Are you looking for a job that will allow you to work your own schedule, doesn’t require you to have experience, and can listen to your favorite songs at the same time?  If so, you may want to give Uber Eats a try, and here’s why.  Uber Eats gives you the freedom to be your own boss as you make deliveries with your bike, scooter, or vehicle.  Uber is currently looking for people to sign up and be a driver to pick up food from established restaurants and deliver them to customers.

If you were ever curious about what this job has to offer and what is involved, you will find all the details here in the post from a real Uber Eats driver.  They shared their experiences working for Uber Eats and how it works.  Please keep in mind that the money you earn as a driver for Uber Eats depends on how many hours you work, the time of the day you make deliveries as well as your location.  If you live in a heavily populated area, you could stand to earn more money than someone who may live in a rural town.

Before you read their Uber Eats review here are some facts you will need to know before you sign up to be a driver.

  • Must be 19 for car drivers or 18 if you have a bicycle
  • Have a car that is made after 1998 or any make or model 2-wheel scooter or bicycle
  • 1-year driving experience
  • Valid license and automobile insurance coverage
  • Have a smartphone and install their app
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I currently work as a driver for Uber Eats and it is not as complicated as you might think.  I get paid for every meal I deliver, and it comes up on my phone just like it does for a regular Uber driver.  My job as a Uber Eats driver is to get the meal from the people who made it and deliver it to the customer as soon as possible.  This is a very simple delivery gig, but it is much more high-end.  For example, just take a look at what happens when you work with this company because you can make more money than any other delivery gig.

1.  The Pay 

I get paid a lot more than a couple of bucks an hour to deliver fresh, delicious meals to customers in my area.  It is not the most money in the world, but it is still better than delivering pizza.  This means that I already have a leg up on the people who deliver food normally because a lot of them make nothing or are next to nothing.  Not to mention the fact that you can get paid up to 5 times a day with Uber through the Instant Pay option.  You can get Instant Pay through your personal debit card or Uber debit card.  I love this feature and is a very convenient way to get fast cash.

2. The Tips 

The tips are usually really good because people who are using Uber Eats are much more high-end and well-off.  They tip well because they are happy that they can have their food delivered to them, and are usually even happier because they never have to leave the comforts of their home.  They are totally surprised, and it is their surprise that helps me make more money.  I could easily triple or quadruple my money on a night just in tips alone!

3. Picking Up Orders 

Restaurants that use this Uber Eats plan already know what they are doing, and they anticipate an Uber Eats driver to come and pick up a very good meal from one of their staff.  They know that I will deliver their food to their customers for a small fee and hand the food to me with a ticket so I know exactly what was ordered.  Although I do not represent the company, I make sure to check the ticket and food before I deliver it to a customer to ensure there are no mistakes or missing items.  A mistake could jeopardize a tip the customer may give you.

4. Directions 

Uber Eats gives you specific directions to each client which helps me get to their house very fast.  The Uber Eats smartphone app also makes this step easy for drivers to navigate to a location quickly and will even show you how long it will take to get there.  If someone is getting Uber Eats for the first time, they might be a bit confused when I show up because I do not even have to make their payment.  The customer pays for their order through the app before I arrive but they can give me a tip for my time and service.  Tips help to increase my earnings and I get to keep 100% of it!

5. Speed 

The service is very fast because people like me are committed to getting there as quickly as we can.  However, I cannot drive too fast or recklessly because the people that I am visiting are much more upscale.  I am still able to deliver their food on time which is much better than the customer leaving to go out and get it themselves.

6. Conclusion 

I can honestly say that I make more money driving for Uber Eats than delivering pizzas.  I also get to make much more money in tips because the people ordering with Uber Eats are used to tipping big.  I also like the fact that I can work for just a few hours or less a day on the days that I pick and get paid the same day!  I recommend this opportunity for students, those who are looking for a side gig, people who live in major cities, people who have worked in customer service, hospitality, used to delivering, or anyone who wants to make some fast cash!

To get started as an Uber Eats driver, please visit their official website here.


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