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Transcription is one of the fastest-growing legitimate jobs that you can do from home.  If you are a fast typist, a good listener, and can accurately key in data, this job may be for you.  Because it is in high demand there are many opportunities available for you online. 

Transcription is provided for business, legal, and medical purposes.  each company has different rates of pay and methods of pricing.  Some may pay per minute, per line, per word, or per hour.

I have included links to all the various transcription companies and the details.  Make sure that you read all the requirements and instructions before applying.  Some jobs may require that you take a test for the application process.


This company hires transcribers to work from home and gives you the freedom to work your own schedule and choose projects you would like to work on.  There is no experience required and the pay is weekly via PayPal.

 Cambridge Transcriptions

This company is always in need of corporate and legal transcriptions to be done from home.  You will need to be a fast typist and have a strong grasp of English punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary. 

Cyber Dictate

Cyber Dictate is on the lookout for experienced transcribers that have a foot pedal, headset, and transcription software.  They only accept transcribers based in the u.s.

Mulberry Studio

If you are an experienced transcriber with at least 2 years of experience, you can apply to work from home as a medical transcriber for this company.  You must be able to type 75 wpm.  Full-time and part-time transcription and proofreading positions are available.


If you are a good typist and have a good ear for language as well as a strong sense of written English, then this company will be an excellent way for you to earn extra income online.

Get a resume that will pass the ATS tracking system for better results

This is another company that hires work-at-home transcriptionists for legal and insurance-rated transcription jobs. Submit a resume and the company will contact applicants when it has openings. 60 WPM and knowledge of legal terms are required.


This company hires freelancers with different levels of experience.  This is a good opportunity for beginners who are new at transcribing or for those who have never done so before to gain experience.  They pay $10 per audio hour through your PayPal account.

Mayo Clinic

Work from home full time as a medical transcriptionist.  Hours needed are from m-f 12-8:30 p.m. or 7-3:30 p.m.  They require that you have at least 2 years’ experience.  You will need to complete 90-day onsite training and then you will be able to work from home.