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Would you like to earn $5 for each call that you make?  Is there a legitimate company that will pay you to do this?  Yes, there is.  The name of the company is called Call Center QA and they are always hiring telephone mystery shoppers to work from home.  What does a telephone mystery shopper do and how can you apply online will be discussed in this article.

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What is a telephone mystery shopper?

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A telephone mystery shopper evaluates call centers, various businesses, and companies through inquiries, questions, and or surveys and inputs that information online.  Companies value this kind of service because it helps them to improve their customer service. Call Center QA is one of those companies that will pay you to do this from home.

How long will the calls last?

The calls will last from 6-10 minutes each and are very easy to complete.  You will also have to fill out a brief feedback form along with your calls that will only take a few minutes.

Do I need any special skills to be a telephone mystery shopper?

No.  You are not required to have any previous experience as a telephone mystery shopper but most companies – including Call Center QA, look for individuals with excellent phone and listening skills and good writing skills.  You are required to be at least 18 years of age.

What if I am disabled or never worked from home?

This job would be perfect for you because it is easy and can even help you to get your foot into the door of other work at home companies that may require experience in customer service or in a call center background.  If you enjoy talking on the phone, you will like this job.

What if I don’t like talking on the phone?

Call Center QA also has online mystery shops that you can do from home.  They also only take a few minutes to complete and pays $2 per shop.

How much can I expect to earn?

It really depends on how much work they have available.  They dictate how much work is needed and if and when quotas are met. You will earn $5 per call and $2 per online mystery shop.  It also depends on how many calls and or shops you complete in the day/week/etc.  I would not rely on this for full-time income just extra income or second income.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid within 7 business days not calendar days of each completed mystery shop call or online mystery shop.

How do I apply online?

You simply go to their Mystery Shopper Registration Form here and fill out all of your information.  You will receive an email shortly thereafter and be invited to complete a test call.  After you have completed those steps, you will hear back from the company in a day or two and possibly be invited to work.

What if I am already signed up and have no work?

Here are a couple of explanations as well as solutions to this problem that I found on Call Center QA’s Facebook page as well as a couple of my own.

  1. Send an email to Call Center QA and let them know that you would like to complete more calls.
  2. If they have met quotas on certain shops, they will not be able to assign any new calls because of the limit set by the client.
  3. Some shops may require you to be a homeowner or live in a specific location or state.
  4. Make sure that you complete your calls and online mystery shops as soon as you can to improve your response rate.  If you 2-3 weeks to turn in your work, you will get fewer calls.
  5. Sign up with other mystery shopping companies like Pierce Eislen (when they are hiring), BestMarkTelexpertise, Intelichek, and work from home jobs.  Call Center QA does not prevent you from contracting with multiple companies.
  6. Refer your friends.  Even if you don’t get to complete a shop yourself you can still refer your friends and earn money when they do.

If you are looking for a way to earn extra income from home doing mystery shopping, apply to Call Center QA today!  Don’t forget to select as many mystery shopping categories that you may be interested in as possible.  The more you select, the more calls and online mystery shops you may get to complete which means more money for you.  Please apply to Call Center QA by going to their official website.


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