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Have you ever imagined having your own blog or website and actually being able to earn money from it?  It is really possible for anyone to do this.  All you need is a computer, content, and Internet connection.  But how much can you really earn and what will you need to get started blogging and more will be explained in this article.

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What is a blog?

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A blog is simply a platform that is used to put content on.  The content can be in written format-articles, photos or videos, or a combination of all three.  The content is basically information that you put on an online journal or diary to be published on the World Wide Web.  Because it is published online, people will come to find out more information about the subject or topic that your blog is centered around.  Whether your content is centered around cooking, the adventures of being a stay-at-home, starting your own business, DIY, decorating, sports, fashion, or any other subject, a blog is your personal footprint or voice that can be heard virtually.

Can anyone start a blog?

Absolutely.  Anyone including but not limited to teenagers, adults, celebrities, businesses, corporations, and anyone else who wants to can have their own blog.

How much does a blog cost?

Nothing.  You can get a free blog from or WordPress.  Of course, you can pay for a blog if you choose to but this is not a requirement.  Many choose to purchase hosting from sites like Go Daddy, Host Gator, or Blue Host.  Hosting is basically renting space online to have a place for your blog or website to sit, but this is also optional and up to the discretion of each blogger.
Note:  If you use blogger you can host it there and never have to pay hosting fees but if they feel that you have violated their terms and conditions, they could take your blog down without any notice and that is why some people decide to host it on a server like the ones I mentioned above.  Purchasing hosting for your blog or website entitles the blogger to full control over their blog or website and the content contained within.

What will I blog about?

Anything you want to.  It is all up to you.  If you feel that you are an expert or have knowledge in an area or subject that will benefit others, you can blog about it.  You can also have a personal blog to post and upload pictures of your favorite places to travel, foods to eat, your pets, etc.

You can even create a hodgepodge of a blog with a random amount of a variety of content on it. You could also have a blog to promote your Mary Kay or other business or even have a blog where you review other blogs, the latest movies, books, TV shows, and more.

Because it is your blog, you can post whatever information you want.  It is a reflection of you and even if there are hundreds of blogs on the topic you choose, it will still be unique, because no two people are the same.

Blogging Tip

Just make sure that you do not copy anyone else’s content online.  There can be serious repercussions if you engage in this kind of behavior.  Not only does it ruin your reputation but it can also damage your partnerships with your paid sponsors and other advertisers.

How can I make money?

By placing advertisements on your blog or website.  You can also sell advertising slots on your blog.  Sell your own products and so much more.  Here is a recent video I made about can start a blog part 1.  You can watch Part 2 of the How to Start a blog video series that explains how to get your own domain, hosting, and more here.  Please click here for a list of companies that will pay you to be a publisher and promote other businesses and well-known companies.  I wrote a book entitled, “How you can Make Money Everyday Blogging for Full-Time Income” that you can check out on Amazon.

In fact, I even share with you how I made over $1,400 from my blog in just one day!

How much will I make?

You can make anywhere from a few cents per day to a few dollars a day or even hundreds a day.  It depends on how much traffic you get.  It also depends on the content that you produce.  The content is what will drive people to your blog or website.  Try to create good, quality content on a regular basis.  You can also get free content from a few companies that I have listed here.

Just remember to have fun, work hard, and you will reap the benefits accordingly.  If you are seriously considering starting your own blog or website, please watch this video that will give you some tips on how you can start your own blog or website today!

How to Start a blog with Blogger or WordPress?

Feel free to check out my online course on how you can acquire, set up, and start your very own blog with Blogger or WordPress.  The course is a series of video tutorials that explains everything you need to know about blogging so that you will be informed and motivated to give it a try.  I also reveal my own personal journey into blogging and encourage you to do it too…especially if you are desperately looking for a way to earn extra income at home.  You can watch a preview of the course here.

For more blogging tips and advice, please visit  If you have been blogging for some time or just starting your career as a blogger, please share your blogs and any additional comments about your journey below.


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