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It is not always easy to find work at home companies that pay their remote workers by check.  In fact, many employers prefer to send payment directly to your PayPal account.  You can see a list of sites that pay via PayPal by reading this post here.  Not only does this save the company expenses from having to get payroll to use paper to send out checks but it also eliminates the delays that come with mail delivery and even lost or stolen checks.  Although many people prefer to get their cash via PayPal, there are a lot of home agents that would prefer and even welcome the chance to receive a paper check.

If you are one of those people, you trying to make money online, it may surprised to find out that there are more companies that you think that still pay by check.  I even like and sometimes prefer to get a check in the mail too. There is something about going to your mailbox and seeing your name on a check to deposit it or get cash it that never gets old.  Some of my readers, still don’t have a PayPal account or it is not verified so that check method is one of their few options for receiving payment.

Hopefully you will find this list refreshing and even apply to some of these work at home jobs that pay by check even in 2017!

Work from Home Jobs that pay by check

  1. 1-800-Flowers – This company recruits independent contractors seasonally to do phone work.
  2. 1NW Contact – This company pays their independent contractors by check to handle inbound or outbound calls from home.
  3. 3 Play media – Get paid by check to do general transcription work from home
  4. Accutran Global – This company hires transcribers, stenographers and voice writers to work from home.
  5. Appen – This company has several non-phone work at home jobs in web search evaluation, social media evaluators and more to work from home.
  6. ARO– Hires remote customer service reps to work from home.
  7. Best Mark – This company needs mystery shoppers to visit establishments in their area evaluating their service, the cleanliness at that location, prices and other details.  This company also needs people to make and complete mystery shopping calls from home.  Paper checks are sent out every other Friday with the exception of the month of December.
  8. Brainfuse – Get paid to tutor students from home.
  9. Click N Work – Work from home in data entry, writing, web search, telephone interviews, translation, shoppers and more.
  10. Contemporary VA – Work from home as a virtual assistant.  May or may not be hiring at this time.
  11. Dollar Stretcher – Get paid by check or via PayPal to write articles for this company.
  12. English Hunt  – Pays their independent contractors to do ESL tutoring from home.
  13. Ether – Give paid to give expert advice over the phone.  Pays by direct deposit or via check in the mail.
  14. ETS – This company will pay you to score tests at home.
  15. Focus Forward – Pays their independent contractors by check to do general transcription work in English and Spanish.  You can receive your cash via check in the mail, direct deposit or PayPal.
  16. Great American Opportunities – Get paid to type in gift orders from school money-raising campaigns.  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out when and how to apply.
  17. Guru – Pays their independent contractor to do a variety of freelance from home.
  18. Intelichek – Another company that pays their independent contractor to do mystery shopping online.  Read my full review here.
  19. Language Line – Pays their independent contractors by check to interpret different languages over the phone.
  20. Market Force – Get paid to be a mystery shopper.
  21. NexRep – Pays their independent contractors by check to make sale calls from home.
  22. Oasis Marketing Solutions – Get paid by check to make political and survey calls.
  23. Presto Experts – Get paid to give expert advice from home.
  24. Parameds – Get paid to do phone work from home.
  25. Scripted – Get paid to do freelance writing from home.
  26. Sedgewick CMS – Get paid by check to make calls selling insurance claims.
  27. Shutterstock – Get paid by check to be an image or footage reviewer to work from home editing images.
  28. Smart Thinking – Get paid by check to help tutor online.
  29. Support Space – Get paid by check to be an online chat/ tech support.
  30. Televated – This company pays their independent contractors by check to be a telemarketer from home.
  31. Tutor.com – Work from home to tutor online in economics, accounting, finance, college physics and more.
  32. UpWork – Pays their independent contractor to do freelance work from home.
  33. Ver-a-Fast – Get paid by check to call people with newspaper subscriptions by phone.
  34. Verilogue – Work from home in transcription for this company.
  35. Voices.com – Get paid by check to record your voice.  Pays fast.
  36. Westat – Get paid to do phone data collections most are outbound calls.
  37. Working Solutions – Get paid by check to do customer service, data entry or writing from home.
  38. Yardi Matrix – Get paid to be a rent surveyor and call various apartments from home.
  39. Zintro – Get paid to give your expert advice over the phone.

Others Sites that Pay via Check

Bank Roll Bucks


Cash Crate



Pinecone Research

Survey Savvy


Toluna Opinions

Global Test Market




Checkout 51

HCD Surveys

Inbox Dollars

Cash 4 Books


More companies that pay by check or direct deposit


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