3eddf87fc12707e5f15164f2be59efb1We all love those smartphones.  What if you could earn money for downloading and using a free app on your smartphone? You really can.  There are a few companies that will pay you to do simple things like scan barcodes of food and other items, take photos with your smart phone, to unlock your smartphone, to exercise and more!  Here are a few smartphone apps that pay below!

Workersonboard – Get Workersonboard free app available now on Google Play!



Qmee     Get paid cash to search the web and take surveys with this free app.  No minimum amount needed to cash out.  Instant pay.

Ebates – Get $10 cash to join this site plus cash back to shop.  Over 1,800 stores.  Checks are sent in the mail quarterly.

Legerweb –  Get paid to take surveys on your mobile device.  Pays at least $1 per survey.

Qriket – This free app will give you free cash when you spin the wheel.  It is super easy to use and fun!  Available on Google Play and iTunes.  Use referral code 155066 when you join for bonus spins. 

Bevrage – Get cash back when you buy alcohol, beer and wine at the store or at restaurants.  Pays by check when you have earned $20.  Enter the code PJLHKQOW when you join.

Berry Cart – Get paid to buy healthy and organic foods.  Upload your receipt to this app for cash back.

Feature Points  – This free app will give you free gift cards, PayPal cash or to download free apps.  Must keep them installed in just 2 minutes.

Pay your Selfie – This free app will pay you $1 for your first selfie and for each photo or selfie that you take and upload to them.


Download this new app and get cash for downloading new apps to your phone.  You will get points for every app you download for free iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other gift cards.  Use invite code  workersonboard for 20 bonus points when you join!  Available on the App store and Google Play.


Panel Place

Earn money by completing online surveys. Many smart adults like you are already experiencing it through PanelPlace. What are you waiting for? Sign up is free. Start earning cash today.  App available on Google Play and iTunes.

Shopkick – This free app will give you cash back when you go visit various stores and retailers.

Shrink – Get cash back when you buy healthy food items.  Get a $1 when you sign up and download the app. 

Quick Thoughts – Get free rewards and gift cards to take surveys and complete activities.  Highly rated app!  Download for free on iTunes here or Google Playhere.

VoxPopMe – This free smartphone app will pay you cash to take video surveys from your smartphone.  Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Feature Points – App that pays you cash just to download free apps.  Available on Google Play and the Apple Store.


A free mobile app that will pay you to download free apps and install them. Use code 8440788 for 100 bonus credits.

Nielsen Mobile – Join Nielsen mobile today. Get rewarded just for using your mobile device! Sign up and install our app. Keep the app and earn cool prizes! 

Legerweb – Smartphone app that will pay you cash to take surveys while you are out and about.  Pays via check in the mail.  Open to members in the US and Canada.  

iPoll – iPoll allows you to take short surveys while you’re on the go and get paid for your answers.  Get $5 to join.

Instant Rewards – Get instant rewards to watch YouTube videos, download free apps, take surveys and more.  Available on iTunes and Google Play. Use this code AV9x0O7f9ptYd when you sign up.

Fronto – Get paid cash to wake up your smartphone and watch ads, download apps, read articles and more.

Inbox Dollars – Use the app to earn cash when you take surveys, watch videos, play games and more.  Get $5 to join.

Shopkick – Get points that you can redeem for free gift cards and other rewards for visiting stores near your area, scanning items and much more!

Snap by Groupon – Get paid cash when you upload your receipt from your grocery store purchases.  Pays via check in the mail when you have $20!

VIP Voice – Join VIP Voice and you can win cash or prizes for giving your opinions.

Checkout51 – Smartphone app that will give you cash back when you shop for groceries.  You get $1 just to sign up!

SwagbucksTV – Be rewarded for watching cool online videos at Swagbucks! The more you watch, the more Reward Points you earn! Join Today

Receipt Hog – Get paid cash to scan your receipts with this free app!

ScreenPay – Download this free app and earn cash every time you swipe your smartphone or tablet.  Pays via Paypal when you have $7.

SlideJoy – Smartphone app that will pay you cash every time you unlock your smartphone.

 Perk – The number 1 mobile rewards smartphone app that will reward you to watch movie trailers, watch videos, search and much more!  Can run this app 24 hours a day!  

Clickworker – This company has projects that you can do on your smartphone. You must install the app and live in Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Potsdam and Cologne.  Pays per location. 

Ibotta – Pays you when you purchase items at the grocery store and you upload your receipt and scan your barcode.  Pays via Paypal after you have $5 in your account!

Survey Savvy – Pays you cash every time you complete surveys from your smartphone!

Survey Savvy Connect – Earn money for surfing the web and participating in surveys.  Must keep this app downloaded on your mobile phone.

Field Agent – App that will pay you to do simple tasks in or around your area with your iphone.

App Trailers – Earn points that you can redeem for Amazon, Target, and other gift card to watch movie trailers, videos, and more!  Please use code aw1219 for a bonus when you sign up!   

Gigwalk – Will pay you cash to scan items at your local Walmart and so much more!

Mobee – Download this free mystery shopping app and earn money completing simple missions.  Please use code QQPD when you join.

Nexercise – App that you can use to earn great rewards for working out!  Very Fun.

Swagbucks – Watch fun, fresh videos, answer polls and earn Swag bucks that you can redeem for gift cards using this app.