Are there any work-at-home companies that pay you every week?  The answer is yes. There are several employers who prefer to pay their remote workers every single week for the tasks and assignments that they perform online.  Some of the work-at-home positions range from customer service to appointment setters, chat agents and much more.

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If you are a person that prefers to receive your payment on a weekly basis instead of every two weeks or even monthly, please check out this list of work-at-home companies that pay weekly listed below.

If you need more work-at-home jobs that pay weekly or more often try some ways.

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Lingo Home Phone Service

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American Kidney Services hires remote workers to collect donations in the form of used clothing and household goods.  Weekly pay.

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Amazon Mturk

Complete HITS or (human intelligence tasks) from home in data entry, writing, translation, and much more.  Pays several times a week.

Blue Zebra

This company hires experienced appointment setters who live in the US and Canada to work from home.  Weekly pay.

Brighten Communications

Another work-at-home company that hires individuals to work from home with previous cold calling or telemarketing experience.  Starting pay is $12 per hour with weekly pay.

City Twist

This company also hires appointment setters to work from home.  They offer paid training and weekly pay.


Get paid every single week to complete a variety of micro or crowdsourcing tasks from home in data categorization, writing, searching the web, and more.

Crowd Surf

Get paid multiple times a week to complete transcription tasks from home on Crowd Surf’s platform.  Will need an Amazon Mturk account.

Crowd Source

Get paid to complete micro tasks from home in writing, editing, transcription, and other mini jobs on your own schedule.  Pays multiple times a week.

Go Transcript

Work from home transcribing audio and video including TV shows and more.  Weekly pay!


This company hires call reviewers to work from home listening to calls and sorting them into categories.  Pays every Monday.  


This company hires virtual agents to assist consumers who are interested in purchasing a home or vehicle to determine what programs will be beneficial to them.  Pays $8 per hour plus commission every week.

This company hires customer service reps to work from home raising funds for non-profit organizations like St. Jude’s Children Research and the American Heart Association.  Pays you every week.

Language Line

This company hires interpreters to work from home.  Pays weekly via check in the mail depending upon your location and position.

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Maritz Research

This company hires telephone survey interviewers to work from home.  Weekly pay.

Get paid to work from home as a chat agent helping customers find the right products. Weekly pay every Monday.

Next Wave @ Home

This company hires independent contractors to write or make outbound telephone calls from home.  The pay is hourly and every week via direct deposit.

On Point @ Home
This company also hires independent contractors to work from home coordinating outbound efforts via telephone and written correspondence.  No selling, fundraising, or donation solicitation is involved.  Hourly pay every week.  


This company hires transcribers to listen to audio files, emails, memos, and other files from their home office.  Weekly pay.

Get paid every week to work from home as a freelance transcriber working your own hours.

Sig Track

This company hires data entry keyers to type signatures from home.  Seasonal work. Weekly pay.  Not always hiring.


Get paid twice a week to write articles on a variety of topics from home. 


This company hires transcribers to transcribe short audio clips from home.  Weekly pay.

USA Contact Point

This company hires customer service agents to work from home answering questions about their client’s products and services setting your own schedule.  Weekly pay.


This company hires customer service reps to work from home making customer service calls for their newspaper clients.  Weekly pay.

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