It is possible to find, apply, and get a real work from home data entry job.  Almost every single day, I find work-at-home jobs for typists and data entry operators.  If you have typing skills and are currently looking for a non-phone job, please do not hesitate to apply to some of these data entry jobs online.

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Who should apply to data entry positions?

Anyone who is willing to type and doesn’t mind repetitive work should apply.  I would also recommend students looking for part-time work.  This job is a great fit for stay-at-home moms with small children in the home, and those who have or take care of pets. People who are introverted or those looking for less stressful employment would enjoy a typing job.

Where can you find real work from home Data Entry Jobs?

You can visit employers that frequently hire data entry keyers to work from home.  You will find some of these jobs advertised by insurance companies, those in the healthcare field, transportation, and many others.

Here is a list of some companies that normally has work from home data entry jobs below.

This list only contains just a few companies hiring remote data entry keyers.  In order to keep up with the latest data entry openings, please follow this blog and visit the weekly job and Friday Freebie pages regularly.  You can also subscribe to my free newsletter in the right-hand bottom corner of this blog.  Workersonboard Community (FB Group) has even more work from home jobs posted daily.  Please join here.

What work from home data entry jobs pay $20 per hour?

I just discovered a new company called Compassionate Comfort Care that is now hiring data entry keyers.  The official job title is called an SCA Data Entry Operator II.  They pay their data entry operators over $20 per hour.

What does this data entry job consist of?

As a Data Entry Operator, you will help Veterans get access to their hard-earned benefits by completing necessary tasks and accessing documents required for pension, disability, and other benefits.

Each work day, you will log into your computer and access work queues to review images of documents and code these documents using a list.  You will also check previously extracted information to check the accuracy and make corrections if needed.

What are the job requirements?

All qualified applicants must have basic computer skills and can type at least 8,000 kph which is close to 30 wpm.  You must be 18 and can read, write, and speak English.  You will need to maintain confidential information and can successfully pass a background check.

This typing speed is a little less than average for this job allowing many the opportunity to have a chance of getting hired.  But remember, the faster you type, the better your chances are.  This is especially true if you have good typing speed and accuracy.

You can increase your typing speed by practicing every day with this simple Typing Test.  Click here to find out how fast you type.

Any perks that come with this job?

Yes.  They accept applicants from anywhere to work from home.  Not only will you earn $20.32 per hour but you will also get fringe benefits.  This job pays over $800 a week.  Training starts on the 26th of this month!  After training, you will work from home.  This company offers a flexible schedule and working Saturdays are only required based on the production need.

How do I apply?

This job has currently been filled but there is a new work from home data entry job that pays $19.23 per hour.  You can apply for this job here.  You can also find more data entry jobs listed earlier in this post or visit the weekly job page and Workersonboard Community.


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