Most of my blog readers and followers have the desire to work from home doing data entry.  Although these jobs are few and far between, there are some companies that still need people to work from home keying in data from their laptop or desktop computer.  Data entry can be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door to working from home because it doesn’t require a lot of skills other than to type fast and accurately, is easy to complete and enjoyable for many if you like repetitive work.

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Before I started working from home, one of the jobs that I had was working for the United States Post Office in their remote encoding department as a data entry keyer.  My job was to look at a computer screen and type in the names, addresses and zip codes of individuals written on mail piece images that were not picked up by the scanner.  The pay was great and I could even listen to music while working as long as my performance didn’t suffer.

Work at home Data Entry Companies I have experience with

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I also worked for a few work at home companies doing data entry from home in my spare time like Lionbridge, Great American Opportunities, Amazon Mturk and other small gigs.  Because data entry is considered to be an entry-level position, that pay may not be as desirable as the job.  You can expect to earn at least minimum wage or a little higher depending upon your speed and accuracy.

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On this website and my other blog at, I currently post legitimate data entry jobs as they become available.  There is one company called Cass Information Systems that constantly advertises their data entry positions because they are in high demand.  Here are a few details about this position so that you will know what to expect working from this company from home and how you can apply online.

Who is Cass Information Systems?

Cass Information Systems is a provider of transportation, utility, waste and telecom management businesses that was founded back in 1906.  They have jobs in St. Louis Missouri, Columbus Ohio, Greenville South Carolina, Jacksonville Florida as well as the Netherlands, Singapore and the UK.  Cass Information Systems helps businesses to manage 50 billion in expenses and supplier payments accurately.

What kind work at home positions do they offer?

Currently, Cass Information Systems has work at home positions for Offsite Invoice Payment Specialists to work part time.

What are my job duties?

As an Offsite Invoice Payment Specialist, you will be responsible for accurately entering data to pay utility and/or freight invoices and prepare customized reports.  In addition to this, you may be required to enter customer data from sourced documents and coded information, ensure no lost or missing bills, key invoices from images and other related duties.

What are the requirements to work from home for Cass Info?

As stated on their official website, you must be able to type at least 8,000 or 9,000 kph depending upon the position you apply to, can work independently, can retain and follow instructions, have good time management skills and good keyboarding skills or prior keyboarding experience.  Cass Information Systems requires their remote workers to train onsite at one of their locations for 6 up to 14 weeks.  It is recommended that you live near one of their facilities so that you can easily pick up and drop off your work that you have completed.

What is the application process like?

If you meet the qualifications, you will create an account, provide your resume, contact and other employment information.  Cass Information Systems prefers that you submit a cover letter with your desired salary.  The process will take less than 20 minutes to complete from start to finish which is much less than other companies.  You will be contacted by a representative of the company if they are considering hiring you to complete the final steps and start date.

Please note that you have the option of applying and signing up through your social media profiles, if you choose to do so.

How can I apply to Cass Information Systems?

Please visit their job openings page here to apply online and make sure that you live in or near the location listed for their work at home positions.  Also check back and revisit their website to see new work at home openings and go to the weekly job section or Friday freebie pages on this blog.

Tips to Getting a Data Entry Job

  • Clip your nails so to eliminate mistakes and improve your speed.
  • Practice typing in your spare time.  Check out the book, “How to Type Fast” on Amazon.
  • Put more emphasis on accuracy rather than speed in the beginning.
  • Invest in an ergonomic keyboard to minimize muscle strain.
  • Use a stable computer table and sturdy chair to work efficiently.

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