If you need some fast cash to spend for Black Friday or keep for yourself, there is a legitimate site that pays their remote workers $5 cash for every call you complete.  This is a great opportunity for those who have no experience or do not like the idea of submitting to a background check.  This company is currently looking for telephone mystery shoppers to work from home right now.

Call Center QA is a Premier Telephone Mystery Shopping Company located in Boston, MA, and has been featured on work-at-home sites like Rat Race Rebellion and Workersonboard.

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They offer the highest and fastest payouts in the industry.  They are currently hiring telephone mystery shoppers throughout the United States.  In addition to the telephone mystery shops, they have online mystery shops that pay up to $10 that you may be offered to you.

This exciting contract position offers the following benefits:

Work From Home – NO Travel Required
Flex Hours – Set Your Own Hours
Fast Payout – 7 Business Days Or Less!
NO Registration Fee
NO Background Checks

NO Scripts
NO Previous Experience Necessary
Telephone Mystery Shops – Top Name Brand Companies

How To Apply: http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=p8xvji

Step 1 register on their official website here

Step 2 complete a test call (not a paid call) and submit the form for review


Once your test call was reviewed you will be notified via email if you were hired with a list of paid shops to complete.  All calls are recorded for Admin verification that calls were made.  Once your call is complete, fill out a form and your call will be reviewed for payment within 7 business days (weekdays).  Be as natural as possible, because each Independent Contractor is to only make one call per shop.  Compensation is made only through a US PayPal.  Make sure you have a verified PayPal account so that you will get paid.

Get a resume that will pass the ATS tracking system for better results https://workersonboard.etsy.com/listing/1504435019

 All shops are given on an as-needed basis, it’s a quick easy way to make extra money, especially with the upcoming shopping season just around the corner.


Here are Call Center QA’s Requirements

Excellent telephone presence
Great listening skills
Strong attention to detail
Excellent writing skills
You must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States

Please keep in mind that if you do not complete the call or have a PayPal account, you will not get paid.  Remember this is a job that you will not be able to rely on for full-time income.  It is strictly extra cash only.  Payments are made pretty fast so the sooner you sign up, the faster you will get paid.

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