If you happen to be looking for legitimate work that you can do from home online, I have a few possibilities for you. If you are already working from home as a freelance writer and are interested in even more writing opportunities, please continue reading along. This list of freelance writing opportunities consists of mostly Greeting Card Companies that hire and use freelance writers to submit one-liners, verses, captions, messages, gags, and so forth.

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They prefer their writers to submit content with a sense of humor and a little attitude. The greeting cards that you purchase in the store that captures your attention are most likely written in this style and tone. Keep this in mind when you are ready to send in your submissions to the editor. If it is funny to you, it will most likely be funny to others. Depending upon which company it is, you may not be required to submit funny material. I have included some of the details of what they are looking for as well as the pay.
Although you may not get rich writing for greeting card companies, you will gain some experience in this profession. You will also build up your portfolio and maybe even see your name credited on the card or cards that you have contributed to. Not to mention, you also get paid for your efforts. Having the satisfaction of knowing that you have put a smile on someone’s face or you put a little sunshine in their day, would be very rewarding. Here are some leads for you to get started. 
LOVE Greeting Cards, Inc.
For this particular greeting card company please contact the editor Norman Drittel, 1717 Opa Loca Boulevard at Opa-Locka, FL 33054 They pay $100-$300.
Amberely Greeting Card Company
Looking for short, original, humorous verses. Please contact the editor Dave McPeek at 11510 Goldcoast Drive in Cincinnati, OH 45249-1695. Send in a SASE and ask about the writer’s guidelines before submission. They pay $150 per card idea.

Current Inc.
For this company, you will want to send in a SASE for the writer’s guidelines. Address it to Freelance Editors, P.O. Box 2559 Colorado Springs, CO 8090-2559. They pay $100.
Vagabond Creations, Inc.
For this company, you would also contact the editor with a SASE for guidelines. Contact information name is George F. Stanley, Jr. 2560 Lance Drive Dayton, OH 45409 They pay $15-25 per idea.
Blue Mountain Arts
They are in need of writers to write greeting cards and poetry. They pay between $50 up to $300.

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Poetry Foundation
 This company accepts poetry and they pay $10 per line (with a minimum payment of $300), and $150 per page of prose, for first serial rights. You can submit your material online.
PS Greetings

 This company accepts verses, poems, photos, art, and so on for their greeting cards. Their payment is in the form of a one-time flat fee. The fee is decided upon individually. You can read more details about this and query online.
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Leanin Tree

If you are an aspiring artist are have a passion for this field, you may be interested in submitting your work for this greeting card company. They only want reproductions of your artwork and not the original. Click above to read more details.