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If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can use it to your advantage by downloading and installing some cools apps to help you earn extra cash on the side.  In fact, there are some apps that are really worth your time and pay pretty decent for the amount of time you spend using it and the tasks involved.  Here are a few smartphone apps that will help you to earn at least $300 a month or more depending upon how active you are with the app and how often you use it.

Make sure that you use and download more than one app especially if you have the goal of being able to earn around $75 a week.  Also enable push notifications so that you will not miss out any new money-making opportunities.  Have fun with these apps and share them with your friends.

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  1. Pay Your Selfie – This is a cool app that will give you cash when you take photos of you with a certain brand, product, location, etc.  Payments are now sent via PayPal.
  2. Product Tube – Make money completing easy projects sharing your opinions about various products.  You will record and upload short videos and can make up to $50 for one task.
  3. Savvy Connect – This application will pay you $5 for every device you have it installed on including your computer that will collect data as you browse the web.  You can earn up to $180 in the first year depending upon how many devices you have the app installed upon.
  4. Mobee – Get paid to be a mystery shopper with this app and earn cash for every single mission you complete.  It is fun and will help you to earn a few dollars a month.  Use code QQPD when you join for a bonus.
  5. Grab Points – Get paid for reading articles and sharing them on social media, sharing apps with your friends, taking daily polls and more.  Use Code Workersonboard for 500 free points.
  6. Ebates – This app will literally give you cash back when you shop at the store or do some online shopping.  You will also receive store discounts, special promotions and coupons when you use this app.  Every new member gets $10 when they make their first purchase with the app.  I have earn more than $900 with this app alone.
  7. Ibotta – Get $10 when you join and upload your first receipt plus cash back when you continue to use the app.  Just make sure you keep your receipts.  Some people are able to earn $50 a month or more with this cash-back app.
  8. Checkout51 – Another app that will pay you to share your grocery receipts with them.  It is super easy to use and new items are loaded into the app weekly.  You can also upload your receipts online if you don’t have a mobile device.
  9. Field Agent – A cool app that will pay you to complete small jobs in local businesses in your area.  Some jobs pay $10 or more.
  10. Voxpopme – Answer questions in a 60 second recording using your camera phone to earn cash with this app plus one dollar when you join.
  11. Gigwalk – Complete random gigs in your area by taking photos, visiting stores where you live and more.  Pay varies per gig.
  12. Legerweb – Get at least $1 for every survey you complete with this app.  Surveys are short.  Can also make money if you don’t have a mobile device.
  13. Surveys on The Go – One of the coolest apps you will download that will pay you to answer questions.  You can earn more money to answer questions about new movies you went to see in the theatre and more.  Those surveys pay $10 and up.
  14. Feature Points – One of my favorite apps to use because it doesn’t feel like work.  This company pays you to download and install free apps.  You must keep them installed for 2 minutes in order to get paid.  You can see my payment proof below.
  15. CashforApps – Another app that will pay you to download other free apps.
  16. Mileup – Get free gift cards when you drive your car.  In order for the app to track your mileage, you will need to have your phone turned on and the app installed.  Check out my payment proof to the right.
  17. Perk – Make money to play trivia games, do word search puzzles, watch videos, watch TV, answer questions and more.
  18. MobiSave – A very useful app that will give you cash back from your grocery purchases.  Payments are sent in 24 hours with no minimum amount required in order to withdraw your funds.
  19. Berry Cart – Save money on your healthy food purchases.  This includes non-GMO, organic, vegan food items and more.
  20. Panel App – One of the easiest apps to use in my opinion because once you install this app, you do nothing else.  You earn points just for having it installed every single month for free gift cards.
  21. Findyr – This is another fun app that will pay you to complete requests anywhere in your city.  One request they currently have on the app is for you to visit a Michael Kors store to earn $20.


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Antoinette Smith · at

I applied and paid for a course for posting links. I believe I just got ripped off. Ashamed! Are there any such online jobs posting links that are legitimate? This job was on google backed by CNN and so other companies, I don’t know what to do!

    aw1219 · at

    Hi there, I have not seen any legitimate jobs that will pay you to post links. There are however affiliate companies that you can join for free that will pay you so much money upfront or a commission if you are able to get others to download their app, try a product, purchase something, etc. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident but I would recommend that you file a complaint through the Internet Crimes Complaint Center, BBB or even You can watch this video on what to do if you get scammed online here I hope this helps.

laugh tablet · at

hey hi i am from Nigeria….which of these support my country (Nigeria)

    aw1219 · at

    Some of these apps will support other countries and are even open worldwide. You will have to check and see in order to know for sure. You can also visit for additonal global work at home jobs and money-making opportunities.

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