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This page is designed to help you practice typing online so that you can work on your typing speed to get a work-at-home job that may require you to type 35 wpm and up.  You can visit this page daily to see how much you have improved so that you can type more accurately and faster.  This will give you the confidence you need to take the required typing tests for some work-at-home employers.

If you are looking for a typing job, please visit this page.  You can also pick up a Data Entry resume that is already worded for you and designed to pass the ATS tracking system to help you receive more data entry job offers.

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The first test is 1 minute long and has text that you can relate to.

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The next typing test is 2 minutes long for those who need something a little bit more challenging.

If you like these typing tests, please share this page on social media and leave me your comments below if you would like me to make a longer test.  If so, it will be added here soon.  You can share your results and speed on our Facebook group at Workersonboard Community and we will celebrate your achievements!  Please don’t forget to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more typing tips and advice about working from home.

Ideas to help your typing speed

    • Write articles for companies or individuals online for extra cash
    • Start your own blog and write and type your own content that you can publish online.  Bluehost has everything you need to get started for less than $4 a month!  Use Rakuten to get $10 cash back when you purchase a Bluehost plan.
    • File or cut your nails.
    • Invest in a mechanical keyboard.
    • Use the home row keys asdf jkl; Keep your fingers on this home row and stay there when you type. Type every other letter by going up and down from this home row.  You will type so much more faster and accurately sticking to this method.  It may be hard in the beginning but in time you will get better and eventually be able to type without looking down.
    • Practice.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice every single day especially in the beginning until you get better or type at least 55 to 65 wpm.  Typing faster than that will not hurt either.  It is also important that you type accurately.
    • Memorize the keys and where they are located on the keyboard.  Before you know it, you will type faster than you can think of words.  Literally.

Typing test strictly for beginners with the letter a keeping your fingers on the home row keys.

You can see me typing online for a company here.  They are now called the Smart Crowd at Lionbridge and have these same evaluations for upcoming data entry gigs.

If you want to score 100 on your evaluation, click here to watch this video.  I think it will help a lot.