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If you have been contemplating working from home and you are not really sure what you can do or where to start, writing articles for companies online may be an option for you. If you have an experience that you want to share from your previous vacations or can recommend places to stay, tips on parenting, ways to save money, or reviews on technology, then you can write. One of the hardest things about writing online is finding legitimate writing jobs. I have found more legitimate writing and blogging jobs online. If you are currently writing online and you are looking for more writing opportunities and you want even more options then you may be interested in this list. There are plenty of opportunities to write online because people need articles submitted online to increase traffic to their website because the more articles they have written about their product, company, etc. will produce more links back to their website and the more links that you have means there is a higher probability that you will get discovered on the internet, which in turn equals more revenue. You can benefit by this form of advertisement or marketing by getting paid to write for them. Those who are serious about getting traffic and making money online will pay for this service. Companies, individuals and others use articles to stay relevant and to have their website favored by Google. Google will favor websites that constantly update their material on their website or have related links directing the reader back to the website owner, company, individual, etc.

You can really make freelance writing a career, if you love to share information with others. It can be rewarding, fun, and enjoyable. Here is my new list of jobs that need writers to submit articles online. I hope that you find or have found success working from home and writing online. One of the more interesting ones that I found was from Family Fun and they pay $1.25 per word!

American Profile

This magazine celebrates people and places that make America great. They accept non-fiction, fillers, interview, photos, and more from freelance writers. They pay $650 for a 2 page cover with a sidebar and $325 for a 1 page feature story. For a short story the pay is $200.

They would like articles to be based in the area of sight loss or vision impairment and how they can participate and function in family life, their career, educational pursuits, how they face challenges and identify solutions. If you have experience is this area, you may be interested in writing articles for them. The pay is $15-$35 per article.

Finger Lakes Magazine

This magazine focuses on the upstate New York region. They are in need of articles on Finger Lakes nature, beauty, and wildlife. They pay .12 cents per word. They also pay from $80-$165 for photos or illustrations. Please send your queries to: Mark Stash, Life in the Finger Lakes, P.O. Box 1080 Geneva, NY 14456 or

Lady Bug Magazine

Lady Bug Magazine is a reading and listening magazine for young children ages 3 to 6, is published by theCricket Magazine Groupof Carus Publishing. They accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, stories, articles, rhymes and more all from a child’s perspective. For stories and articles, the rate of pay is .25 per word, poems are $3 a line and stories and articles are $500 for a spread and $250 per page. They instruct you not to query first when submitting your content to this particular magazine.

Dig Magazine

This is a children’s magazine focused on archaeology, recent discoveries, techniques, etc. It is tailored around those from age 9-14. The accept fiction, non-fiction, articles, activities, puzzles, games, etc. They pay .20-.25 per word for non-fiction and the rest are paid on an individual basis.

Bright Hub

You may or may not have heard of this company. They are an online article writing website that will pay you $15 upfront for articles. In addition to that you will receive revenue sharing payments as well as editorial support. Apply online.

All Custom Content

They currently have freelance positions for ghostwriting articles, reports, ebooks, and other content. They are also looking for writer to be able to rewrite transcriptions and other documents to put them in a use-able format for end-users. The pay is confidential upon hire and their is potential for growth within this company. Apply online.

Romantic Homes

They need articles on romantic homes as well as anything in relation to this topic. They pay $500. Please contact the editor for guidelines.

Northwest Magazine

They accept book excerpts, general interest articles, feature stories of regional interest of the Oregon coast, and a regional roundup story. They pay $100-$250 for features, $250-$400 for a special feature, $225 for a restaurant feature, $50-$100 for a worth a stop department, and $450-$650 for a regional roundup with photos.

Dog Fancy

They need articles on canine health and behaviour. As well as new ways to have fun with pets and how to live comfortably with dogs. They pay .40 per word.

Hobby Farm Home

Need articles on crafting, cooking, decoration, gardening, how-to guides, etc. They pay $300 for features and $50-$75 for “In the Air” articles.

American Kennel Club Gazette

For pet lovers or those interested in animals. They need articles on general interest, how to, humor, features, dog art, photos, and interview/profile. They pay $300-$500 per article. Please contact Erika Mansourian or

Bike Magazine

They accept articles from freelance writers on all kinds of bikes and anything related to this subject. They pay .50 per word.

Plough Shares

They accept poetry and will pay $25 per printed page up to $250 maximum per author.


They welcome poetry and will pay $10 per line and a minimum payment of $300.

Chattahoochee Review

They need poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for a special issue of Southern Literature to be published in late 2011. They pay $50 per poem and the fiction and non-fiction pay is to be determined on an individual basis.

Writer mag

They will pay $100 for book reviews. For columns the pay is $100-$300 and for features they will pay $300-$500. They also pay $50 for writing related cartoons.

For families with children 12 and under. This magazine focuses on making the most of family time together through cooking, crafts, celebrations, volunteering, travel, and other family activities. They need writers to submit articles on family, travel, etc. The pay is$1.25 per word and $1,500 for features.

2. Florida Sportsman

If you have traveled to Florida or live in Florida they need articles on saltwater fishing and also freshwater fishing and hunting. They periodically need articles on camping, diving, articles on the environment, adventures in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Latin America. They pay $500 for feature articles and $200 for copy and photos.

3. Family Motor Coaching

They need articles on anything regarding motor homes. Whether it is maintaining, designing, or outfitting an RV. They pay $500 for feature articles of 1,500 to 2,000 words. Send an email

4. Know More Media

This website needs articles on many different topics but they specialize on business information and news. This need writers to submit articles daily or at least once a day. They state that your typical earnings will range from $100 to $800 per month.

5. Tutorial Board

If you’re skilled with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any other industry standard CG software. They pay you up to $150 p/tutorial that is accepted.

6. SitePoint

They need articles for web professionals and the like. They pay cash for every article it publishes, and we reward you for submitting great content. The pay is from $50 to $250.

7. Freelance Switch

They need articles on web writing, how-to’s and much more. They will pay you $50 for each accepted article.

8.King Tutz

If you have the skills to write excellent tutorials then submit them to this online company. They pay from $50 to $300 for each and you will be published in their tutorial blog.

9. Pragmatic Bookshelf

Currently looking for full-length book or screen-cast proposals. They accept first-time writers. They pay 50% royalties for the book or proposal and the royalties are paid out quarterly.

10. Autstralian Women Online

Need articles on short fiction that contain from 1,000 to 3,000 words. They pay $50 up to $150.

11. DotNetSlackers

This online company needs articles to be submitted and they will pay $100 for each.

12. Designussion

They need articles from writers and will pay $20 per post.

There are a variety of legitimate work at home jobs that I recently came across during my search on the Internet. Some of the jobs need writers in specific areas of interest. Other jobs that I came across are completely out of the writing field but I included them because these companies hire people to work from home also.

If there is a job or jobs that are listed that you may be interested in that is out of your area of expertise, don’t hesitate to apply. Especially, if they don’t require you to have any experience. Read the job description for more details and give it a shot. Many of the jobs that hire people remotely only require you to have a secure, stable Internet connection (possibly high speed), live in the U.S. and be able to speak English. There are so many possibilities out there for those who desire to earn extra money or to even make a living working from home.

For various reasons, there will be a lot of people looking to make extra money from a side job or even a second job. Now is the time to take full advantage of these opportunities. If you know of someone who desires to work from home but has trouble finding legitimate leads, be sure to pass this list along.  

The Guilded Fork

They need food writers for cookbook and food reviews. If you have an interest in cooking, this may be right up your alley. They would like for you to send them a writing sample. You can read more online.

Freelance Writing Center

This online writing website company has a flexible schedule for freelance writers. They pay $6-$20 per page and most of their freelance writers earn around $500 per month and some even earn $2,000 per month. They pay twice a month. Apply online.


They are looking for writers who love video games and are avid gamers. You will need to have knowledge of the gaming industry, be up-to-date on current events and news stories. They want their writers to submit to at least 20 articles per month.

This website are looking for writer to submit articles on the following topics:











They pay $10-$14 per article that contains at least 400 words. They recommend that you submit at least 5 articles per week. They pay by pay-pal 4 days after each article is submitted. You will need to take a test prior to becoming a writer for them. The test that you will take and complete will be paid at the normal rate. Apply online.

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