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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

If you are in need of some extra cash and want to know what sites really work and have paid their members to do random gigs online I have compiled a list of companies I got paid from.  If you have not tried any of these sites yet, hopefully this post will encourage you to do so.  Remember there is no limit on how many sites you can join.

  1. My Blog – You probably realize this is a no-brainer for me and the primary way I earn income online.  Of course I earn income through other methods but my blog has helped me to earn more than $114,000 since I started blogging from Google Adsense alone.  If you are thinking about starting your own blog, please check out my book, “How to make Money Everyday Blogging for Full time Income” on Amazon as well as my blogging course “How to Start a Blog with Blogger or WordPress” on Udemy.  You can go to Wix or Bluehost to get everything you need to start a blog.
  2. YouTube – Making videos on a regular basis has helped me to earn enough and even more than my blog some months of the year.
  3. Sponsors/Advertising – If you are able to establish a partnership with a company or two, it can help you to earn a steady stream of revenue each month.  I was able to make close to $150 a week promoting these brands on my blog.
  4. PrizeRebel – Believe it or not, I am able to earn close to $550 every month with PrizeRebel.  I even wrote a post about how you can make $500 a month with PrizeRebel that includes tips to help you increase your earnings.  You can read it here.  It is a site that I log into everyday that I am on the internet.  I like it because there are always tasks available that you can do in your spare time.
  5.  Panthera Network – I use this platform to recommend products to earn a commission.  They partner with well known companies and payments are sent every month.  I have made thousands with this company.
  6. Amazon – I make money from Amazon through their influencer program, as an affiliate promoting their products, with my books that I publish and online store.  On occasion I will use my MTurk account to complete some hits.  On average it comes to be about $150 every month.
  7.  InstaGC – I have been with this site for 4 years now to get instant gift cards and cash.  I make approximately about $125 and sometimes more each month with InstaGC.  By the way it is one of my favorite get paid to sites.
  8.  Udemy – This is a platform that I use to sell my 2 online courses “How to Find Legitimate Work at home Jobs” and “How to Start a Blog with Blogger or WordPress“.  I don’t promote them as much as I could but I am still able to generate about $75 a month from my online courses.
  9. Max Bounty – Another affiliate program that I use to earn money promoting various offers.  I was able to manage earning over $400 in one month in commissions with Max Bounty.
  10. Ebates – Last year I made more than $1,014 with cash back offers from Ebates.  I absolutely LOVE this company.  It is so easy to use and legitimate.  My next BIG Fat Check will arrive in February for more than $400!
  11.  Legerweb – I made more than $1,000 in earnings with this survey panel last year.  I will definitely use this site in 2019 to take short surveys from my smartphone and computer.
  12.  Fetch Rewards – I have earned just shy of $500 from the time that I installed this app.  I love it!  It is one of my favorites!  Download this app to get free gift cards to scan your receipts with the code G4HBH to get 2,000 points.  Available on Google Play and the App store.
  13. Ibotta – I earned $415 from Ibotta last year taking advantage of their bonuses and cash back offers.  Download this free app to earn some extra cash too.
  14. PaidViewpoint – I currently make about $95 a month with PaidViewpoint taking quick mini polls in my spare time.  They are always looking for other people to join their platform to earn money for sharing their view.
  15. Feature Points – I use this site to check out and download new apps for free, watch videos, answer questions, get cash back and more.  I earned $300 last year from Feature Points.
  16. Qmee – I made an extra $185 using this site to browse the web.  Super easy to use and quick cash out.
  17.  Inbox Dollars – Another site I use to earn extra cash playing games, watching videos, printing coupons, searching on their Inbox Dollar’s search engine, finding deals on Groupon and more.  I have made over $160 last year.
  18. Bankrollbucks – This next get paid site helps me earn close to $45 a month taking surveys and completing other tasks.
  19. Branded Surveys – I love their daily polls and TV surveys.  Last year I made $317 and some change using this site to complete surveys and offers.  Must be 13 to join.
  20. Survey Savvy – I used Survey Savvy to earn close to $300 taking surveys and if you download Savvy Connect you will earn an extra $180 a year!
  21. Clickworker – I was able to earn $97 from Clickworker last year.  If I used this site more I would earn more money.
  22. Cross Media Panel – This is now branded as Google Opinion Rewards and I used this site to earn over $115 last year to have it installed on my computer while I browse the web.

These are not the only sites that I earned money, rewards and free gift cards from in 2018.  I only listed the ones that paid me regularly or I used more often.  You can find more and new sites for extra cash by visiting our Extra Cash Facebook group and my other blog

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