This page has been created to provide you with a list of resources to help you to excel in your writing skills.  Whether writing is your hobby, your career, or even a goal of yours.  These free tools will assist you in your freelance writing efforts.

Websites to check your content – Paper Writing Service – is committed to hiring highly qualified academic essay writers online to produce outstanding-quality custom written research papers, dissertations, essays and other homework assignments with timely delivery.

1.  Article Checker – This website will check your article(s) and any other content to make sure that it is not duplicated.

2.  Textalyser – This website offers statistics to assist you in your writing. 

3.  Graviax – This free service will check your grammar.  This service is currently only available in English. 

4.  Keyword Density Analyzer – This checks the keyword density of any website.  This is an invaluable service if you are looking to improve or target a specific audience.

5.  Online Keyword Density Checker – This site will analyze your webpage and give you all the keywords with count and density in percentage.

6.  Word Count Tracker – An important tool that will count your words, pages, and posts.  This service will save you a lot of time.

Websites to help you research your content


1. – Contains a wide variety of historical information.  This is also the official website for the history television channel.

2. – Another free resource to help you research and gather information for your article, story, blog, etc.

3.  Word Web – Is a free dictionary and Thesaurus that you can download for pronunciations, root words, synonym sects and more.  Make sure that you download the free version.  There is a charge for the pro version.

4.  Meriam-Webster Dictionary – This is a free online dictionary that will check words in English and Spanish.

5.  Library of Congress – The world’s largest library.  This website has an abundance of information on a variety of subjects for your content.

Websites that will buy your content

Article Sale – This website will allow you to sell your articles.  You will need a free account to do this.

Many freelance writers and bloggers may need to accompany their articles or content with an illustration.  If this is the case there are a few resources that you can access online that will enable you to use and reuse without having to pay for it.  It is important to always remember to read their licensing agreement that is associated with a particular company or image prior to using it.  Here are some royalty-free photo websites for use at your own discretion.

1.  Wikipedia Commons – This site has an abundance of images that are available for reuse.  They add images to their database pretty frequently here.

2.  Morguefile – Have photos available for your creative work, for inspiration and even personal use.  These photos are also free.

3.  Pic Monkey – I use this site for free photos to put on my blogs.  I love the beautiful graphics and large photos.  No attribution needed.

Other Resources

1.  U.S. Copyright Office – Explains in full detail the copyright laws of the United States to protect your content. 

2.  Legal Guide for Bloggers – This is an online guide for bloggers and publishers that discusses legal issues that bloggers may face.  Of course this is not a substitute for legal advice that only an attorney could provide but it does explain your rights as a blogger and how your freedom of speech can be protected.