List of legitimate Companies that hire people to work from home.  You can apply online to any companies listed here
For a complete list of companies that hire you as an employee or pay benefits, please watch this video.


This company needs writers, guides, and video producers to work from home.  You can work for this company in your spare time and earn extra income.  Guides will be responsible for writing 8 articles per month, composing a weekly newsletter and moderating a forum online.  Pay is around $90 per article for guides.  Writers only need to submit content in their area of expertise.  Video producers can submit their videos for a flat fee of $250 for each video.

ACD Direct

This company needs independent contractors to work from home.  You will not be hired as an employee.  Pay is based per talk time.  Payment is by direct deposit every two weeks.  Training is available. They do not hire in the following states: Delaware, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Louisiana. You can read more about how you can work from home taking calls for ACD Direct on my blog here.

Alpine Access

This company is always looking for work at home agents to answer calls from a variety of clients.  You will be hired as an employee and entitled to benefits.  You will be required to work one weekend day and work a minimum of 20-25 hours a week. The pay is around $9 per hour.


This well-known company hires customer service agents to work from home.  They will provide you with training to assist their customers via the telephone.  When you search their website, you will have to type in the words “work at home”.  The pay starts at $11 per hour.

American Express

This company has several work at home positions available.  The pays start at around $15 per hour.


This company needs at home advisors to assist customers with their various Apple products like the iPad, iPhone, iMac, etc. They offer benefits and have full and part-time positions available.  The pay is around $10 to $15 per hour.  Read my review about Apple here.


This is a virtual call center company that has been around for a few years.  You can partner with Arise as an Independent business owner.  There are fees associated with this company but it is legit.

1800 Flowers

This company hires temporary full-time workers to contact customers to help with their flower arrangements over the telephone.  They only hire in the following states:  Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Oregon.  There are minimum requirements that must be met online before applying for this company.  The pay according to is around $6-$9 per hour.

Blooms Today

Looking for agents to work from home on a temporary basis taking floral orders from their customers over the telephone.  They require you to have a landline phone, headset, and high-speed Internet.

BSG Clearing

This work from home job is described as a Live Operator Independent Contractor. This job entails receiving live verification calls for telephone companies and other service industries looking to help combat sales fraud. They pay $8.50 per hour to start and they have a flexible schedule. Hours needed for work are from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to midnight. You will be needed to work every other weekend. You can choose to work shifts of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hours. Apply online.

Cass Info
This company hires data entry workers from home.  You will need to work in their Columbus Ohio office for 90 days prior to working from home.  You will have to check periodically for any data entry openings.

Contract Exchange

This company is another legitimate telephone mystery shopping company that works with Pizza Hut, KFC, and other restaurants.  They only hire in California, Montana, N. Dakota, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Texas, and Kansas are still in question. This is a legitimate job but you will have to pay a fee for training.


This company hires people to work from home on a full and part-time basis.  Calls may involve sales, troubleshooting, technical support, and more.  Pays around $10 per hour twice a week, paid training, and you will receive benefits.


This company will pay you to complete a variety of tasks online from writing to editing, data research, and more.  You can earn $9 per hour working for this company. Pays every week through your Paypal account.


This company will pay you to score all sorts of tests for various educational institutions.  They will deduct taxes from your check.  The pay is $10 to $20 per hour.  Pays twice a month by check in the mail.  You may need some teaching or educational skills for this job.

Fancy Hands

You get paid to be a virtual assistant. This is mostly a non-phone job where you will get paid to search the net, and complete other kinds of research.  Pays $2-$5 per task either through Paypal or direct deposit every two weeks

Great Virtual Works

Great Virtual Works has customer service, inbound sales, and outbound recovery work at home jobs that you can do working your own schedule.  Ideal for stay at home moms, dads, students, retirees, those who are homebound and anyone looking for a flexible work at home job.  You will need to be an independent business owner to work for their clients.  Pays $10-$15 per hour. Must commit to working at least 10-15 hours per week.  Apply today!

This company also hires people to work from home in reservation sales for their hotels.  You will consult with customers and book hotel reservations over the phone.  They have a mandatory 6 hour paid training program.  You must work at a minimum of 20-25 hours per week.  Pays $9 per hour plus sales incentives.  This is a part-time job and you will be entitled to benefits.


This company will pay you to listen to calls from your computer.  You will be referred to as a call reviewer.  No experience is required for this job.  The pay is 1 to 4 cents per call that you listen to and sort online.  You can work as much as you want.  Pays weekly through your Paypal account.


Another telephone mystery shopping company will pay you to call several businesses from home and check for prices.  You can use a cell phone here and have background noise.  You will need high-speed Internet service.  Pays every two weeks by check and then transitions to direct deposit.  You will need to work a minimum of 20 hours a week.  You can earn $50 to $100 a day working for this company.


At home interviewer job. This is a work from home job needing home interviewers to conduct telephone surveys. You will need to live in either Ohio or Kentucky to work from home. The training wage is $8.00 per hour for the first 250 hours and then you will earn $8.75 per hour up to $11.35 per hour. You will need to work at least 15 hours a week minimum of up to 35 hours per week. This would include working a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shift. Read more details and apply online.
Kelly Services 

This company has legit work at home jobs in customer service.  This is a temporary service that contracts with other companies.  The pay and hours vary here. You can check their website for the latest job postings by typing in the words “work at home”.

Live Ops

This is a virtual calling company that hires people for inbound sales calls as well as several center agent positions.  This is an independent contractor position working your own schedule.  You can work in 30-minute increments here.  The pay is $8-$20 per hour.  There is a background fee that you will have to pay to work for this company. Read my review about LiveOps here.

My Employment Options

A company that partners with several legitimate work at home companies to provide at-home employment for those who receive SSI or SSDI.  Free job placement.


This company has work at home jobs for those who are disabled or bilingual in customer service, technical support, medical transcription, quality control, and more.  You will need a computer to work for this company.

Organized Wisdom

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Get paid to be a guide in healthcare if you have a lot of experience and knowledge in this field.  Pays by a per card rate through direct deposit.


This is a work at home jobs that will require you to talk on the phone to get information for insurance companies.  You will need high-speed Internet service and you can use Skype for this job.  No landline phone is required.  Pays $4 to $5 per case every two weeks via a check in the mail.  


This company needs good starters to work from home calling patients to remind them to take their medications.  You will need to go through a screening process, take a test, and do a mock call.  The pay is per call but averages out to be from $15 up to $20 an hour.  Landline phone needed. This is a contract job working 8-12 weeks. Must commit to working at least 15 hours per week but can opt to work more if there is availability.  A background check is also required.


This company has work at home positions in sales and tech support.  Must have some knowledge in fixing computers, printers, smartphones, to work as a technology expert from home.  You will be hired as an employee.  They have paid time off, benefits, and more.  Pays around $9 per hour every two weeks.  No landline phone or headset required.  Calls are routed through your computer.

Sutherland Global

This company has several work at home jobs including customer service and sales. You will be hired as an employee.  A background check is required.  They have more full time than part-time positions.  Pays every two weeks by direct deposit.  PC and high-speed Internet required.  Most programs require a background check and drug screen.  Paid training and benefits.

Telus International

Another company that needs people to search the Internet and crowd workers to complete tasks online.  Part-time.  Pays $13 up to $15 per hour.


This company has several work from home positions available from customer service to sales, reservation and roadside assistance.  Paid training.  Must be 16. Need a headset and computer.  Pays $8.50 per hour.  Part-time positions are available. Bilingual positions are also available.

VIP Desk

Hires Brand Ambassadors to work from home to assist their customers via the telephone.  Full and part-time positions available.  Landline phone and headset required.  A background check is required and some additional fees may be also. They pay $8.50 to $12 per hour.  Must be able to work 34 hours per week.

You will call people from home and conduct interviews using scripted questionnaires.  Need a headset and telephone.  This is a part-time job.  Pays $8.25 per hour every week through check or direct deposit.

Working Solutions
Hires home agents to assist with customer support, sales, and tech support.  Landline phone and high-speed Internet required.  You will be hired as an independent contractor.  The pay is $7.50 up to $30 per hour.  Pay is by check or direct deposit every two weeks.

World Travel Holdings

This company hires customer service agents to work from home selling resort and cruise vacations.  You will be required to work full time.  Basic phone and cable or DSL Internet service required.  You will have to make some investments to work for this company.  Paid training.  Pays $11 per hour including benefits.

Yardi Matrix

Seasonal rent surveyors are needed to work from home calling various apartment complexes for rental rates.  Must commit to 10 hours per week.  Pays $9-$11 and includes bonuses.  Contract positions last 6 weeks.  Hires three times a year.