There is a company that will really pay you up to $25 to refer your friends and others when they sign up to earn money themselves by answering short surveys.  The name of the company is called Paid Viewpoint.  I personally complete short polls for this company and have earned more than $11,000 since I joined almost 9 years ago!

I highly recommend it because the surveys are under 5 minutes and they pay very fast when you request your money.  It is open to teens (who are at least 16) and others looking to earn fast cash online.  It is also open to members worldwide.

How does Paid Viewpoint’s Referral Program Work? 

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One of my YouTube subscribers asked me about Paid Viewpoint’s referral program and wanted to know exactly how it works and how you can make up to $25 for each referral.  It can be somewhat difficult to understand when you read the FAQs on their official website, so I did some research, and here is what I found.

Paid Viewpoint does state that you can earn up to $25 for every new member that you invite. Every time your friends complete a survey you will get 20% of their reward.  What does this really mean?  I will break it down for you.


You will earn $25 from Paid Viewpoint when you invite new members.


You will really earn up to $25 for each and every person that you invite to Paid Viewpoint who is an active member and participates in their surveys.  If they sign up under your referral code and never complete surveys, you will not earn any money.


You will earn 20% every time a referral completes a survey from Paid Viewpoint.


You will get 20% of their earnings after they cash out.  At that time you will then earn your referral bonus or reward and will see this amount reflected in your account.


You can cash out at $5.


You can cash out only after you have earned $15 from Paid Viewpoint the first time.  The payment threshold is lowered for the second cashout only requiring you to have $10.  Your third and subsequent cashouts can be requested if you have just $5 in your account.


You will earn the $25 as soon as they are ready to cash out.


You will get 20% of their earnings every single time they cash out until that amount reaches $25.  It can take a few weeks, to several months depending upon how active they are and how often they get invited to complete surveys.

The Referral Breakdown of PaidViewpoint

In summary, when you refer your friends to join Paid Viewpoint and they sign up and are active members of this community, you will earn up to $25 for each person.  You will not earn the $25 all at once.  It is only when they cash out.  Every time they are ready to cash out,  you will earn another 20% until it eventually reaches $25, unless they decide to quit taking surveys for Paid Viewpoint or close their account.

This YouTube video I made will give you a visual of what I just stated with more details below.

Here is an example:

One person signs up.  They cash out at $20.  You earn $4.

You refer one person to Paid Viewpoint.  They cash out 3 months from now in the amount of $20. When they cash out, you will earn $4 for that referral.  They will still get their $20.  You will get $4.  They cash out 4 months later for $50.  When they cash out, you will earn $10.  They cash out again 5 months later for $55.  When they cash out, you will earn $11.  This brings your complete total to $25 for that one referral.

If you have referred several people to Paid Viewpoint, your earnings will be reflected in your account each time they cash out which will increase your overall earnings.  You can request your payment and cash out instantly via PayPal or free gift cards.

Why you should join Paid Viewpoint

If you haven’t signed up for Paid Viewpoint yet, you will definitely want to give this company a try.  Not only will you earn money for each survey you complete but you will also earn passive income for referring your friends also.  It really pays to refer others to Paid Viewpoint.

Click here to sign up today!


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