d50e93be0395fed6fd52828fbe30193f_0jwbWould you like to work from home visiting new websites or mobile apps and getting paid to do so?  Many of you already engage in this activity online when you browse the Internet and there are many companies that are looking for people just like you to visit their sites and give your feedback.

There are a lot of companies that partner with major brands like Google, Home Depot, Walmart, Facebook, Staples, Go Daddy, Microsoft, Ebay, Sony, Toys R US and so many others. They will pay you (the website tester) to browse around the site and tell them if the site was easy to navigate, if it was functional, what features you liked or didn’t like and many other things.  

Here are a few reasons why many people choose to be a website tester


  • Doesn’t require any experience
  • Takes less than 15 minutes to complete a test.
  • Is open to testers worldwide.
  • Pays you in 7 days or less.
  • Will allow you to use your computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet
The signup process is very simple.  You will visit the company that you are interested in being a website tester for, input your personal information including your email address so that it can be verified online.  After this has been completed, you will take a sample test and then you are ready to start working from home as a website tester.

Try to sign up with as many companies as you can so that you can have access to more tests to generate more income for yourself.  Here are list of legitimate website tester jobs that you can sign up with below.

Before you get started, please read my tips on being a successful website tester here.


This company is based out of the UK and will pay their testers $8 per test.  They pay once a month.  Testers need to live in China, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK or the US.   


This company will pay you $10 for every test you complete and $15 to do a mobile test.  Pays via Paypal.  Pays in 7 days or less.  Open in several countries.


This company pays you $10 to complete tests including mobile tests. They pay every Friday via PayPal.


User Feel

This job consists of rating websites online and giving your opinion.  They will pay you $10 for rating each website.

Test Birds

This site will pay you to test mobile apps and websites.  They allow testers who are under 18 years of age with a parent’s permission.


Get paid to be a website tester for YouEye.  You can also download their mobile app to test from your smartphone.

Loop 11

This is another company that needs website testers from any location who are at least 14 years of age.  They pay up to $5 per test.


This company will also pay their website tester $10 for every test they complete.  Pays via PayPal.  You will need a webcam, microphone, Windows 7/XP/Vista or Mac computer.  You can read more about what others are saying about Userlytics here.


This company is looking for website testers to work from home giving their feedback from the sites that they visit.


Get paid $10 for 15 minutes of your time to test websites with this company.


This site also needs website testers to work from home.


Enroll will pay you to take tests from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Pays via PayPal.


Get paid to find bugs for every website or app that you test. Pays through your PayPal account.