I recently come in contact with a company called Wonder Research that needs people to work from home as Internet or Web researchers providing solutions in the form of answers to their client’s questions.  If you are currently looking for of a non-phone work at home job or in need of some legitimate ways to earn money from home, please give Wonder Research a try.  I asked the company a few questions in anticipation of what my readers may may inquire about that may not otherwise be revealed online.  In this full review of Wonder Research, you will learn what a Wonder Researchers job duties are, when is the best time to work, how much you can make, if teens can work from home for this company as well as those who live outside the US.

What is Wonder?

Wonder is a new kind of research service that provides access to the intellect and fact-finding skills of a distributed network of researchers around the world.  We provide a fast and simple way for anyone – from individuals up to Fortune 500s – to access knowledge when they need it most.

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Who are your researchers?  How does this work?

Our researchers come from a diversity of backgrounds and professional experiences, including freelance writers, MBA students, stay-at-home parents, military spouses, librarians, English-speaking expats/digital nomads, and more.  We look for people who are strong English writers and are comfortable performing web research, particularly around business topics.  We also look for people who are curious, and want the intellectual challenge of learning about new topics on a regular basis.

Here’s how it works:

Our clients ask questions about business, marketing, technology, product recommendations and so on.  Researchers have access to an internal dashboard with all of our open client requests and can simply claim whichever requests look most interesting or relevant to them.  Researchers have complete control over when they work and which requests they want to work on, and are then paid for each research response they complete.

We’ve worked to build a community where researchers retain complete control and flexibility, get paid to learn about new topics, and get to network and gain business skills in the process.  

Is this a long-term work at home job?  Can you work this job and another work at home job?

Yes, it absolutely can be long-term.  Researchers have the option to hit the virtual pause button if they’re going away on vacation or have another project come up, but Wonder is a steady and long-term income opportunity for those who are interested.

You can definitely have a job and be a Wonder researcher as well.  In fact, most of our researchers do Wonder research in their spare time in addition to a full-time job elsewhere or other full-time commitments.

When is the best time to work or when you have the most work volume?

We have new client requests coming through 24/7, so there’s always work available.  Unsurprisingly, U.S. business hours typically sees the heaviest flow of incoming client requests, so U.S. business hours and U.S. weekday evenings are very popular times for researchers.

Another great time is over the weekend.  There are always lots of great requests open on the weekends for researchers who have some spare time.

What is the average pay to work from home as a researcher for Wonder?  What method of payments do you offer, how often do you pay, etc?

The payout for each request varies, based on how complex the request is and how quickly the client needs it back.  The payouts also rise gradually over time, so a request that starts at $10 on the dashboard might move up to $20 over the course of a few hours if no one claims it, and continue to rise from there.  Researchers can earn up to $20-30/hour as they gain speed and experience on the platform, while brand new researchers would likely earn closer to $10-15/hour for their first few responses.  Once a researcher completes 5 responses, he or she will have access to higher-priced requests on the dashboard.

We pay researchers via PayPal, every two weeks.

I have a lot of readers who live outside the US who are constantly looking for work so I would like to know what other countries are you open to for workers?

Most of our researchers are based in North America, but we also have researchers in South Africa, England, Australia, Brazil, Japan and many other countries.  We accept researchers from all countries as long as they’re able to receive funds via PayPal (there’s a very small number of countries where PayPal doesn’t operate).

Can teens work for your company as a researcher?

The overwhelming majority of our researchers are either university students, working professionals, or retirees.  In other words, there aren’t many teens on our platform. :^)

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However, we’re open to talent in all the forms it may take, so those who are interested should feel free to apply.  For university students, we also have a research internship program where students can hone their research skills doing real-life business analysis.

Is there a way to earn more money as a researcher?

Definitely. Researchers earn more as they gain more experience on the platform, for two reasons: 1) There’s a learning curve and researchers get faster over time, making their effective hourly wage higher as they get faster. 2) Once a researcher completes 5 responses, he or she has access to higher-priced requests on the dashboard.

In addition, researchers with a knack for constructive feedback can apply to become reviewers as well, and earn $1 each time they read and give feedback on a research response written by one of their Wonder peers.

Researchers can also suggest new questions to clients, and each time a client asks a suggested question, we pay the researcher another $1.

These payments add up quickly as conducting a review or suggesting a good follow-up question only takes a few minutes.

Can you share any tips to be a successful researcher?

Three key things to keep in mind:

  1. Read before you jump in.
    1. We send each new researcher a short guide called “Wonder for Beginners.”  It’s a 10-minute read and gives them all the basics they need to know to get started.  It’s also really, really helpful to read through some of the research already sent to clients to get a sense for what completed Wonder research should look like and to learn how other researchers have tackled specific types of questions.
  2. Learn from the community.
    1. Whenever researchers are working on Wonder questions, they’re also online in Slack, our community chatroom.  This is a great way to ask other researchers for advice, share tips about helpful resources and generally get to know one another.
  3. Practice.
    1. We don’t expect new Wonder researchers to get it pitch perfect from Day 1, and that’s okay!  We have reviewers who will share constructive feedback and plenty of resources available. After a researcher has completed a few Wonder requests, they’ve usually got the hang of it!

How does the application process work?

You can learn more about the role and fill out an application at https://askwonder.com/rr/wb-researcher.  We’ll ask for some brief background info and give applicants a short multiple-choice quiz. To determine who will make a great Wonder researcher, for the last step we ask each applicant to complete a piece of mock research.  This gives us a sense for his or her writing style and research skills.

We’re always keen to find talented researchers, so if you’re interested, please do apply!

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