fca904cb1c030c56a004157f4d8a0b36_pqjj_abhlIf you need more assistance and personal coaching on how you can not just find but get a work at home job, please make sure that you take my online course entitled, “How to find Legitimate Work at home Jobs”.

There are visual videos and advice to help you know exactly what keywords to use when you search for work at home jobs, information on how you can detect work at home scams, what to include on your resume if you have no work experience, what to say in an interview, work at home companies that are always hiring and much more.

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Who is this course for?  

This course is designed for anyone who has the desire or goal to work from home and make money online from any location. In this course you will discover the possibilities of finding real companies that hire people to work from home in customer service, tech support, virtual assistants and so much more.

How will this course benefit me?


You will also be equipped with all of the tools that you need to find a work at home job, detect and avoid work from home scams and several other money-making opportunities that I have personally used and tried that has worked for me.

Who should take my course?

You should take my course if you have been struggling to find a work at home job, legitimate companies that hire and pay for the work you do online, if you are looking for other methods to make money, start your own business, have the goal of making part time or full time income online. I am a professional researcher and stay at home mom who has been able to help many people find and get a work at home job and make money online to help support themselves and their families.

How long will this course take?

This course will take just an hour and a half of your time!  You can take the course according to your own schedule in 5 minutes increments or whenever you want.  There is no pressure.

After this course you will be fully prepared, motivated and inspired to start your work at home journey.  I am here to assist you along the way.

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You can read what some of my students are saying about the Work at home Job Course below.

Great Information About Working From Home

  • I learned new things about how to find legitimate companies who hire remote workers from home and I would recommend that anyone looking to make money from take this course. The course if very detailed and explains clearly all the areas to look out for and ways to be prepared along with a long list of companies that are hiring. Very well done!
  • Great course!Alicia was great! she delivered awesome informative content on how to start finding work at home jobs. I had been looking off and on but had no direction on how to find a work at home job Thank you Alicia! Now I know how to find legitimate work at home jobs.

  • I really enjoyed taking this course because it was very easy to understand and I’m hopeful in getting a home job,thanks to the instructor. The course was very informative and with this information I will be able to use it. This lesson was a surprise be I thought it was going to be long and boring but it wasn’t,as a matter of fact it was very interesting and engaging. I will recommend this course to my family and friends.
  • Great Informative Course!Alicia provides EVERYTHING you need to know about “how to find a work at home job”.

    In this course you will get GREAT value advice and tips about where to find “Work at home jobs”, what to expect from the job interviews, how to be ready for the job interviews and much much more!!!

    Alicia is AMAZING! She knows to explain everything so it’s very clear to understand what you should do!

    Very informative and I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to work from home and don’t know from where to start.

    Thanks Alicia for creating this AWESOME course! 🙂