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Editing is the process of selecting and preparing written, visual, audible, and film media used to convey information through the processes of correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate, and complete work.

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The editing process often begins with the author’s idea for the work itself, continuing as a collaboration between the author and the editor as the work is created. As such, editing is a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods.

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There are many opportunities for editors to gain employment online and work right from their home offices for many internet companies. 

Academic English Editing

This company is always looking to hire editors to work from home.  Please apply or inquire through email.  

Bella Online  

This company needs editors to write word articles of at least 400 words minimum.  They also need book reviewers and more.  Apply online.

Book Editing
Editors work directly with clients and remain freelance/independent contractors. Please review our website before applying for additional requirements online. Qualified applicants will be sent several short editing and writing tests.  You will need to be 100% freelance and have no day job to qualify.

Paper Check

Looking for qualified editors in all fields of study.  They require all applicants to take a 2 part exam and meet the requirements online.  You will work in 4-hour shifts and typically earn from $300 – $3,000 per week.

Word Firm

They hire writers, copy editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers to work as independent contractors.  Get paid within 30 days of each completed assignment.  Apply online.


A proof is a typeset version of a copy or a manuscript page. They often contain typos introduced through both human error and bugs in programming code. Traditionally,

a proofreader looks at an increment of text on the copy and then compares it to the corresponding typeset increment, and then marks any errors (sometimes called line edits) using standard proofreaders’ marks. Thus, unlike copy editing, proofreading’s defining procedure is to work directly with two sets of information at the same time. Proofs are then returned to the typesetter or the graphic artist for correction. Correction-cycle proofs will typically have one descriptive term, such as bounce, bump, or revise unique to the department or organization and used for clarity to the strict exclusion of any other. It is a common practice for all such corrections, no matter how slight, to be sent again to a proofreader to be checked and initialed, establishing the principle of consistent accuracy for proofreaders.

Here are some legitimate proofreading jobs that you can do from home.

University Language

This company has open positions available for freelance proofreaders, transcribers, translators, and more.  Apply online.

Spectra Medi

Work from home position that requires very little typing.  Perform quality assurance editing and proofing. Monitor and quality check your assigned workflow production. QA Editors/Proofreaders perform hands-on proofing and editing of transcriptions completed by our team members  Apply online.

Edit Fast

Freelance opportunity for proofreaders.  We need you because you are a skilled proofreader, editor, or writer. EditFast takes pride in the quality of the work we do and in the speed of our editors.