In order to work from home, you will generally find that there are some office requirements that you will need in order to do so.  Many companies stipulate that you will need specific equipment in order to be a qualified candidate.  This entails more than having your home office well light  and uncluttered, and up-to-date computer and high speed Internet service.  Here are some of the additional items that you may need to complete your home office space.

  • Windows Based Computer
  • Reliable Internet connection, preferably high speed
  • Antivirus software
  • USB headset
  • Telephone noise cancelling Headset
  • Internet connection hard wired to your computer
  • Land line phone with no features including:  call waiting, call forwarding, or 3-way calling.
  • Surge Protector
  • (This list is not exclusive to what is contained here.   You will have to check with each individual company  and read over their specific requirements in order to know for sure exactly what office equipment you will need.  Some companies have a few specifications and others may be extensive.)

Of course there are some exceptions to this rule because some companies will allow you to have background noise, use a cell phone, route calls directly to your computer, and even allow Mac computers.  For specific jobs and companies that fall into this category, please browse this website on the Non-phone work at home jobs, read the article entitled, “Work at Home Companies that offer Perks“, and other pages for additional options.

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Believe it or not, some of the office equipment that you may have to acquire is very affordable.  For example, you can purchase a USB or telephone headset for as little as $20.  Just make sure they have a noise cancelling microphone to eliminate the background noise and improve the quality of sound of your voice and calls. Your headset will also need to be hands free so that you will be able to key in and look up information online when you are servicing the calls.  Many companies require that your headset is corded.  Here are some examples of headsets below which you can purchase new, used or refurbished on Amazon.