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Details About the Books

“How to Make Money Blogging Everyday for Full Time Income” – An easy guide on how to make a full time income blogging.  Anyone, regardless of their age or location can use this book and the resources contained to start and maintain a blog to earn money everyday.  It explains the various ways you can make money with a blog, how to increase your income and so much more.

300 + Companies that Pay you to work from Home – New work at home book for 2014 that has a compiled list of even more companies that you can apply to online. This books discusses common myths about working from home, Jobs for felons, how teens can earn money from home, examples of work at home scams, payment proofs, and other ways to earn money from home.  This book is idea for anyone who wants to stay home and earn money from their computer. 

“200 + Companies that Pay you to work from Home” – This is my latest book that contains a list of over 200 companies that hire and pay people to work from their home office, some of which do not require any experience to get started.  It lists the job description, the name of the company, and the pay (if it has been disclosed).  There are also side gigs and tasks that you can do from home right now to earn extra money!  There are even tips to help you land and keep a work at home job.

Legitimate work at home jobs – Companies hiring now” is a book that helps those who are currently looking to earn extra money or even make a living working from home.  It explains how you can find work at home jobs, how to avoid those work at home scams, and even gives job leads to some companies that are currently hiring people to work from home right now.  There are many helpful resources in this book for job seekers, in particular for those looking to work from their home office.

“The Truth about work at home jobs” is a book tells the truth about working from home and this concept is here to stay.  It explains whether you can work from home and earn a living doing this or not, if there is such a thing as legitimate data entry jobs, and the truth about getting paid to do surveys online.  There are also many work at home job leads that will build confidence in anyone looking to work from home, even if they don’t have any experience.

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