Did you know that you can get paid good money to take part in virtual interviews?  Doing this in your spare time is a practical way to earn fast cash without needing any special skills or equipment.  You can even put an extra $100 or more in your pocket for taking just one virtual interview.  If you would like to get paid to participate in virtual interviews, please keep reading and check out some of the most current virtual interviews below.

In order to qualify for virtual interviews, you will only need to have the following items:

  • A computer or tablet
  • A phone (optional) for phone interviews only
  • Access to the internet

How are the Interviews Conducted?

A researcher will conduct the virtual interviews.  Some virtual interviews will be conducted online, over the phone, or over Zoom via a teleconference call.  You will know ahead of time if it will be on Zoom but the majority of the interviews will be conducted online right from your computer.

Is it legitimate?

Yes.  There are several companies that seek feedback from individuals of various professions and walks of life to gather the information that will be used for market research purposes.  One of these companies is called User Interviews.  They have very good reviews online not just from their participants but from the companies that use their services too.

How long will the interviews take?

In general, these virtual interviews last from 30 minutes to an hour on average.  Some interviews may take as little as 10 minutes while others could take up to 80 minutes of your time, but these are very rare.

Tip:  Increase your chances of getting invited to take an interview by connecting your Facebook account.  This is just a suggestion but it can help.

What are the payment options?

User Interviews has various payment options.  The researcher of the virtual interview can decide whether to pay incentives in cash, PayPal, direct deposit, store gift cards, Visa gift card, a check, etc.  You will know upfront exactly what option the researcher has determined to pay participants for a certain virtual interview.  Please note that gift card options vary by country.

Who can join User Interviews?

Anyone who resides in the United States as well as those who reside in the following countries.  Canada, Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

How can you join?

You can join User Interviews by clicking here or by clicking on a virtual interview you are interested in below.

Virtual Interviews looking for participants right now

Software Testing Tool Interview

Now looking for experienced QA software testers to try out a software testing tool.  This product aims to make testing easier and more reliable.  This interview will require that you use a computer with a webcam.  Pays $100 for 45 minutes of your time.

Research Interview

Seeking to have casual conversations with an aim to learn from individuals’ real experience, as an expert in their field.  This interview will take 60 minutes and you must be free from distractions.  Requires you to use a computer with a webcam.  Pays $400 for 1-hour of your time.

Online Retailer Interview

Looking for participants to provide feedback about Shopify’s online platform.  The interview will be held in 2 parts.  One that takes 60 minutes.  The follow-up study will take 30 minutes.  Pays $150 Visa Card for both interviews.  Must use a computer with a webcam.

Operations Interview

User Interviews is looking for people in operations roles within industries like energy, construction, insurance with field workers (technicians, sales, etc.).  This interview will take 1-hour of your time and pays $100 via digital gift card.  Must use a computer with a webcam.

Home Improvement Interview

Seeking participants to share their thoughts about home improvements.  You will record video responses with your thoughts and feelings.  This interview will take 10 minutes of your time and pays $60 via PayPal.  Must use a computer with a webcam, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Innovacer In-Note Users

Looking for Innovacer users to provide your feedback on your experience.  This 15-minute interview will be held over the phone and pays $200 by check.

Call Center Workspace Interview

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Looking for Call Center Agents of different expertise to understand their workspace.  This study will involve a 30-minute task and a one-on-one interview with a trained researcher.  Pays $50 for the homework assignment and $225 for the one-on-one interview.  Must use a computer with a webcam.

App Usability Interview

Looking for people to participate in a job-finding app that was built.  This interview is expected to last an hour and will pay you $55 via Amazon voucher.  Must use your smartphone.

Self-Built Website Interview

Seeking founders, business owners, and creative entrepreneurs who have built a website and are interested in building their brand to participate in an online interview.  It is expected to last 30 minutes and pay $50 via a digital gift card.  Must use your computer with a webcam.

Health Data Interview

Seeking individuals to participate in a one-hour video conference session to complete different tasks in a clinical search tool.  This video conference will take an hour and 30 minutes to complete and pays $250 via a Visa Gift Card.  Must use your computer with a webcam.

Concepts in Development Interview

A Fortune 500 Company is seeking people who are interested in knowing your thoughts on concepts in development.  This study will take 10 minutes consisting of you recording a few video responses and answering a couple of multiple-choice questions.  Pays $100 via PayPal.  Can use your computer with a webcam, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Website Feedback

Looking for individuals to give their honest feedback on a new website.  You will need a quiet space with a good internet connection.  Must use a computer with a webcam and have earphones with a mic.  Pays $55 via digital gift cards for one hour of your time.


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