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Hiring at home Data Entry KeyersOne of the easiest ways to get around talking to customers over the phone and having to keep them happy is with a data entry job.  But the problem with that is they can be hard to find and even harder to get.  What companies still hire data entry keyers to work from home and what can you do to increase your chances of getting hired will be discussed in this post.

How to get hired to do data entry from home?

Because data entry work is a field that doesn’t require any experience (for the most part), you will need to possess the proper skills and discipline that employers recruiting data entry keyers are looking for.  The following are listed below.

  • Can type at least 35 wpm.
  • Be a very accurate typist with little to no mistakes.
  • Have the ability to do repetitive work.
  • Can sit for long periods of time.
  • Pass a typing test.
  • Invest in a mechanical keyboard and a flat sturdy desk or surface to type on.
  • Highlight your fastest typing speed in your application and previous jobs that involved typing and/or working remotely.
This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

If you don’t know what your typing speed is at the moment, you can find out by taking a sample test on the Typing Page here.  On that page, you can also practice your typing skills and increase your speed if you are typing at a slow pace.

It is also crucial that you remain calm and confident when you take a typing test.  Try to relax beforehand, take a deep breath, stretch, and warm up your fingers, just like a singer would before performing with a typing practice test.

Please watch this video below that will provide you with more practical ways to increase your typing speed right now and how you can make more money from home typing faster.

Remember:  The more you do something the better you will get.  So practice, practice, practice…and before you know it, you will master your typing skills.

Once you have mastered your typing skills, you can start applying to some work at home data entry jobs.  Here are a few legitimate work at home companies hiring data entry keyers to work from home.

There is a work at home company that will provide their remote data entry keyers with a free computer.  Please visit this page to apply online.


Beltone is hiring a temporary data entry keyer to update their customer relationship management system with important contact information for their customers.  You must pay attention to detail, be accurate, and maintain the confidentiality of patient information.

Beyond Differences

Now seeking data entry keyers in the United States to work from home to help maintain their database and assist with custom report building, email segmentation, and other administrative tasks as needed.  Requires 2 years of work experience, Salesforce database experience, can follow directions, and work 20 hours a week.  Pays $18 per hour.

Brand Institute

This company hires data entry keyers in Puerto Rico to collect and analyze data from pharmaceutical, consumer, and linguist surveys.  You must have an eye for editing, be tech-savvy, and have exceptional English skills.

Cass Info

Now hiring work from home data entry keyers or offsite invoice payment specialists to accurately enter data to pay freight invoices and prepare customized reports.  You must type 9,000 kph, are accurate, and have prior experience or training in data entry.


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Conduent is hiring remote data entry keyers to receive, process, and ensure documents are completed and transmitted to clients.  You will also verify data and other related duties. Must reside in Utah.

Kelly Services

You can find work at home data entry jobs with this company from time to time.  Currently, they have a remote data entry position for those who live in WI to enter manual applicant applications into the client’s CAP system.  You must have experience entering data, good computer skills, and can follow directions.  Pays $14 per hour.


MCI is hiring full and part-time data entry operators to support state unemployment insurance claims.  You will enter claims with accuracy and completeness.  You must be able to type 20 wpm accurately, multitask, and have basic knowledge of Microsoft and Windows.  Pays $10.10 to $13.50 per hour.  Select states only.


This company is currently hiring data entry keyers to work during the evenings to perform data entry for samples submitted to their lab for COVID-19 testing.  You must pay attention to detail, be a fast learner, and be proficient and accurate with typing.  Part-time up to 24 hours a week.

R & L Carriers

This company hires work from home billing entry specialists that can type at least 40 wpm.  You must be dependable, can learn fast, and are computer literate.  This is a data entry work at home position.

Wider Circle

Wider Circle is seeking data entry keyers to enter large amounts of health-related data from various sources.  You will also verify and correct data when needed.  Requires 1 year experience entering large amounts of data, accurate keyboard skills, and can meet short deadlines.


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