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I love sharing various ways to make money online not only because they can really work (if you use them) but to dispel the myth that you can’t make money online unless you have a blog or website.  I was told that many years ago and didn’t want to believe it and now I can say for sure that is a false statement.  A lot of people are using their popularity, status, and influence to make money with various social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more.  But even if you don’t have a social media profile or a ton of followers, you can still use these sites and apps to earn around $1,000 or more.

How can you earn $1,000 with these sites?

The first thing you will have to do is really use these sites.  Don’t be discouraged, if at first, you seem to be stagnant with your earnings because it will take a little patience to figure out which tasks work best for you.  Once you have gotten over that learning curve, you will be able to have a strategy that will help you to accomplish your earning goals.  Remember too that these companies value loyalty.  This means that you will get more rewards for using the site regularly, even daily if possible to get bigger incentives and cash for your time.  So the key is patience, persistence, and determination.  All of these traits combined will help you to stay with these sites for the long haul so that you can earn more than $1,000 in time.

Here are the sites that I recommend you use that have worked for me.

  1. Paid Viewpoint (been a member since 2015)  This is a cool site to use to take mini polls that take under a minute to complete.  You will never be sent any emails, always qualify for their polls, and can earn up to $25 for every person you refer.  To date, I have earned $4,465 in cash.
  2. PrizeRebel (been a member since 2017)  Although PrizeRebel is listed second, it should actually be first because I have made more money with this site in the least amount of time.  My earnings are $3,000 in cash and over $500 in gift cards which is a grand total of $3,500 and some change.  You must be 13 to join and they are open in several countries.  You can use the site daily to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and more.  The more you use this site, the more you will earn from reaching higher levels and referring others.
  3. InstaGC (been a member since 2015)  Another great site for teens who are at least 13 and for others who live outside the US looking for extra cash.  I have earned $1,800 in cash and $1,600 in instant gift cards for a grand total of $3,400.  I like the fact that you can download apps, listen to the radio, make calls, search the web, complete short tasks, and more plus get weekly bonus points added to your earnings for using the site.
  4. Ebates (been a member since 2017)  Ebates will give you cashback to shop!  How simple is this concept since there are a lot of shoppers out there?  This site and app will help you not only to earn money but to save money by redeeming discounts, coupons, double cashback offers, and more.  To date, I have earned $3,215 from Ebates.  Anytime, I renew my hosting or domain plan for my website, I make sure I Ebates to get cashback.  I downloaded the Ebates button from Google Chrome which makes it easier for me to know what offers and stores are available as I browse the web.  You can also earn $25 for every person you refer!
  5. Qmee (been a member since 2014)  This extension that I download to Google Chrome is an easy way to earn extra cash as I browse the web.  You visit their partner’s website and get paid $.05 to $0.10 per click.  It is so easy to use especially since they now have a mobile app and surveys you can take to increase your earnings.  You will earn for referring your friends to use it.  I have earned $2,732.99 with Qmee.
  6. Ibotta (been a member since 2013)  Ibotta is a free app that I still use today because I will get cashback plus bonuses for redeeming my receipts, shopping online, and taking advantage of trials and offers.  When you join, you will become part of a team where you can earn additional cash bonuses for uploading your receipts.  The more your team earns, the more everyone earns.  You can also redeem your cash the same day.  To date, I have made $2,230.60 from Ibotta.
  7. Legerweb (been a member since 2015)  This Canadian based survey panel is open to those in the US and teens who are at least 13.  They also have a mobile app that you can use for free and will pay you to take quick surveys.  The surveys pay $1 and up.  To date, I have earned $1310.50 from this legitimate survey panel.  They will even send you a check in the mail if you select this option.
  8. Feature Points (been a member since 2017)  Feature Points is a free app that I still use that will pay me to discover new free apps that I download and install to earn points.  You have to keep it installed for 2 minutes to get credit.  You can always uninstall the app if you find that you don’t use it.  Now you can even take surveys on the app if you desire.  To date, I have earned $325 using Feature Points.

With just these 8 sites alone, I earned over $21,182.  Realistically, you can earn at least $1,000 with these apps if you use them consistently and promote them online.  You could even print up some business cards with your referral link and place them on display boards at the grocery stores, make flyers, billboards, etc.

See all the payment proofs that I mentioned in this post below.

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