Passive Income can be described by some as a less aggressive way to make money online with very minimal work involved. Others will tell you that passive income is a easy way to make money online.  Both of those definitions are correct but the techniques and strategies to accomplish online passive income seem to a lot harder than the passive income.

So where do you start?  If you have the goal of either

  • Starting your own business
  • Working for yourself
  • Having no limits on your earnings
  • Steady pay

You will definitely want to explore blogging by acquiring your own blog or website, email newsletters, self-publishing your own book, selling t shirt designs, with videos and so much more.  All you really need are some ideas and a down line.  But where and how do you go about doing this?  That is exactly why I created a page all about how you can make passive income that will add to your other streams of online income and possibly excel those.

This page will explore some practical ways that you can earn passive income from home in the video tutorials and so much more.  Ready to get started?  I have a couple of videos that you can watch below that explain in detail how you can accomplish this and why it may even be a lot easier than you think.


This is part 1 of the video tutorial series entitled, “How to Make money with Email Newsletters“.  It gives a lot of tips and techniques so that you can learn how to use virtual newsletters to earn passive income.  Make sure that you sign up with

Madmimi newsletter service
Cash Crate
Fusion Cash

Part 2 of the video explains tips on how you can get people to sign up for your free newsletter

Sites to Use
Panthera Network
Share a Sale
For more sites that you can use to earn money from your newsletter go to the Extra Cash page and the Get Paid Online page.