Non Phone Work at home Job Openings (10,000)

OneForma is looking for a huge amount of people from different countries to work from home for their brand new non-phone project.  They are seeking people who are fluent in a variety of languages to work as an Internet Judge.  One of the best perks about this job is that they have over 10,000 openings and many tasks that you can start working on today.

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If you would like to get paid real cash in your spare time…look no further.  There are several ways for you to earn up to $500 this month to give your opinions to businesses that want to understand what you think about their products, services, and ideas through market research studies.  These opportunities are held either on the phone or virtually so you will never have to leave your home.

Free Virtual Job Fair this Thursday

Today is the very first day of fall and to usher in the fall season, there is a new virtual job fair that you can attend in just two days.  The job fair is completely free and open to every single person nationwide.  The time of the job fair will be from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m Eastern Standard time.

Real Surveys that Pay Instantly

What will you do with your idle time?  Some people will use it to watch YouTube videos, learn a new skill, play fun games, read their emails, or something else.  If your goal is to make money online, you may want to use your free time to participate in quick surveys for extra cash.

Easy Tasks that Pays $50 to $90 Per Hour

Would you like to make $50 or more per hour without leaving your home?  Many people would say yes to that question but are not sure how it is possible to do so and if it’s even legit.  There is a way to make over $50 per hour by completing very simple tasks as long as you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection.