Would you like to know which companies will pay you enough money for you can live on?  Of course working from home will save you money not having to commute to work and for repairs to your vehicle but sometimes that is just not enough.  That is why I created this page to provide you with a list of work at home opportunities that pay at least $300 or more per week.  On the low end that is about $1,200 per month which would help you to pay your rent or possibly a mortgage payment if it is under this amount, buy groceries, pay some bills and even have some spending cash.

Please keep in mind that all the companies that are included on this list may or may not hiring at this particular time.  In order to know for sure, make sure that you visit the weekly job section or Friday freebie pages to see if they have current openings that you can apply to online.

Remember that you can always work more than one job (if you need to) if your job is part-time.  If you like to do random gigs online for extra cash, please go to the Get Paid Online page.

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Apple – Apple hires at-home advisors to work from home and the pay is around $16 per hour.  This company is always hiring so you can apply online.  Read my review about Apple for more details.

Course HeroSign up for Course Hero and get paid $3 per answer for helping high school and college students with course-specific questions.  You can make $300 a week or more doing this from home.

Sutherland CloudSource – This company hires remote workers as employees to service various clients for them and the pay is around $12 per hour and they also provide benefits and paid training.  Always hiring.  You can read my review about Sutherland CloudSoure for more details here.

Great Virtual Works – You will have to work full time in order to make over $300 per week but they hire in customer service and retention and pay $10 per hour. Read a review about Great Virtual Works here.

Direct Interactions – This company hires customer service reps to work from home for at least 30 hours per week taking calls from motorists regarding unpaid parking tickets.  Pays $10 per hour and more for bilingual reps.  Read my review about Direct Interactions.

NexRep – NexRep is always hiring people to work from home.  You can earn full-time income for part time work. Some positions pay an hourly rate plus commission.

Amazon – Amazon hires customer service reps to work from home.  Full and part time openings available.  Pays at least $10 per hour.

Brighten Communications – Brighten Communications pays their callers $12 per hour to start.  You can make up to $18 per hour with this company to work 20 up to 32 hours per week.

Education FirstEarn up to $20/hour (USD) to start while teaching kids online with EF Education First.

Expert Planet – Expert Planet pays their agents between $12-$15 per hour but expert agents can earn anywhere from $25-$30 per hour or more.

Enterprise Rent a Car – This company is always looking for reservation reps to work from home and the pay starts at around $12.45 per hour.  They also hire those who live in Canada.

Telereach – Telereach also hires appointment setters to work from home.  The pay is from $12-$28 per hour and you will need to commit to working at least 20 hours per week.

PlusOne – PlusOne hires inbound sales agents to work from home.  It is hourly pay plus commission.  Average agents earn approximately $20 per hour but experienced agents earn anywhere from $30-$40 per hour.

Aspire Lifestyles– Aspire Lifestyles hires virtual concierges to work from home.   Pays $13 per hour.

Harris Connect – Harris Connect hires call center sales reps to work from home full time.  The pays starts at $12 per hour during training.  This job offers benefits, paid time off and a referral bonus.

Time Etc. – Time Etc. hires virtual assistants to work from home making travel arrangements, setting appointments, making phone calls, etc.  Pays $11 per hour.

American Airlines – American Airlines hires reservation reps to work from home and the pay is close to $12 per hour to start.

Balance Staffing – Balance Staffing hires inbound sales reps to work from home fielding calls from their customers.  Pay starts at $12 per hour.

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American Express – American Express hires customer care professionals to work from home and the pay starts at $16.13 per hour.  Some of their home agents are able to earn up to $28 per hour!

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. – Williams-Sonoma, Inc. hires seasonal customer service reps to work from home processing customer orders for their catalogs and other duties.  The pay starts at $11 per hour for full time work.

1800 Contacts – 1800 Contacts also hires inbound sales reps to work from home after 90 days.  The pay starts at $12 per hour with an additional $2 per hour on Sundays. They also have a bonus program where agents can earn an extra $6 per hour on their paychecks!   Benefits and training.

Omni Hotels – This company hires Reservation Sales Associates to work from home taking inbound reservations.  Pays up to $14 per hour.  Paid training and benefits.

Lands End – Lands Ends hires home agents to answer questions about their rewards program.  Pays $12.65 per hour to start.  The company will provide a computer, software, and phone.

Working Solutions – Working Solutions hires Corporate Travel agents to make air, hotel and car reservations for their clients.  They pay from $12-$17 per hour for at least 25 hours per week.

VIPKidVIPKID needs thousands of work-from-home teacher’s to teach English online to kids in China. This is an amazing work-from-home opportunity – and don’t worry, users do not need to know any foreign language or have formal teaching experience. Teachers can earn as much as $22/hour working on the VIPKID platform.

Zero Chaos – They hire part-time ad quality raters to work from home for up to 29 hours per week with a pay rate of $15 per hour.  Hires seasonally.

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