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Most of you probably have a smartphone by now or are in the process of getting one.  If not, any mobile device with a browser that is able to connect to the Internet will do just fine.  If you are looking for some smartphone apps that pay you to do a variety of things, you can check out some of my favorite ones listed below.  Smartphone apps are one of the easiest ways to make money online.  I actually use many of the apps that I recommend and have gotten paid for using them.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

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Before you get started, you will need a strategy in order to accomplish a goal of earning at least $50, $75, $100, or $200 a month or more with smartphone apps.  Without one, you may get discouraged and frustrated if you are not able to generate some side income that you can count on monthly.

Here are some tips to help you be successful at doing so.

Tips to Help you earn more Money with Smartphone Apps

  1. Try to use each app that you download regularly or daily if possible.  Doing this will help you to stay engaged with the app so that you can get your cash faster.
  2. Allow for push notifications in your app so that you will be alerted when you can earn more points or cash in real time.
  3. Run your app on more than 1 device if it is allowed.
  4. Allow your app to run throughout the night to gain more points overall.  Make sure you are alert to times that it may stall out.
  5. Pick and choose apps that will allow you to earn more money.  If a smartphone app only pays you a few cents for 30 minutes to an hour of your time, you will be less likely to use it.
  6. If the smartphone app has an ambassador program, sign up to join this program.  Not only will you earn more points, cash rewards, and possibly get to select your own referral name.  Grab Points, CashforApps and Feature Points have this program but they normally require that you have a certain amount of followers on social media before you can get approved.

20 Smartphone Apps that can help you earn $100

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  1. GetUpside  – Download this free app with the code Get paid to give private feedback to restaurants in exchange for cash.  Read my full review here.
  2. Fetch Rewards – Use code G4HBH to get $2 when you download this free app plus earn free cash or gift cards to scan your receipts.
  3. Grab Points – A great app to use on your mobile device or computer to get points for answering trivia questions, downloading apps, sharing apps with your friends, taking surveys, and more.
  4. Feature Points – Another mobile app that will give you free points when you download free apps and keep them installed for 2 minutes.  The more you install and try, the more you will earn.
  5.  Mobee – Mystery shopping app that will pay you to check prices, visit businesses, and more.  Use code QQPD when you sign up.
  6. Nadamobile – Make money watching short ads and video clips on your mobile device or computer.  Must have a Facebook account in order to join.
  7. Inbox Dollars – Get $5 when you join plus earn real cash to upload receipts, print coupons, play games, and more.
  8. Swagbucks TV – Use this app to watch movie trailers, videos, and more to earn points that you can redeem for extra cash.
  9. Perk – This company has several apps that you can install on your computer to earn points that you can redeem for free gift cards or cash to test your knowledge of pop culture, play word scramble games, watch TV and movie trailers, and more.
  10. Boom Gift – Get rewards when you download free apps.  Use code bef63c9
  11. Rakuten – Use this app when you shop online and offline.  You will also get $10 when you redeem your first rebate.
  12. Pay your Selfie – Get paid cash to take selfies with products, brands your friends, and more.  Get $1 for the first selfie you upload.
  13. Qriket – Spin the wheel to earn real cash with this app.  Use code 155066 when you join.
  14. NCP – Get paid to scan barcodes when you shop.
  15. Cash for Apps – Another app that will reward you for trying out and downloading completely free apps.
  16. Savvy Connect – Get paid $15 a month to download and install this app on your devices.
  17. iBotta – Get cash back when you go to the movies, shop at the home improvement store, grocery store, and more.  Get $10 when you redeem your first rebate and upload your receipt.
  18. Voxpopme – Get paid cash to complete video surveys from your mobile device.
  19. Legerweb – Take paid surveys from your smartphone or computer to earn cash.  Surveys pay at least $1.  Pays by check and is open to residents in the US and Canada.
  20. Checkout51 – Use this app to get cash back when you shop at the grocery store plus a chance to win $500 from their weekly drawing.

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