Would you like to work from home?  Do you want to work when you want to?  Are you looking to work 20-30-40 hours a week on your own schedule?  Well this opportunity might be for you.  All you need is a computer, high speed Internet connection and a willingness to work for what you get paid.

InteliChek is a market research company specializing in helping our clients understand their competition.  We do this by calling businesses across the US and gathering information that our clients would like to know.  Some of the things we have been asked to gather for our clients are the cost of oil changes, the prices of specific products, and part and even the price of specific windows and lumber.

If you want to learn more, go through this site to learn more about us and what we do and if you like what you read and apply.  We are always looking for great people that want to work on their own terms, their own schedule and the amount they want to earn.  It is not easy work, but it gives you the flexibility to work from home and earn money.

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What is an InteliChek shopper?

Our shoppers help us gather information that our clients need and want across the country.  We are looking for well spoken people that speak English and even Spanish for some of our special assignments.

What does an InteliChek shopper do?

You will be asked to call businesses and ask for very specific items like a set of tires that fit a 2005 Dodge minivan.  We give you all the specifics and even tell you what size tires you are looking for and the tire manufacturer we would like a quote on.  You enter the price for the set of tires in the system and any specifics like if mounting and balancing is included in the price.  That’s it!  After you gather a number of prices we request we pay for the amount of prices you gather.

InteliChek Shopper

Shoppers are people that call businesses for quotes on services and products and parts.  The more professional you are, the faster you are, the more money you make per hour, per day, per week. Once again, it is not easy work, you have to make the phone calls, you have to gather the prices and we pay you for the tasks you complete.

Cheating is not tolerated

Our shoppers think we have a really good thing going and we do not want to jeopardize what we have and we will not tolerate any false prices or information.  We have certain fail safes in place and we catch anyone falsifying any information we will conduct an investigation and if it proves out to be the case you cheated we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law for everyone that works with us.  Cheating will not be tolerated!

What are the requirements?

You will need a computer, high speed Internet, unlimited phone calling plan and be fluent in English.  We also require that you are 18 + years old and have a mailing address.  You must be authorized to work in the United States and have a bank account in your name for payment.

How much can you make?

Shoppers are paid by the task and prices they gather.  These tasks range from $.30 to $1.90 and are based on the complexity of the request.  It is not uncommon for our shoppers to make $50 up to $100 per day and we have seen much more.  It really depends on the amount of time you are willing to put into this opportunity and the more professional and efficient you are with every phone call, the more you make.

How much do I have to work?

We are looking for people to spend a minimum of 20 hours a week.  From our past experience we find that it takes us as much time to train an individual the works 5 hours a week as it does to train an individual that works 40 hours a week.  That is why we are looking for people that want to work a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Do you train me?

Yes, we not only train you on how to do this most efficiently, but also on particular client jobs and requests.  Currently there are no formal tests or quizzes because we have found that our shoppers combined with their own common senses can handle all our clients needs.  If future assignments require much more in-depth knowledge of our clients needs there might be more formal training and testing in order to work on certain client programs.

How much work can I get in a week?

You can have as much work as you want.  Our system enables you to pull as many tasks out of the system you can accurately complete.  As long as we have work, you can work as much as you would like.

What type of schedule do I have to keep?

Well that is up to you.  If you can only work for us from 8 am to noon, that is fine, and that would allow you to hit your 20 hours per week.  If you wanted to work weekends or at evenings that is fine as well.  This opportunity allows you to keep your schedule. We know things come up from time to time and all we ask is that you input your availability in the system.  So, if you know you are taking a vacation or have a hectic first week back at school week for your kids, just let us know.

Why do we have to let you know that I am going to be on vacation?

Well like many businesses, we promise our clients certain due dates.  If you are a great shopper and we count on you to return a certain amount of tasks per week, we can compensate for your absence if we know it upfront for any looming deadline we might have.  We consider it common courtesy so we can plan our deliverable appropriately.  We have an easy to use availability calendar that is specific to you and your immediate producer.

What is a Producer?

A producer is a person that at one-time was a shopper and has now been promoted to handling certain jobs for clients.  A producer makes sure you have as many tasks as you want as well as oversees your accuracy and timeliness per task.  Your producer is your friend but is also responsible for delivering a great product to our clients on time.

Can I become a Producer?

Yes you can.  It is not a quick or easy route to becoming a producer, but all of our producers were great shoppers at one time.  It takes dedication and performance to be recognized to be considered to become a producer.

Can I make this my full time job?

As long as we have client jobs and you have the dedication to work the amount you need weekly and monthly, yes it can be a full time job?  Many of our shoppers rely on our work for their sole source of income and we are proud that we can offer that.

Do you take taxes out of my pay?

No, since you work whenever you want and not regular hours, we consider you a contract employee.  You will receive all of your payments without taxes taken out.  At the end of the year if you earn over $600 in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099 from us. You are responsible for your own taxes for everything you earn on our 1099.

When can I start?

You can start as soon as you satisfactorily do a few things for us. We first need you to fill out a few forms within our site and after an acceptable telephone interview you will begin.

Does everyone that applies get an opportunity?

No, depending on your submission and telephone interview we will determine whether you are right for us and this opportunity.

Shopper comments:

Really like this opportunity because I can work when I want.
Have been doing this for over three years and it has been a great way to earn money at home and still raise kids and family. Housewife.

If you would be interested in working from home as a shopper for InteliCheck, please apply online at their official website here.


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