There are a lot of quick-paying side hustles I found online that you can do in your spare time.  Most of the gigs will only take less than 4 hours of your time.  Working on side gigs helps to prepare you to work part or full-time from home and can put some extra cash in your pocket too.

Here are some other reasons why people like side hustles.

  • No experience required.
  • No background check to complete.
  • Eliminate the entire interview process.
  • Pay and job details are straight-forward or transparent.
  • Very easy to work on.
  • Can be fun to do.

If you already work from home, you can still complete a side gig or two to add to your earnings.  Here are some cool work at home side gigs or hustles you can check out below.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Call Collection Project

TranscribeMe has an English Call Collection Project for native English speakers who reside in the United States to make calls at their leisure.  You must be able to make no more than 50 calls that will last 4-5 minutes.  You will earn up to $66.50 for this project.  This job will require you to upload a short audio clip of yourself reading a book or something else.

Audio Data Collector is seeking individuals to complete recordings of home appliances that generate an alarm sound like a doorbell, microwave oven, toaster, washing machine, coffee machine, etc.  You will need access to an iPhone or iPad to complete these recordings and reside in the US.  You will get paid $25 per appliance for 20 recordings or $250 for 10 appliances with 200 recordings.

Hollywood Hands Clip Collection

OneForma has 1,000 openings for people to show their hands performing different gestures.  You must have a smartphone that can take videos.  The payment for this project is $42 per set which would include 10 short videos of your hands.  The jobs are based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Movie Study

L & E Research is looking for parents age 25-54 with kids age 8-11 to participate in a remote study about movies.  The study pays $125 for your time and opinions.

Media App Search Analyst

Lionbridge is seeking people to work up to 20 hours a week evaluating the App Store content search results to determine the intent and accuracy of queries.  You must be fluent in English, have an email address associated with an Apple id, and have a keen interest in internet research.

Evaluate Search Rankings

Clickworker is looking for people to conduct a Google search on a particular keyword to determine what page is ranking for that search term or a particular keyword.  There are also listening tasks that you will categorize and many more.  Hundreds of tasks available.  Open worldwide.

Global Newsfeed Project

ModSquad is seeking people who love reading the news and current events to moderate content for a major software company including images, profile pictures, text, etc.  You must work 20 hours a week including weekends and overnight work.  You will need excellent written English skills.  This project is expected to last 4 months.

Community Engagement Grocery Project

ModSquad is seeking those with a passion for creating online connections to create a fun, witty, and informative online community for their customers.  This project requires great grammar skills, have empathy, and be familiar with Sprinklr.  You must commit to working at least 10 hours a week.

Bradenton Typists

Copytalk Business Services is seeking transcriptionists to work remotely who can type at least 60 wpm.  You will need excellent English language skills with touch typing capabilities and can work at least 16 hours a week.  Pays $9 to $13 per hour.

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Voice Data Collection

Productive Playhouse is seeking US English speakers to recite 160 short sentences aloud as if you are interacting with a digital assistant like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc.  This project will take 1 hour to complete and pays $40 via PayPal within 72 hours.  You will need a smartphone and a working computer, TV, or tablet to play media in the background.

Mystery Shopping

Field Agent has various mystery shopping jobs for you to take photos of displays in-store, interact with employees, review products, buy new items from companies and provide your feedback, order takeout, and more.  Pays up to $10 per quick task!  Pays directly to your bank account.  Open in several countries.  Download this free app to your smartphone.

You can also sign up for BestMark here to complete various mystery shops in your area including phone/webshops.

Homework Helpers

Course Hero is seeking people to answer homework questions from over 10 million students in your spare time.  You will share your expertise to help them study and excel in their courses.  You will earn $3 per question answered.  Top tutors can earn up to $1,500 a month!  Tutors must live in the US, UK, CA, AU, or NZ.

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