!  Here are my reasons why listed below.

  • You do not have to scan any barcodes, answer questions or complete any offers in order to win free cash!
  • No gift card rewards only cash.
  • Takes less than 2 minutes of your time to use this app.
  • Can win cash every single day!
  • No age requirement so it is great for teens and others.

How do I join?

You can join by going to Qriket’s official website here to sign up. Make sure that you have either a Facebook account or a valid email address and cell phone number to register.

How can I get bonus spins?

You will get 25 additional bonus spins if you put in the referral code155066 when you join.  Get started with Qriket today and you will not regret it!

Where can I find more sites like Qriket?

You can go to the Easy Cash, Smartphone app and Get Paid Online pages for additional easy cash sites similar to these.


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