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Have your already built your blog or website?  If so, congratulations!  That is a big step in the right direction and a milestone in itself.  For many, a blog is not just a platform for them to be able to share information online it is also their business.  Having a blog is a definite way for you to be able to earn money online.  This can be accomplished in several ways.  By sponsored posts, selling advertising on your blog, placing advertisements on your blog from affiliate companies, flipping blogs, and so many other ways.  Here are a few companies that you can sign up to apply for a free publisher account to start earning money from your blog or website today.

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Earn extra money from your blog or website by signing up for Blurb and promoting their products online.

Earn money with text link, in line, contextual and other ads by displaying them on your blog or website.

Panthera Network

This company is similar to sites like Commission Junction, and link share where you can sign up to pick from a variety of brands and advertisers to post ads on your blog.

Commission Junction

There are very popular brands and well known advertisers here for you to choose from.  Sign up for a publisher account to pick from several advertisers.

Share a Sale

Another popular website that will pay you per click, lead, or sale.  You can check your account daily to see how much you have earned online.

Pay Per Post

You can get paid to write short posts and put them on your blog or website.

Buy Blog Reviews

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Post links to your blog or website and get paid through your paypal account.  Your blog has to have page rank and must contain original content.



This is another site that you will want to try because you can earn money promoting products online through your blog or website or elsewhere and get paid commissions right away.  It is free to sign up and only takes minutes to get started.  You can even sell your own products here.

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This video shows you how to put ads on your blog or website.