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If you follow me on my YouTube channel, you have heard me talk about Nadamobile more than once.  If you haven’t heard of Nadamobile yet, let me introduce you to the site and give you 6 reasons why you should use this site to earn real cash by watching short commercials, ads, or video clips.  Before I write a complete review of this site, let me assure you that I have been a member for more than 6 months and counting, I use this site regularly and it is one of my favorites to use for easy cash as well as passive income.

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What is Nadamobile?

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Nadamobile is a platform that rewards its users for interacting with various advertisers in the form of PayPal cash, gift cards, and free cell phone service simply to view short videos either on their mobile devices or from their computers.  In fact, the ads are so short that you will not mind viewing them.  Most ads are around 15 seconds or less that are related to your own interests.  If you have been looking for a legitimate company that will pay you to watch videos online, look no further than Nadamobile.

One of the reasons that people have responded well to this site is that it is so easy to use and requires minimal effort.  It is one of those sites that is almost as good as earning passive income which I will explain later.  Make sure that you add this site to your money-making list and sign up today by going to their official website.  Before you do, feel free to read my 6 reasons why Nadamobile is one of the top GPT (get paid to) sites online today.

Open to Teens

Being a teenager can sometimes make it difficult to find companies that do not restrict you from their site.  Nadamobile is one of those companies that allows teens who are at least 13 to join their platform to watch videos online or right from their smartphone.  You must be a resident of the United States and have a Facebook account in order to join this site.

Low Payment Threshold

You can request your first gift card when you have earned only 1,000 points.  One thousand points earned is equivalent to $1.

Daily Earnings

As long as you have access to a computer or mobile device and you are able to get online, you can use Nadamobile to earn points daily just by watching videos.  Because the videos are brief, you can choose to do so for a few minutes or longer each day to get your rewards faster.  You can log into your account any time of the day or night.

Earn more with Cat Mode

There is a new feature on Nadamobile titled “Cat Mode.”  If you enable or click on this button, you will earn more points per video (5 to be exact) as opposed to the normal 4 points per video.  At the end of each video, a very short video clip of a cat doing something hilarious will play at the end.  They are very entertaining as well.  If you like watching funny cat videos on Youtube, you will enjoy this feature.

Multiple Ways to Earn

Not only can you earn points for watching video clips but you can also earn taking advantage of some of their free offers, trials, taking surveys, shopping online, downloading apps, playing games and so much more.  You can earn a lot more points with some of these offers but only select those that are free or have no conditions attached to them.

Cool Referral Program

Do you have some friends who would like to make money watching short video clips too?  If so, you can refer them to Nadamobile.  Each person that you refer will get 100 free points when they join plus you will get 1,000 additional points credited to your account after they have watched so many videos.  That equals out to a dollar per person.  This is Nadamobile’s highest payout ever for referrals!  I am not exactly sure how many ads they will have to watch or how long this promotion will last so take advantage of it now before it is too late.

Why I recommend Nadamobile

As I stated in the beginning, it is an effortless way to earn money online that you can make to earn passive income, especially if you are able to refer your friends and others to join Nadamobile also.  This particular company is also very active on its social media platforms, especially on Facebook answering questions that its users and members have asked.  They have various gift cards to choose from that include some of the more popular stores and restaurants like Papa Johns’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Amazon, Target, and more!  Click here to get started with Nadamobile today to get closer to your first reward.

You can also watch this video tutorial of Nadamobile that I recorded to explain how easy it is to use this site.

Feel free to leave your comments if you have been using Nadamobile, plan to do so, or would like to share some tips on how you earn with this site.  Please check out some of these other resources for a list of additional companies that have easy ways to earn at home below.

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This site when first in Beta testing was quick, had lots of different and interesting adds to watch. Know that it was released to the public, it is slow, has lots of not working try back in a few hours blips. Not worth my time to sit and wait for the platform designers to fix the problem that has been going on for months.

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