205218122d11afb9167084795f53bc9f_7h3hOne very easy way to make some pocket change or passive income from home is by joining a website that will give you cash back when you shop.  Passive income is described as money that you can earn with minimal to no effort involved.  

For many, this is the best way to earn money from home.  When you join many of these cash back sites, you will be able to now only get deals, discounts, coupons and bargains but you will also get a percentage of the money that you spent online sent back to you in the form of a check in the mail, PayPal cash or to use on a card that you can spend in a store.  

It may sound too good to be true but it is completely legit and because this is one of the ways that I earn extra income online is through these cash-back sites.  In fact, Ebates was one of my top online earners for 2015.  You can see the entire list on sites that I earned the most income from home here.

If you are not using these sites and you shop online or offline, you are loosing money.  Keep in mind that they are 100% free to join and in some cases, you can get your cash back the very same day.  Here are a few cash back sites that I recommend listed below.


One of my favorite cash back sites to date because you will get a free $10 gift card when you join.  It is free.  They have over 1,800 online store for you to choose from with online coupons and discounts that you can redeem.  You can even download their cash back button to use on your computer to prompt you when you are on a site that has a cash back offer.  They also have a mobile app.  You can see exactly how it works by watching this video here.  You can also read more about how you can make money easy with Ebates here.

Fat Wallet

This is a sister site of Ebates that has cash back offers for those who want to shop online.  All you need is $10 in your account to get paid.


Another cash back site that has online coupons for you to redeem when you shop. Extrabux will send you your cash back via credit card, PayPal or check in the mail.

Mr. Rebates

Get cash back at your favorites stores when you shop online with Mr. Rebates.



One of my favorite smartphone apps that is available to download via Google Play or at the App store that you can use to scan your receipts and get cash back when you shop at your favorite grocery, department, home improvement stores, go to the movies, restaurants and so much more! New users will get a$10 welcome bonus just for giving this free app a try.


Another free app that you can use to scan your grocery receipts via your smartphone or online.  Users of Checkout51 also have a chance to win $500 every week when you upload a receipt that have more than $60 worth of purchases.

Snap by Groupon

You have probably heard of and use Groupon for huge discounts on dining, entertainment and more.  Groupon has a free app that you can download and use to get cash back when you upload your grocery receipt purchases.


This app is unique because it will also give you cash back for buying healthy food items from stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and so forth.  Available on iTunes or Google Play. Use code DDNITO when you join to get $1 bonus. 

Walmart Savings Catcher

Use the Walmart Savings Catcher program to get cash back when you shop at Walmart.  You can download the app for free or go to their official website and enter in your receipt number.  Your cash back will be preloaded to a Walmart gift card that you can spend back at Walmart. Watch this video about the Walmart Saving Cather program for more details.


This is another smartphone app that will give free gift cards just to shop and walk in stores.  


This cool app will give you cash back when you shop online as well as coupons and special deals.  Perk also has many more ways to earn cash.  Some users can earn around $150 a month with this app alone. Find out how by going to WorkersonboardTalk here


Swagbucks is a site that will help you to earn cash when you shop online.  They have 140 stores for you to choose from. You will receive SB points that you can redeem for cash when you shop with Swagbucks.


Get instant cash back or gift cards when you shop online through InstaGC.  InstaGC is a website that you can use to earn cash for watching videos, searching the web, completing simple tasks, shopping online and so much more.  Watch this video tutorial about InstaGC here


Get cash back when you shop online using CashCrate.  They have several retailers for you to choose showing exactly how much you will earn when you shop there.  You can also earn cash when you take daily surveys, browse the web, watch videos and more.  You can watch this video tutorial and see a payment proof that I received from CashCrate here


CouponGreat offers the highest cash back rates to members for purchases from over 1200 online stores such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penney and Walmart.