There are a lot of paying markets for writers online today. With that being said, there seems to be more lower paying markets than higher paying markets. Lower paying markets would be described as somewhere around $5 for a 500 word article or even less. These jobs or assignments seem to be easier to find and in more abundance in comparison to the higher paying markets. Higher paying markets can be described as earning at the least $50 for a 1,000 word article, blog post, etc.Some freelance writers are earning a six-figure income for their content. It is possible whether you are a beginner or seasoned writer to earn the same. One way to achieve this is to explore writing opportunities for magazine companies. They tend to pay more for your content. Many accept articles and contributions from beginners and freelance writers as long as the writer’s guidelines are followed. The majority pay around $1 per word. This is considerably more than the companies that allow you to bid on writing assignments online. Some writing jobs only pay just $2 for a 500 word article. Not to mention that there is a lot of competition for other writers looking to bid on these same jobs.

Another tip is to consider how much time it will take for you to complete your writing assignment. Calculate how much you want to get paid by the hour and accept only those articles that will give you the desired result. In order to earn a six figure income writing, you would have to make roughly $2,000 per month. It is very possible not only to earn extra money writing but to even make a living doing so. Research the higher paying markets and be selective when choosing your assignments. 

Spark People

They are in need of articles on topics that cover nutrition, fitness, motivation, and wellness. If your content is submitted to them and accepted for publication, they will own the copyright to your articles, which means that you cannot re-post them per writer’s guidelines. They pay $25-$100 per article.

Start Blogging Online

This site is looking for writers and bloggers to submit guest posts online. They will pay $50 to $100 per post.


If you have extensive knowledge about word press and would like to write a tutorial (how-to) on this subject this company will pay you for your original content. They will pay $100 per paypal account.

The Change Agent

This is an Adult Education Newspaper for Social Justice and the encourage writers and especially teachers and students of adult education to write articles of around 250-1,000 words in relation to this topic. They pay $50 per article.

Theme Forest

This company will pay $100 for each article or tutorial submitted and accepted from freelance writers.


Spyre Studios

If you are a designer and you enjoy writing and blogging, this company will pay $50-$160 for articles or tutorials of at least 800 words minimum. This rate depends upon the quality of the content.


You can get paid to write your own unique tutorials and submit them to this company online. You can make up to $200 per tutorial.

UX Booth

They are looking for new and experienced writers for site reviews, ideas, interviews, research, tutorials, etc. They will pay $100 per article. More details online.


Audio Tutsplus

If you have a quick tip to submit which is described on their website as a mini-tutorial of approximately 500 words or a screencast of under 5 minutes on one specific point or technique, they will pay $50 for either.

The Penny Hoarder

Write about ways you can make money and save money and send them to the Penny Hoarder for up to $800 per article!  You can read my full review about how it works here.

The Tech Labs

They need tutorials on adobe flash, adobe flex, adobe air, action script 3, 3d topics, flash games, flash apps, flash animation interactivity, etc. They pay $50-$75 per tutorial published.

Money Talks News

They pay for posts on a freelance basis. They also accept posts that have already been published. They will pay $50 for an article that contains in between 300-700 words. They will also pay bonuses in addition to the article for length and difficulty. They also pay $200 for a 90 second story in the form of a video.

I have come across a lot of companies that are requesting writers to contribute and submit content for them with no compensation. As a matter of fact, there seem to be more of those kinds of jobs available. For all your hard work, research, time, and effort, they promise to offer you back links to your website (assuming you have one), publisher credits, and free traffic. Of course, I only named a few of the things that they offer but one thing that they do not offer is pay. Now, for some, this would be fine, if they are looking for free advertisement, traffic, and exposure which will give them some credibility in the writing profession. But in today’s economy many would appreciate and even welcome the extra income they earn for their writing. The jobs that are posted here are mostly for magazine companies and the pay is not bad at all. Most of the jobs accept new writers with little or no experience. This is so beneficial, if you happen to be new at writing or just beginning in this field because you can use these opportunities as a stepping stone and a platform for you to challenge your writing skills, to grow as a writer, and to gain respect as a highly regarded writer. You can earn a living being a freelance writer, if this is your passion and is something that you love to do.


Make use of

If you blog, use Twitter, or the social marketing network regularly, then you may want to write for them.

  • A minimum payment of $50 a post for starting authors.
  • Additional bonus of $10 for each post taken from our Story Ideas page.Several article ideas to choose from.
  • A payment of $10 for each submission to MakeUseOf Directory.

An additional $12 bonus for each article referenced from popular website.

Graphic Design School Blog

They need articles on how to’s on Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on. The pay is $75 up to $120.

Whole Life

They are looking for writers to submit articles on natural solutions for sleep, allergies, stress and more. They also features articles on living green, healthy recipes, and otherwise. The pay is $75 up to $150

Tip:  If you are not familiar with a company or their work, you might want to consider reading a few of their issues. I would suggest maybe one or two, to get a feel of what they want from you as a contributor (writer) before you submit your material. You can do this either online or you could also opt to purchase an issue or two. For the most part, you should be able to access their material online. This will help to ensure that your article, feature, story, etc. will be accepted.


If you like to write about comedy,humor, or funny things the Smithsonian needs writers to submit a humor page for their magazine. They pay $1000 for the column.

Sun Magazine

They feature essay, fiction, poetry. They favor articles on personal writing. They pay from $300 to $2,000 for essays and interviews, $300 to $1,500 for fiction, and $100 to $500 for poetry, the amount being determined by length and quality.

Saturday Evening Post

Deals with issues about the ever evolving American scene. They pay $25 for Post Scripts and $400 for feature articles.


For stories and essays, Subtropics pays a flat fee of $1,000 ($500 for a short story) for North American first serial rights. Poets are paid $100 per poem.


A health magazine that talks about the benefits of natural foods, products, etc. Payment varies from $50 to $150 per article depending on length and work involved. They pay $25 for items accepted for the Rooting Around department.