Would you like to make money driving your own car around and giving people rides near your area?  Are you looking for a job where you will not have to report to a boss, can work and set your own schedule, and get paid weekly or even daily?  If so, Lyft is a great company that is looking for people just like you to give passengers a lift to work, to the mall, run errands, or wherever they need to go.

They even have a mobile app that is available on Google Play or the App Store to make it easy for you to work by opening the app and turning on the driver mode.  If you are exploring your options for other ways to make money, then driving for Lyft can fit into any schedule for those who have a vehicle.  Here are some important details that you can find out about driving for Lyft in my review below.

As you probably already know, there are a few companies that will pay you to drive people to their destinations or to rent your car for others to use including Turo, Uber, and Lyft.  In fact, for a limited time, Turo is now offering a $100 bonus if you list your car today, which is free to do so.  Uber is also offering a promotional special for riders to get their first ride for free just for using their service.

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When you drive with Lyft, you will get to keep all your tips in addition to the money that you will make when you drive.  Here are some additional perks that you will get driving passengers around for Lyft.

Very Flexible

If you work another job or work from home, you can still fit driving for Lyft into your lifestyle even if you just work one day a week or on the weekends.  You choose when you want to work and for how long.  You can still make decent money if you work part-time.  In fact, some Lyft drivers earn $800 or more working late in the evenings or only on Friday nights and weekends.

Completely Safe

Lyft does run an extensive background check on both riders and drivers to ensure that both parties will have a safe ride experience.  Passengers have to provide a valid credit card and phone number before they can request a ride.  Lyft also ensures drivers with up to 1M commercial automobile liability policy.

How does it work?

It is very easy to give others a ride as a Lyft driver.  You will need to open up the Lyft app and go to the Home tab so that you will see some of the “hot spot” areas before you get in your car to know the best places to drive.  You must be in the Driver Console on the app and hit the Online tab to get requests from riders.  When the Online tab turns purple, you will know that you are ready to accept riders.  You will be notified when you receive a request from a passenger.

Make sure that you tab on the screen to accept each request before it times out.  This normally occurs in 15 seconds.  Once you have accepted your request, you will pick up your passenger and tap the arrow next to the address.  You will confirm your arrival on the next screen which will start your ride and calculate the pay.

Make sure that you confirm everything so that you will not forget.  You will then drive your passenger to their destination and drop them off and confirm this in the app.  You can also rate your passenger when the ride is over on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest).  You will repeat these steps for every drive you make with Lyft.

What is required from Lyft drivers?

In order to drive for Lyft, you need to be at least 21 years of age with an active US driver’s license for at least one year.  You will also need valid plates with the current registration and valid insurance with your name on the policy.  You will be required to have a smartphone that is either Android or iPhone 4.

Please keep in mind that Lyft will require each potential driver to undergo a driving record and criminal background check.  You must meet all of their requirements in order to drive for Lyft.

How will you get paid?

All riders or passengers of Lyft pay through the app.  This includes paying for the ride as well as tips.  Lyft drivers will get paid every week through ACH transfer through your checking account or on a debit card through Express Pay.  You can request your earnings daily with Express Pay as long as you have earned $50.

How much can I make?

It really depends on where you are located, what kind of vehicle you have, and when you can drive including the time and days of your availability to drive.  Some people can make $200 to $250 driving per day.  You can even see an estimate of what you could earn for the week by going to Lyft’s official website and entering the hours you plan to work as well as the city you are located in.

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Is there a way to make more with Lyft?

Yes, there is.  As I stated earlier, if you are able to drive during peak hours, work late hours or go to pick up passengers in the “hot spots”, you can make a lot more money and have access to more riders.  You can also make extra bonuses by referring passengers and drivers to Lyft.

Who can apply to be a driver for Lyft?

Anyone can as long as you live in the select cities listed on their official website.  They have 34 states with multiple cities accepting drivers.  Lyft is also available worldwide to drivers in Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How to sign up for Lyft?

You can apply to be a driver for Lyft by going to their official website here.  If you need a ride and want to give Lyft a try, click here.  Please be sure to download their mobile app also.

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