Many people have decided to take that leap and work for themselves and be their own boss. Is it really practical or better yet possible to do so? I’m sure that you can think of many people who have had a lot of success in working for themselves. How much you can make is up to you. You may just be looking to supplement your income but not quite sure what you can do or what you are good at. It is always good to consider doing things that you really enjoy. It will benefit you in the long run because you will more likely stick with it. If you make a name for yourself and build up a good reputation in the community, you will get many referrals.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get started either. You may have to spend a little money for advertisements and to get your name out there, but it will be worth it. I recommend that you get some business cards typed up or do them yourself from your computer. Here are a list of some ideas for Creating work at home


Start your own business with your very own blog or website and have an online presence that you can use to promote and sell your own products, other people’s products and earn a commission from your traffic and so many other ways.  To find out exactly how blogging works, how much you can make and much more, check out my book, “How to Make Money Blogging Everyday for Full Time Income” on Amazon.    You can also take my online course “How to Start a Blog with Blogger or WordPress” for a detailed tutorial of how you can start your own blog from scratch today.

Start your own online business with a company that has been in business for over 100 years!  Avon is one of the most affordable online business that you can start from home.  You will have access to a professional looking website that has the latest Avon products that others can buy directly online.  All the support and tools that you need to successfully start your very own business for as little as $10.  You will earn 40% commission on sales of at least $50 or more! Sign up to here be an Avon Representative today.  

Stella & Dot

Start your own business as a Stella & Dot Stylist and sell boutique jewelry for reasonable prices.  There pieces of jewelry have been featured on the” Today Show”, The New York Times, popular television shows, on famous celebrities, and more.  Most pieces are under $50.  You can choose to sell their jewelry online or through trunk shows.  You can do this part time or full time.  Average earnings for a stylist is $300 for one trunk show.  If you would like to work from home and start your own business, give Stella & Dot a try.  Click here to find out more about this fast growing company and how you can earn extra money to spend however you want as a Stylist or even a Hostess.  No experience is required.     

Freelance writing on the internet has endless possibilities.  You will never run out of work to do.  You can build up your portfolio while doing so, even if you have no previous writing experience.

Become an affiliate and sell other companies products for a commission.  You do not necessarily need a website to do this.  You can write an article about a product and put in your affiliate link.  If you belong to a social networking website you could put the link there.  Or on blogs include your affiliate link in your signature.  

Have your own Website
There are many places that have very affordable prices today around $6 a month.  The investment  is small in comparison to the potential income you can receive.  The possibilities of what you can do with it are endless.  It does take a little time and effort but if you work hard, it will pay off in the end.

Baby sitting/Child Care
Little or no investment at all.  You can build up your clients quickly by recommendations from other parents.

Selling homegrown vegetables or flowers
People are looking for organic vegetables and your garden is just the place.

Sewing, altering, and repairing clothing
Who doesn’t need a tailor for that suit or dress. 

Piecework for manufacturers
You may be surprised just how many companies are looking for people to do this service for them.

Baking and food preparation
This is how Food Network’s Paula Deen got started.

Quilting, crocheting, knitting
Make macrame’, pottery, knit Baby blankets and all sorts of other items and crafts.


Bookkeeping, typing, home computer services

Telephone answering service




Taking in boarders

Addressing and filling envelopes for advertisers

Washing and waxing cars
Have customers bring their car to your home.

Pet grooming and exercising

Lock repair and key making

Use your workshop at home

Sell your merchandise at auctions websites like Ebay or Amazon

Creating Work Outside the Home

Make Jewelry
You can purchase your jewelry at your local craft store or any department store that sells jewelry making kits and get a website and sell it there yourself.  You could also sell your jewelry through Etsy.  They charge a minimal fee to list your items and they take a small percentage of each sale as well.  This would be something fun that your children could help you do. 

If you don’t have a lot of commitments then performing this service for others can be to your advantage because homeowners feel safe when they are on vacation and have someone looking after their home.

Stores, offices, homes and apartments.  Also consider cleaning buildings and residences after construction, fires, or when people move out.  You could also clean windows for businesses or domestic residences.  The pay, if negotiated well can be substantial. 

On appliances, floors, etc.  If you need to brush up on your handyman skills, visit your local library.  The have an abundance of easy-to-follow books on repairs.

Handyman jobs
Siding houses, building cabinets, doors, porches, painting, fencing, roofing and power washing.  All you need is a pressure washer and some business cards.  With many homes made with siding today as well as businesses needing this service, there is the potential to have steady work, though seasonal.  If you live in certain areas of the country.   

Farm work
Crops, picking fruit

Interior landscaping and plant care
Offices, banks, shopping plazas and atrium’s, lobbies.  Most businesses hire for these jobs as well as for lawn care.

Property management
You could be a Janitor or Superintendent.  In some situations this will include a perk.  Free living quarters in addition to your pay.

Insurance/Real Estate

Carpet Installation/Cleaning

Newspaper routes
Adults and children could do this work as well as other delivery services; ads, bills for municipalities

If already own a truck or van, then this could be right up your alley.   

Landscaping, Tree trimming, Lawn care, Woodcutting

School-bus Driver

Get paid to take pictures of portraits and work at public events.  This is a job that you could also do online.  Sell your photo stock to companies like Flickr and Anne Geddes. 

Sell it to places for fishermen to use.

If you have a way with words or have a lot of charm and appeal, then you can do well in this field.  You could also sell online.  Those characteristics may not necessarily be needed if you are doing this on the internet.  You may need catchy phrases to get a buyer or potential customers attention.  Another advantage of doing this on the internet is that you can bring the customers to you instead of the other way around.

Swap work
Barter car repairs for electrical work, sewing for plumbing, etc.

Note:  Advertising for most of these jobs does not have to cost you a lot of money.  You can post flyer’s in your local grocery store on their bulletin boards or hand out business cards.  You can even call companies directly that you think may be in need of a service that you offer.  Write up a bid and fax them to businesses, make a website and advertise your service there.  Post on classifieds online or at your local newspaper, etc.  

Tip:  If you are just getting started, offer a discount to your customer or a free estimate or both.  Everybody loves deals.