Work at home Jobs and ideas for teens to make money from home

Work at home Jobs and ideas for teens to make money from home

If you are a under 18, you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to make money from home.  Are there any companies that hire teens to work from home?  Can I make extra income playing games, surfing the Internet, taking surveys or for simply reading my emails?  The answer is yes.  There are a few companies that will actually hire teens to work from home with little to no experience.  

Here are a few jobs, tasks, legit surveys and other ways you make money extra money online listed below.  Don’t forget to check out the BIG List of sites that I use for Extra Cash.


Grab Points – Get paid PayPal cash or with tons of gift cards to share apps with your friends, download apps, watch videos, share links on social media, take surveys and more.  Can use on any device.  Must be at least 13.  Use code Workersonboard when you join for 500 free points.

Shrink – Get cash back when you buy healthy food items.  Get a $1 when you sign up and download the app.

Qriket – Use this free app get cash when you spin the wheel.  Use referral code 155066 for free spins.  Available on Google Play and iTunes.

Honey Dollarz

Get paid daily with free instant gift cards or cash to watch ads, videos, answer questions, and more.  Daily pay.  Open worldwide. Must be at least 13 to join.

CashCrate – Easy way to make money online completing surveys, visiting websites, completing simple tasks and more.  Must be 13.

Quick Rewards – Get paid daily to read emails, take surveys, watch videos, play games, try new products and more.  Will need your parent’s permission.

Loop 11 – This is another company that needs website testers from any location who are at least 14 years of age.  They pay up to $5 per test.

VoxPopme – Get paid cash to take video surveys from your smartphone.  It is available for free on the Apple store and Google Play.

Treasure Trooper – Get paid to listen to the radio, play games, watch videos and more.  Must be at least 13.

Prize Rebel – Get paid engage in videos, complete online tasks and more. If you are between the ages of 13-18, you will need your parent’s permission.

MintVine Panel – This survey panel will give you points that you can redeem for cash even if you don’t qualify for surveys.  Must be at least 13.

Fusion Cash – Get paid to make calls, listen to the radio, visit websites, download apps, try new offers and more.  Must be 18.

Feature Points – This site will give you cash just to try free apps!  You can also get a free iPad, Starbucks and iTunes gift cards and much more.

The Forum Wheel – This site is similar to Postloop where you earn cash to post on various forums.  No age limit required.  You will need to submit 10 sample posts first.  No payment threshold.  Pays via Paypal.

Humanatic – Hires those under 18 to listen to calls from home and sort them into categories.  You will need a PayPal account in order to get paid.  Weekly pay!  Please use when you sign up as the person that referred you. You can work your own schedule and choose the hours, times and days you want to work.  Work as little or as much as you want.   Don’t forget to check out the Get Paid Online page for more ways that teens can earn extra cash from home.

Uhaul – Hires those who are at least 16 to work from home.  No previous experience required.  Hourly pay.

Ipsos – This company needs home interviewers to work from home conducting telephone surveys using a land line phone and computer program with people in the US and Canada.  Must live in either KY or OH and be at least 16.  Pays $8 per hour.

Bank Roll Bucks – This site will pay you cash daily to visit various websites, take surveys, play games and more.  You must be at least 13.  You can get paid via PayPal, by check or gift cards.

Blurb – Sell your book, photo books, magazines or ebooks with Blurb on Amazon, Apple through Blurb and beyond to your audience for lifetime royalties.


Get paid to share links on social media, play games, listen to the radio, take surveys, receive emails and so much more.  Open worldwide.  Must be at least 13 with your parent’s permission.  Use Workersonboard for 500 free points.

Gift Hulk

Another site that will pay you PayPal cash, Amazon, Walmart gift cards and other rewards to watch TV, complete simple tasks, check out new apps and more. Must be at least 13.

Screenwise Trends Panel – Help make the Internet smarter. As a member of the Screenwise Trends Panel, you’ll be asked to install a browser extension and mobile app (free of charge, of course!) on your eligible computer, smartphone and tablet. Just for signing up you can earn up to $6 in bonus rewards. In addition, you can continue earning up to $3 every week when you browse the Internet on all your registered device(s).  Must be 13.

Opinion Square – Legit survey panel that will pay you for your opinions. Must be at least 16.

Bing Rewards – Get free gift cards and rewards to search on Bing.  Easy and free.  Must be 13.

Survey Savvy – Legit survey company that send you a check in the mail for your opinions.  Must be at least 14.

Survey Savvy Connect – Download this app on your Internet connection devices and earn up to $60!

Snap by Groupon – Get paid cash when you upload your receipts from grocery purchases.  Pays via check in the mail when you have $20! – Get paid cash to receive text messages.  Pays you $1 just to sign up via PayPal.  Pays very fast!

Hiving – Survey panel that will pay you to take paid surveys from major brands like Apple, IKEA and Heineken.  Must be at least 15.  Pays within 48 hours via PayPal.

InstaGC – Earn fast money listening to music, watching videos, completing various tasks and more!  Cash out when you have just $1!  Can request a check.  Must be 13.

Fiverr – Sell random gigs that you will complete for others online for just $5. Fiverr will keep $1 and you will get $4 per gig.  PayPal account required.

Postloop – Post on various forums and get paid to chat and start discussions on virtual communities.  Pays daily via PayPal.

Music Xray – Get paid $0.10 to listen to new music from new and upcoming artists for just 30 seconds.  Pays via PayPal after you have earned $20!  Watch this video to find out how you can earn $12 per hour with Music Xray.

Qmee – Get paid to search the Internet with this app.  You get paid from $.05 up to $0.13 and possibly more when you search on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon.  Pays very fast via PayPal!

Slicethepie – Listen to music and write a short review on what you just heard.  You will earn up to $0.20 per review.  Pays twice a week via PayPal.  If you need help writing your music reviews, please go to the Article pagehere.

Swagbucks – Get paid to play games, search the Internet, take surveys, watch videos and so much more!

Cash Crate – Get paid to answer questions, watch videos, taking surveys doing tasks and much more!  Must be at least 13.

Checkout51 – Smartphone app that you can use to get cash in the form of a check in the mail just for snapping a photo of your receipt from your purchases at the store. Can also redeem offers online!

Cash 4 Books – Sell your books to this company and get a check in the mail! Company pays for shipping.

MyLikes – Share sponsored advertisements to your followers on social media.

Paid Viewpoint – Take very short polls and earn cash for your opinions.  Pays via PayPal after you have just $13 in your account.  Must be at least 13.

Perk – Get PayPal, Amazon and other gift cards and rewards for searching the Internet, watching videos and much more!

Panelpolls – Get points that you can redeem for a check in the mail to watch commercials, new TV shows, test mobile apps, take surveys and so much more!

Reward TV – Answer TV trivia questions about what you watched on TV the day before and get points for every right answer.  You can get prizes, rewards, gift cards and more!

Global Test Market – A legit survey panel that will send you a check in the mail when you participate and complete their online surveys.

Ibotta – A smartphone app that will give you cash back for going to the movies, eating at various restaurants, shopping at the store, buying DVDs and much more! Pays via Paypal!

Mindfield Online – Survey panel for those who are at least 15 that will pay you for your feedback.

Valued Opinions – Survey panel for those who are at least 13 that will reward you to complete their online surveys.

Swag Survey Panel – Get rewarded to participate in online surveys.

Start your own blog or website – Earn money from your content.  Acquire a blog or website from sites like GoDaddy and signup for companies like Google Adsense, CJ and many more to earn money promoting various advertisements.

YouTube – Start your own YouTube channel and apply for a Google Adsense account to make money from your videos.  Free to sign up and use.

Even more ways for teens to make money from home by watching this video below.