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Watch Unlimited Videos for real cashMost of us consume content in the form of videos.  In fact, many of us prefer to get our content in video format to be entertained, educated, informed, inspired, and so forth.  That is why platforms like YouTube, Gaming systems, Netflix, Cable TV, and other broadcast stations are so popular today.  But can watching videos really be a way to earn some extra cash?

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The answer is a definite YES.  Of course, you can not bank on getting rich or making full-time income watching videos online or through your mobile device but it is possible to make enough money to purchase gifts for your loved ones, go to the movies, out to dinner, pay your cell phone bill, and more.

Remember the key to earning more is to use the site as often as you can wherever you go.

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Now that you know how it works, here are some legitimate websites that you can sign up with and use to earn real cash watching unlimited videos.

  1. Earnably – This site will not only pay you cash to watch unlimited videos that are viral, about sports, travel, food, movie reviews, news and so much more.  You can also earn to take surveys, download apps, and more.  Must be at least 18 to join.
  2. InstaGC – Earn easy points for free gift cards or cash to watch videos.  You can even watch multiple playlists at a time but it is recommended that you do so on different platforms.  In addition, you will receive weekly bonuses for videos watched.  There are also additional ways to earn by searching the web, making phone calls, completing trials, listening to the radio online and so much more.  Must be 13 to join.
  3. PrizeRebel – Another great website to use to watch videos and earn unlimited points for watching gaming videos, entertainment, sports, how-to, and more video clips.  Points can be redeemed for free gift cards or cash.  Teenagers can use this site as well.
  4. Swagbucks – Get a $10 bonus when you join Swagbucks from anywhere in the world to earn free gift cards and cash to watch all kinds of videos.  You can even download their SB mobile app to earn even more.  Must be at least 13 to join.
  5. Inbox Dollars – Get a $5 bonus when you join and earn even more when you watch TV, videos, and more from your computer or mobile device.  This company only pays in cash.
  6. iRazoo – Get paid to watch app trailers and other entertaining videos plus bonuses for being active on the site.  Get 500 free points when you join.  They have several gift cards from your favorite retailers that you can choose from as well as PayPal cash.
  7. Timebucks – Get paid cash and only cash to watch slideshows, view content and so many other ways.
  8. Nielsen Computer Panel – Use Nielsen to make when you download and install their app.  You will also get rewarded for watching videos and more.
  9. Fusion Cash – A cool site that you can use to earn free gift cards and cash to watch videos online, read your emails, and more.  You will get paid via check, direct deposit, or PayPal cash.
  10. Ysense – Watch trending videos about your life tips, games, entertainment, music and so much more.  You select the channel and watch as many videos as you want.  Must be 13 to join.  Open worldwide.
  11. MyPoints – Watch health and wellness, cooking shows, videos about home and garden life, and others.  Redeem for PayPal cash or free gift cards.  Great for those who are at least 13 and up.
  12. Qmee – Earn cash instantly to watch videos when you participate in quick surveys on their platform.  You may be invited to watch clips from your favorite movies, commercials, advertisements, and more.
  13. Points Prizes – Watch unlimited videos with Points Prizes by signing up with just your email address and clicking on the videos that are of interest to you.
  14. Quick Rewards – Get paid to watch interactive videos, and Flix TV as well as play trivia games, surveys, and more.  Payments are sent out in 24 hours or less.
  15. Earn Honey – Use this site to watch videos, play games, give your opinion, and more.


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Ray · at

Hi how many of the above list of fifteen can i do in south africa.

    aw1219 · at

    Try Earnably, Swagbucks, Timebucks, InstaGC, iRazoo, and PrizeRebel

Dayne Low · at

Hi will this work in new zealand

    aw1219 · at

    As long as it is open worldwide, you can earn money with these sites. You will have to check each one for sure.

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