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Are you a pretty fast typist?  Do you have the goal of working from home typing in alpha and numeric keystrokes as your main job duty?  If so, there are a few companies that you can go to and find legitimate data entry work-at-home jobs.  Before you apply, make sure that you practice your typing skills and monitor your average typing speed.  Most work-at-home employers that recruit data entry keyers want you not only to type fast but accurately.

On average, most people type around 35-40 words per minute or wpm.  If you can type 55 words a minute or more, you will find that you will have a greater chance of getting a data entry job from home.  You can find out how fast you type by taking our typing test here.

If your typing speed isn’t nearly as high, that doesn’t mean that you will not get a data entry work-at-home job.  It simply means that there is room from improvement.

Here are some additional tips that will help you improve your typing skills and speed.

  • Type accurately – Make sure that you focus on typing your words correctly rather than faster in the beginning.  If you do so, you will be a more confident typist and increase your speed naturally without having to go back and correct errors.  Remember that it is much better to type 40 wpm with 99% accuracy rather than 55 wpm with 50% accuracy.  Employers hold accuracy at a much higher level.  Speed will come later.
  • Keyboard – Obtain a keyboard that you feel comfortable using to navigate from letter to letter.  Sometimes I have bought some of the lesser expensive keyboards but I have found that the Logitech keyboard (which I currently use) helps me to perform better when I am typing.  I purchased it for a couple of dollars more than the cheaper keyboard at Walmart but it lasts longer and helps me to type more quickly.  You can find some Logitech keyboards on their official website or on Amazon.
  • Sit Upright – Invest in a chair that will help you to have good posture while you are keying.  If you tend to get too relaxed while you are typing by sitting in a chair that is too comfortable or not ergonomic, you will make more mistakes and not be as productive when you work.
  • Clip your Nails – This tip may sound a little bit funny but it really does work.  Every time I clip my nails, I make fewer clerical errors.  Some of the members at Workersonboard Talk mentioned some of the benefits of clipping your nails, which you can read here.
  • Practice  – If at all possible, try to practice your typing skills every single day.  Why?  The old saying, “Practice makes perfect” can never be underestimated when it comes to typing.  It is a true fact that if you type consistently daily, your typing speed and accuracy will improve.

13 Places to Find Data Entry Work at home Jobs

  1. Cass Info – This company always has an ongoing need for data entry keyers or offsite invoice payment specialists to work from home typing in source documents or coded information.  No skills are required but you may have to live in Ohio and other select states for training and also to pick up your work and to drop it off.  You will need to type at least 8,000 kph which is about 30 wpm.
  2. Lionbridge – Their Smart Crowd platform which was formerly known as Virtualbee has an ongoing need for data entry keyers to type in various documents from home.  Testing is involved.  You can watch this video about how to apply and what the work is like here.
  3. SigTrack – A company that uses independent contractors to work from home typing in signatures and registrations.  They recruit periodically but I think they are still enrolling new workers now.  You can read my full review about SigTrack here on Homebasedmommie.
  4. Xerox – From time to time you will see work at home data entry positions listed on Xerox.  The jobs may be listed as transcription processors or with the keyword remote.
  5. Dion Data Solutions – This is another company that seeks part-time home-contracted vendors who can type 60 wpm with accuracy.  You can read more details about the position and apply online.
  6. GAO – GAO short for Great American Opportunities recruits home-based operators to type in magazine subscriptions and order forms from schools that scout for fundraising campaigns.  Most of you are probably familiar with this when your kids receive the order forms to go door-to-door to sell cookies and other gifts.  This is what you will type in from home.  You will be able to request to apply for this position very soon.  I will give you all the details very soon on my YouTube channel so make sure that you subscribe here.
  7. Ibotta – This company is currently looking for someone to work from home as a customer support data entry specialist to process user receipts and verify purchases.  You will need to live near Denver.  Pays $10 per hour.
  8. Manpower – Manpower is currently in need of data entry keyers to work from home who can type 7,000 to 8,000 kph.  This is a first-shift position that pays $9.25 to $12 per hour.  Apply as soon as possible before those positions get filled.
  9. UpWork – This company has work-at-home data entry jobs for freelancers.  Pay is per task, gig, or assignment.
  10. Volt – This company is looking for an internet researcher to work on a data entry project.  You will also need to communicate in French, Italian, and English.
  11. Mturk – Amazon Mturk has some data entry work that you can complete as a Turker.  When you search for hits, just type in the words, “data entry or typing” and you will find some.
  12. Data Plus – If you have your own computer, you can apply to be considered to work from home doing data entry.
  13. Clickworker – Another freelance company that has a variety of gigs that you can complete and work on whenever you want.  Some of those gigs include data entry, data categorization, transcription, and more.

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