PrizeRebel Beginner Guide to Maximize your earningsWhat’s the best way to maximize your earnings on PrizeRebel from the comfort of your home?  If you haven’t already signed up, you can get started by signing up here.  In less than 5 minutes you can start earning up to $500 monthly.  With this guide, you will learn the best ways of earning!

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PrizeRebel is a reward site that has paid out $19 million to their over 9 million users.  Starting in 2007, they have been providing members a unique way of earning money from home with research surveys, watching videos, and completing offers.

TIP #1) Follow the PrizeRebel on Facebook and download the PrizeRebel extension to find special promo codes for free points or the opportunity to participate in giveaways!

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Your best way to maximize your earnings is with PrizeRebel’s surveys.  With over 10 different survey providers, surveys will be your bread and butter.  At any moment, you can find over $500 in earning potential just from surveys alone.

After signing up, the first thing you need to do is to fill out your demographic profile.  With the information you provide here, you will be able to access surveys that best fit you.  This will also unlock the higher-paying surveys on your account.  Just make sure you fill out this information accurately and honestly as survey providers will double-check this demographic information during the survey.  They will disqualify you if you have different responses.

Once you start doing surveys, you need to keep these three important things in mind:  Don’t speed through surveys, be consistent with your answers, and make sure you correctly answer attention check questions.

Attention check questions are used by the researcher to ensure that a survey taker is actually reading the questions and not just randomly choosing.  These questions can be similar to “What color is the sky?  Please pick red”.  If you weren’t paying close attention, you would have picked blue and been disqualified from the survey.  This leads to both a waste of time for you and a loss of potential earnings.

Speeding through a survey is a no-no in the researcher’s eyes.  Completing a survey quicker than the estimated time to complete, might cause the researcher to disqualify your answers.  In their eyes, if you are quickly completing a survey, you are not thoroughly reading the questions and providing adequate and coherent answers.

The final thing that you need to ensure is being consistent with your answers.  This does not only mean being consistent with your demographics but also your opinions. Researchers will occasionally bring up the same question about a subject to see if you are reading and answering the question appropriately.  If you go from loving the product to hating the product in a span of 5 minutes, researchers will believe that you are clicking randomly and will disqualify you.  For open-ended responses, don’t provide gibberish responses because that will cause you to be disqualified.  These responses can include one-worded answers such as “great”, “perfect”, and “rgnawsu”.  Please make sure to always provide a thoughtful well-written response.  You can find surveys here.

Here are a few tips I personally follow to complete more surveys.

TIP #1) Weekdays (Monday-Friday) are the best days to find the most amount of surveys. There are fewer surveys on weekends.  So check multiple times daily as the survey inventory refreshes constantly.

TIP #2) Take surveys as soon as possible.  Surveys do fill up and can close.  Each survey has a specific quota for each demographic.

TIP #3) Don’t let disqualification bog you down.  Disqualification does occur and is due to the researcher meeting their quota or not being the perfect fit for that survey.

TIP #4) Higher Paying surveys take longer to complete than lower-paying surveys.  Make sure to check each survey point offering and the estimated length of a survey before starting. 

For more information, please see this page.


Another popular method to earn points is through watching videos.  You can earn from watching videos on various topics from viral videos to cooking tutorials.  This is also a great passive way to earn while you are out and about or doing other things that require your attention.  You can find videos here. 

TIP #1) Make sure that your ad blockers are turned off.  You will not earn points just for watching the videos.  You also need to watch the ad’s in order to earn points.

TIP #2) Some video providers require you to have an account.  Make sure that you have an account created and synced with PrizeRebel in order to earn your points.

Completing offers is a great way to earn points very quickly.  Offers from the offerwalls can include but are not limited to signing up for a product trial downloading an application and reaching a certain level.  Most of these offers can be done quickly and for free.  You can find offers here

TIP #1) Reading the instructions is important for offerwalls.  If you missed a step or didn’t complete it in the correct order, this can lead to no credits being given.  Always follow the instructions given for the particular offer to ensure that you are credited.

TIP #2) Visiting the offerwalls page on a mobile laptop or desktop device can yield different types of offers.  Make sure to check back daily as offers inventory can change on a day-to-day basis from each offerwall provider tab. 


Have friends, colleagues, or peers who are also interested in earning money online in the comfort of their own homes?  Referrals are a great way to earn points passively without doing much work.  Starting off at earning 15% of each of your referral’s earnings and going up to 30% as you reach higher levels!  There is no limitation or caps on how much you can earn from each of your referrals.

What does this mean for you?  If you were to get 10 friends to join who each earn $500 in the first month, you get $750 just for referring them to PrizeRebel!  This makes referrals a great way to earn passively if you can educate your referrals on how to earn and give them the tips offered in this guide.  Find your referral link here

TIP #1) A great way to promote your PrizeRebel referrals is to create your own review on a website, blog, or video.  Talking about the benefits and how to use PrizeRebel only increases your referral’s earnings.

TIP #2) Facebook groups and YouTube videos are other great methods to refer users to PrizeRebel.


PrizeRebel offers its members over 100 unique brand-name gift cards to choose from. From Amazon gift cards to Visa gift cards, your options are endless with something new to choose from each time.  A top reward amongst PrizeRebel members is PayPal cash.  Directly convert the points you earn to cash with PayPal.  With a PayPal account, you can redeem your points at a 1 point to $0.01 USD ratio.

For new users, your redemption is completed in 24 hours! There’s no b.s. or waiting for your redemption. At later levels, you can get your redemption in a matter of minutes. You can find rewards here

Don’t wait for another second to start maximizing your earnings.  If you haven’t already signed up, Sign Up Today at

Please watch this video tutorial of me logging into my PrizeRebel account and the free gift cards you can choose from.

PrizeRebel Guide to make $500 a month


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