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There are some easy freelance work at home tasks or other miscellaneous jobs that you can do from home that require little to no experience.  If you like to do odd jobs or give your opinion about websites that you visit there are some jobs that will pay you to critique websites and other things. 

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Some of these freelance gigs even offer paid training.  There are all sorts of things that you can do online for extra money.  Simply click on the jobs that you are interested in and get started working from home and earning extra cash online today!

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls


Several freelance work at home jobs as an Internet Judge, translator, transcription, and more.  Worldwide opportunities.  Pays by bank transfer or PayPal.  Watch this YouTube video to find out more and apply online.


To participate and sign up to be an online juror you will need to be at least 18 years old. They pay $20-$60 per assignment. The average case varies between 20 minutes to an hour. They want honest responses and there is no right or wrong answer. Checks are mailed once a month.


Get paid to listen to your favorite songs and write a short review for cash!  Pays every single week.  Very easy and fun!

Jury Test

Get paid online to be a paid juror.  The pay ranges from $5-$50 per case depending upon the nature and length.  Sign up online.

Love to Know

They are looking for a Digital Artist to work 20 hours per week at a pay rate of $15 per hour.  Read more details and apply online.
They also need experts to provide advice to readers’ submitted questions.  The pay for this job is $5 to $10 per brief response to each reader.  

Animation Arena

This company needs writers or bloggers to submit reviews of video games, comic books, movies, etc.  The pay is $15 per review.  Can do up to 10 reviews per month.


Sell the crafts that you make, arts, handmade items, and more online. 

The rewards site that works.  Get paid for doing what you already do online.  Surfing the net, playing, games, and other activities.  You get paid rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards, Paypal gift cards, gift cards for your favorite restaurants, or any online company that you choose.   

Technology Board

Share your ideas, opinions, and suggestions by participating in online research interviews and scientific surveys.  When you complete a research survey (a longer questionnaire), you will receive $10 to $200.

Software Judge

If you have a strong opinion about some software, whether positive or negative and want to get paid for your review, you are in the right place. We pay up to 50 dollars.

Just Answer

Just Answer is currently looking for quality Experts to answer questions.  Get paid on your own time.


Get paid $10 to review a website online and $15 per mobile test.  Payment is through your Paypal account.

E jury

Sign up to be an online juror and get paid.


Earn extra money by becoming an juror. You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time. 


Signing up for TrialJuries is easy.  Once you sign up, you will be eligible to receive assignments and be a part of the “virtual juries” that review cases submitted by our participating law firms.  In most cases, we’ll pay you $30. For more complex cases, we’ll pay you more.  Payments are made via PayPal within a few days of completion of your work on each case.

Sign up Direct

Serve as a surrogate juror, help resolve actual legal cases in your community and earn at least $100 for one day’s work if you are randomly selected to participate!

This is a weekly computer magazine that contains editions in Southern California, Colorado, San Diego, and New Mexico. They are always looking for talented writers and artists. They pay $75 for articles and $100 for features.

PSD fan

They accept a variety of content from writers and artists. You can submit your photoshop tutorials, inspirational posts or articles, vector sets, etc. The website has more details. You get paid monthly via PayPal.


Freelance writers will receive $75 for 500-700 word articles as well as an increased compensation after training.  You will need to be able to write articles quickly.  They also require that you have at least 2 years of previous writing experience for this job.

Paid Viewpoint

A new website that has quick surveys for you to complete online for cash!  Payout through PayPal.