Do you want to work from home but have no previous experience working from home or working in general?  If you fall into this category, please be assured that this fact alone will not prevent you from applying to and getting a work at home job.  How is this possible?  Believe it or not, there are a lot of companies that either don’t require a lot of experience or will fully train you to complete your job, task, or assignment from home.

Why do some companies do this?  Because they want to give everyone a chance to be in the running to obtain employment from home.  They also know that as long as you have the proper training, you are capable of being able to handle these duties remotely.  

Something that you may not know is that a lot of companies that do not require you to have any experience focus more on your skills than experience.  Why?  Because if you are a people person, have a pleasant demeanor, good phone skills, are tech-savvy, or a good listener, you are just the kind of person they are looking for regardless if you have experience or not.  Just because a person has experience in a certain area does not mean that they have mastered or will possess the same skills that the company desires.  A company can teach you how to perform a job but they can’t teach you this kind of skill.  

When you are ready to fill out your application or resume, make sure you highlight and focus on your skills especially if they are in relation to the job that you are applying for.  Companies also look for individuals who have had experience working for themselves because this shows them that you are able to work independently. Some of the things you could highlight on your resume or application if you have no experience working from home are:

  • You were a stylist for Stella & Dot for xxx years.
  • You cut or styled hair from your home.
  • You sold Mary Kay or were involved with direct sales.
  • You engaged in volunteer or community work.
  • You had your own childcare business at home.
  • You did crowdsourcing tasks for sites like Amazon Mturk, Clickworker, or other freelancing sites. 

You can also participate in free work at home job fairs so that you can chat with various employers and find out if they require experience or provide training.  Here is a list of companies that hires people to work home without requiring any experience.

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How to Find Legitimate Work at home Jobs

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This company hires transcribers to work whenever you want to choose your own projects you want to work on.  No experience needed.  Pays every week via your PayPal account. 


Hire people with no experience to work from home calling previous donors to inquire about donating used clothes or household goods.


This company hires home agents who are tech-savvy and search the Internet to do various tasks from home including web search evaluation, crowdsourcing, translation, and more.  Non-phone.


They hire tutors, editors, and more to work from home.


This company seeks people to complete micro-tasks from home in writing, translation, data categorization, and more.

Course Hero

Get paid $3 for every question you answer from high school and college students needing help with various subjects.  Can earn up to $300 or more per week. 

Crowd Source

This is another company that has work at home jobs in writing, translation, transcription, and more and does not require previous experience.  Testing required.

Deposition Services Inc.

This company hires transcribers to work from home.

Fancy Hands

This company hires virtual assistants to work from home completing various tasks remotely including searching for hotels and much more.  


They hire call reviewers to listen to calls and sort them into categories.  Very easy job that does not require you to talk on the phone.  


The hire content specialists who have experience using social media to work from home.


This company hires proofreaders to proofread mystery shopping reports from home.


Hires telephone mystery shoppers to work from home call and get price quotes from companies.  


This company hires crowd workers, content moderators, web search evaluators, and more to work from home.  They fully train you and do not require experience.

Kelly Services

Another staffing company that hires remote workers to score and grade student’s tests, assist customers, and more.


Work from home as an online moderator moderating various forum communities to make sure that the members are abiding by the rules, not leaving spam or harassing other members. 


This company also hires Internet savvy individuals to evaluate web search results based on specific keywords and other criteria.

Live World

This company hires online moderators to moderate online forums.


Hires customer care reps without any previous experience to answer customer inquiries and provide information.


This staffing company regularly hires help desk agents with no previous experience to work from home.

Metaverse Mod Squad

Hires social media moderators to assist with their client’s social media profiles.  Other work at home positions from this company may not require experience.  

My Employment Options

This company partners with several work at home employers to provide employment for those who receive SSI or SSDI benefits. Many of the jobs do not require experience. 


This company hires sales chat agents to assist their customers find and buy products.

Yardi Matrix

This company hires rent surveyors to call apartment communities and ask them various questions.  This is a mystery shopping job because you will pretend to be a potential renter.  No experience is required.

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Pearl Interactive Network

This company has general applicants and other positions that do not require experience that you can do from home.


Hires people to work from home assisting customers to get into a good routine of taking their medications.  No experience needed.


This company hires transcribers to transcriber audio files, voicemail messages, and more from home.


Hires transcribers to work from home.

Sig Track

This company hires people to type signatures and other data from home.

Smart Locating

Hires people to locate apartments and types in the data online.

SC Contact Centers

They hire home agents to key product orders into the computer system.

Sutherland CloudSource

This company contracts with 1800Flowers that do not require any previous experience taking floral orders and other duties.

Talk 2 Rep

This company has work at home positions for their chat agents to respond to inbound chat inquiries.


This is another floral company that hires people to enter customer orders into their system from home.


Uhaul hires Ubox and eCenter Sales agents to work from home and provides all your training.  No experience needed.


VIPKID needs thousands of work-from-home teacher’s to teach English online to kids in China.  Earn up to $22 per hour.


Get paid $8 for every test you complete which consists of visiting various websites and giving your feedback.  Pays via PayPal.  Open in several countries.    


This company hires people to do a variety of administrative duties and tasks online.