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16 Clever Ways to make money from homeAre you looking for clever ways to make money from home?  Do you need extra cash that will only require a little effort upfront to complete very simple tasks in your spare time?  If so, this blog will help you to find and discover unique and clever gigs, mini-jobs, and other assignments right from your computer or mobile device.

Do not let these clever opportunities pass you by.  Get started today on your way to making money from home.  If you need more ideas, please feel free to browse this blog by using the search bar in the upper right-hand corner.

  1. Wag – If you are an animal lover (specifically dogs), you can join Wag.  This free app is available on the App Store for you to download to your iPhone on your Android device from Google Play.  You can also visit their official website to become a dog walker.  Wag will pay Pet Caregivers to walk dogs.  It is a great way to earn extra money and get some exercise too.  You can make around $12 plus tips for a 30-minute walk on average.  They offer instant payment and you can start walking as soon as you are approved.
  2. Handy – This company will help to connect you with hundreds of jobs in your own city.  You can work as a cleaner, handyman, or lawn care pro.  You must have experience with the services you are applying for.  Jobs pay from $22 up to $62 per hour!  Payments are deposited into your account after each job has been completed.
  3. Spot Hero – Spot Hero is the largest place to buy and sell parking spaces in North America.  As a seller, you can rent out your parking space to drivers looking for parking spaces near you.  You can price your own rates to charge for parking at your location to earn extra money.  Payments are made monthly via check or direct deposit.
  4. UrbanSitter – UrbanSitter is a company that connects trustworthy sitters with families seeking care.  As a Sitter, you can find babysitting jobs in your area working your own schedule.  You set your own rate and keep 100% of what you earn.  Top sitters make over $1,000 a week!
  5. Online Jury – Make money reviewing interesting legal cases from your home as a mock juror.  You will listen to the opinions and facts about each case from an attorney and provide your honest feedback.  You get to decide what cases you want to review.  Pays $20 for 20 to 30 minutes or $60 and up for longer cases.
  6. Citizen – Citizen is the #1 public safety app in the US.  They provide 911 alerts to keep people safe.  They are looking for people to monitor and listen to various data and audio sources to translate safety notifications to millions of users in real time.  You must be able to type 60+ wpm.
  7. NeighborNeighbor is an online community that connects those who have extra space with those in need of storage.  Be a neighbor host and make money when others use your space to store their vehicles or belongings.  You can earn up to $600 in extra cash per month.  It is always free. 
  8. Pinecone – This market research company is looking for people to test products and share their feedback.  This is an easy gig that will help you earn extra cash and get free stuff too.
  9. IZEA – IZEA is a platform for Creators and brands to come together to benefit one another.  Brands get more exposure and customers for their products and creators can earn money promoting them.  IZEA currently has several projects for creators/influencers to travel, rent RVs, take photos and/or reels of their family enjoying pizza, and so much more.  Connect your social media accounts to get paid good money to share content on your platforms.
  10. OHM Connect – This company will give you money every month to save energy in your home when dirty energy is running.  It is completely free.  New users will get a $5 gift card for signing up today.
  11. Virtual Shopping – BestMark will pay you to visit online retailers to purchase specific items.  Packages will be delivered to your home address for evaluation.  Not only will you get to keep the items you receive as a mystery shopper but you will be fully reimbursed for purchase.
  12. Record your Screen – Make money recording screencast videos that people will watch and share.  One of the ways you can do this is with Screen Cast-o-matic.  They have software with embedded screen capture tools that allow you to create videos.  You can upload your screencast videos to YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, and more.
  13. Ask for Donations – Most people frown upon asking for donations but billion-dollar companies like Goodwill do this every single day.  Not only do they receive donations from people getting rid of items but they ask customers to “round up” to the nearest dollar to support their cause.  Most customers are willing to do so but they wouldn’t if they were never asked.  You can do the same with a newsletter or on social media.  You could simply include a text encouraging people to contribute new content, help fund our mission, giving Monday, now accepting donations, or any other clever idea(s) you can come up with.
  14. Canva – You can use Canva to create beautiful designs for others to post on social media.  You can design YouTube thumbnails, presentations, infographics, book covers, resumes, and proposals.  Set your own rates and sell your designs online.
  15. Give Advice – Most of us are experts on at least one subject or topic.  You can make money giving advice to others charging a fixed price or hourly fee to help others online.  This can be accomplished by writing a book, with an online course, your own channel, with Facebook groups, or on websites like Just Answer.
  16. Watch Movies – Get paid to watch new movie trailers, commercials, videos, and clips for companies like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Earnably, InstaGC, and PrizeRebel to get cash or free gift cards to get free movie tickets for the trailers you watched!

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